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  1. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I smell vampiric blood.
  2. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Heresy. Even by Chaos standards.
  3. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    is this a button, no?
  4. Wereknight


    was there any k*REDACTED DUE OVERALL SHIT INTENSITY OF A MEME* or there was none?
  5. Wereknight

    Share Your Sprites!

    looks like someone (or something) is in peril, huh? Colt M16, made totally from scratch. I haven't done some neat shading stuff on this yet cuz there's a lot of work to do with this one yet. I mean, it does lack some holding hand, right? Right.
  6. I understand that Sam as an overall character\thing\Mental's actual fursona (DON'T ASK) is a bit outdated, I get it, they kinda showing that here and there... But, Christ, who would to think such "dialogues" and cutscenes would not only make any sense but also be laughable? SERIOUSLY? For fuck sake, Croteam, you guys may be awesome but this is just a spit into fanbase face. The game overall, not dialogues alone. This whole mess looks like somewhat cringe greenlight shit on unity engine just made with bit more effort. Still, nothing justifies the fact this game went even worse than SS3:BFE.
  7. Wereknight

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    It sure belong here if you do it with pickles and non-KFC chicken. I tried that so I know.
  8. Don't summon Todd here, NO! === Back to topic: literally any big game with possibility for modification have quite big modding community.
  9. Wereknight

    Why is there a Fandom Doom Wiki?

    Don't you wonder why porn have its own fandom wiki, though? It's like Rule34, everything have a fandom page, somehow and somewhere. Even me.
  10. Wereknight

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Midis needed)

    Feel need to get this topic up for a while. Gut run trough few maps and I found what I've found quite good, also pretty challenging in times. I'll wait for whole .wad to be finished just to take a look at some nice things I heard were planned.
  11. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I went the wrong road expecting to learn what Japanese BDSM means...
  12. Okay, since @Boingo spoiled that I'm involved into this project it makes sense to make one of developement threads. This one is Show-room of some sort, right. I've started work on tPD' visuals 2 months ago while I had vacation. Now it's a bit problematic but graphics machine still work in my head... even if it brings me suffering (thanks to my job for that). There, I'll be putting some progress on how things are look both outside and directly in game. So you'll be able to see is it really worth of your attention or not (depends on 'different people have different tastes" cliche). OP will be separated into 3 parts: text part (this one exactly, what a coincidence, really), TPD related stuff I've done and in-game screenshots showing how does it look directly in TPD. ===== IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don't forget that everything is subject of any possible change and is not a final product. No one guarantees all these sprites will be included into game. SPRITE WORKS\\ Weapons Map stuff (obstacles, dead bodies, etc.): There are bit more to show, but I'll post that later. IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS \\ Same as said above. will upload them later a bit.
  13. Adobe Photoshop. I plan to try Krita some day though...
  14. I don't think so. @Boingo might as well confirm that, I think, since he's leading this project, therefore - he knows better.
  15. There was never any word about custom doom maps compability, as well as original ones.
  16. well congrats me I finally managed to re-do all the obstacles and made torches animated. Now... now... to animate what is remain of some pickups and we're done here. Projectiles will not wait long.
  17. In modern Russia, COVID is your favorite vodka flavor.
  18. There's no person dressed as shit\piss\used and gone trough backdoor pass condom so it's at least not that bad as it might have been.
  19. then why the fuck to start doing one?
  20. This gives me too much of Fortress of Dr. Radiaki vibes, and that's is not a compliment...
  21. Me again. Another update, obstacles are ready, basically, but some of them, as well as some pickups, need to be animated, therefore they need additional detail. Yeah you can see torches there, somewhere, but without fire yet, as well as dead juggernaut that must to burn.
  22. Wereknight

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    Russian as my native English is an universal insulting language used for annoy shmuck-ish customers at store I work in. And yeah, my knowledge is poor, yet I may to read, text, talk. Just not that good as you'd may (not) expect.
  23. Pickups for most of the stuff. Weapons were ecluded from this picture, I guess I posted them somewhere already.
  24. Wereknight

    Looking for an artist.

    Yup, would be a great start.