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  1. NEVERMORE. IT'S DONE. Arsenal is ready, let's hunt space fanatics, abominations and psyched aliens some day.
  2. Wereknight

    The story behind your custom avatar

    The Batman Who Laughs - always wins. That's the story
  3. The pew-pew uranium pellets power. Yes it's finally have angled reloading frames. The miracle has come to be truth.
  4. Wereknight

    What's with the fish?

    No one of them laughs. The Fish that Laughs - always wins
  5. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Have you shared Towel's weed?
  6. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    When you listened what you like and rickroll had to interfere.
  7. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    JPEG squad reassembling. Part2: penetrating Alpha channels trough PNG exploits.
  8. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E-D-O-E-S-!-!-! And I mean it. Alright except of Bloodshedder and Linguica cuz they see this place every day and they can be there alone, privately... both?
  9. Indeed, therefore graphics require more compassion, will and time to make.
  10. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    is that spacesip or something that supposed to be it but actually just a thing for distracting your attention from robbering you?
  11. last 4 ones (that being said, excluding one with planet and cosmic ship) are intermission screens.
  12. Let the Unseen One decide for you
  13. I'm not dead... yet.
  14. Wereknight

    What do you do during an epidemic?

    Forced to go to work and do my job without day-offs cuz my coworker got sick and took time for getting better. Despite the fact that's just a goddamn flu, nothing more... And she's about to go on vacation in May right after getting back to work. Well at least I'll get my money for it. And, maybe, I'll be honored to recieve a promotion.
  15. Wereknight


    ... sigh...
  16. Wereknight


    Was it map in form of dick shaped pussy?
  17. Not if new palette uses same color placement as Doom one, look at Map packs like Violence and Mayan Mishap, Ancient Aliens, etc. They utilize changed Doom palette, so what could possibly stop you to do same thing?
  18. No son. With all respect but if you want to stick to mod-friendly shenanigans you'd better keep Doom-style one. Our palette was radically changed, therefore some of things that are 100% Doom palette stuff start to work non-properly and look like they got glitched\JPEG'ed as bitch. You might to try tho.
  19. We do that quite slow but assured in that we do it right. I approve
  20. There were not so many of my maps released, since only... seven or eight of them were actually finished, I think? Anyway, what I had to do were DMP'15 to '17 maps (one for each, in where '15 one was most complex one from any of mine used for this annual project), three maps for Freedoom that were cut from it later (I believe, and there was a legit reason for it), one map for TNT: Devilution that got rejected (cuz my fault, I haven't knew most of moments about how much Vanilla can handle at all), NOVA III map (Khmeer Agul Tan... which is garbage even by my rate), and one separate release, "Distress Call" map that originally planned to be part of Freedoom phase 2 but that idea got scrapped after whole thing felt vanilla fart in its face once again. You may find last one by searching for "dcall.wad" on /idgames. EDIT: oh and I forgot, few maps for speedmaps, one mp map for one of MAYhem annuals (I don't remember what year that was but theme of this particular one were movies and shiz connected to it), and one map I did for D2 In Name Only by RDC (yeah we had that idea too, and still, we can't finish it, bruh) and which got overhauled by our good lad BeeWeen from russian Doom community.
  21. Right, as @Morpheus666 has said, as it is written in a vein of Doom community (and any mod community, in fact, but that's a bit different story though). Would add to his words that you may do somewhat similar to Doom counterparts but must remember that your creation not just need but, in some aspects, deviate from original. as example of shiz I said just now, here I have my own art of Doom Marine. Of course it's different, as it is planned to be similar but notoriously deviate from original character. image placed in spoiler to avoid somewhat bad. As you can see this can be done in a way that it look familiar yet somewhat new, unusual in some case. This art itself have gave me some idea for my upcoming Ordo Gothic TC, which is Doom II tribute, that will contain obvious D2 homages (obviously all maps are planned to be based on them, but still, they'll deviate in many and, possibly, interesting ways). And for that I'm re-doing all the stuff, just like you do, but I know that it must be different. Same in something, but feel really different, deviant from original.
  22. probably my testicles, they do pretty much nice mapping on beach sand. === In all seriousness tho I think that I had to dig some inspiration from Insane_Gazebo, Dragonfly and BPRD before. Not that I followed their style, I have my own... but they inspired me to keep going when I felt I give up on what I had to do. Actually there are a shitton of good and god-tier mappers, all of them are good in their own way and we still can learn something new from OR WITH them.
  23. Sigh... no. But why tho. Also, if you say such thing but then you just It does not seem to be certain what you really are up to. You wanna do "MyDoomVisionISeeItThatWay" thing - it's understandable but, don't you thing that you do it purposely too close to what Doom have? your concepts, your similar to Doom ones maps? I just hear some misdirection and uncertainty here, honestly.
  24. Wereknight

    What do the different like / reaction buttons mean?

    If you open minded person these may be everything, even NSFW related stuff. Like, those stripes on Uranus.