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  1. Photoshop, obviously. But honestly, with practice, every software will fit to sprite purposes if you get skill in work with this software.
  2. Post Hell. But you will never see this part of DW unless someone hack and bang Linguica's brain out of him. Which will never happen too.
  3. well that's quite unfortunate, bud. I know some pros can made wonders with mouse, but you? I'd recommend to buy some non-expensive tablet, it will make your life bit easier. Like, Huion or XP-Pen. I, personally, use One by Wacom, small variant. Not that cheap but it's decent product. No seriously, it does makes things easier. Example based on your "revenant replacement"
  4. ... uhmmm... tell me what do you use to draw? I mean, is it mouse or some tablet model?
  5. no offence lad but even me, a person with hands growing straight out from butt, could have done better concept art for what supposed to be proof of concept for your "fork" of the "fork" of the father of modern shoot genre. And I'm dead serious about it. Everyone who knows me can approve that.
  6. Wereknight

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    For ye who don't do their research PSX Doom and N64 Doom soundtrack made by same person, and yes, N64 one feels more Eldrich and disturbing. Now to the topic: Doom64 doesn't such, neither Doom 3 does. You tho.., are you New warrior or child of the Atom? (who know subject will get my point here)
  7. Wereknight

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    Aye, but it was confirmed that alcohol can kill it. So, be me, and drink more vodka.
  8. Wereknight

    Personalize Your DOOM Slayer

    This is a tragedy. I mean unicorn skin. That's a fucking disrespect in my eyes. also: I disagree. While Doot Revenant and HipstAH Archvile look quite fitting that unicorn disaster looks like shit. and IT IS SHIT. Try to change my mind tho, I'd welcome it but know that I will not change my mind at all.
  9. Wereknight

    E1M1 Multiverse

    dude your thread name is quite misleading, you know?
  10. sigh... Hi there, once again. Have some news for you and they are bit unpleasant... well for someone. I'm out of project at this moment of time space and something-something etc-etc. Reasons are simple: cuz life demands changes. I'm going to stop working on everything I've worked on so far because I have some troubles with health (eyes in particular.... yeah, that's unpleasant). On top of that, I finally managed to get new job after army but this job will steal all my time atm. Thread will remain semi-active I think. Boingo have all avaible stuff I've done (at least what have been sent to him) so maybe there will be something. Maybe new release, even. Nere know for sure, heh. See ya fellas.
  11. Okay so, I got it. Don’t mind the look of it, these are just rendered meshes to paint over.
  12. Wereknight

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I have no opinion about this shit, I'm slav, I always vodka filled and therefore do not afraid of this.
  13. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    too much monochrome
  14. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    famous meme smoothed out
  15. as I said. once per week. But I'm unemployed atm so I have more time for this stuff yet. pistol pre-edit render. Yup. Hideous. Lovely.
  16. Thanks. I don't lose everything... well except of patience but that's not a thing for discuss.
  17. That's me again... well, I've brought bad news this time, I have faced with unfortunate setbacks because: 1) My OS decided to give me reason for emotional breakdown cuz when I turned my laptop off it showed CSoCF (Cyan Screen of Continious Failure as I call it. Well, you know, win10, shit might happen too)... and then I lost everything. Literally. My OS just died and someone quite "smart" from my relatives trashed both hard drives... sigh. 2) Our lead got some... ideas? Changed plans? I can't say for sure but I've got to stop working on tPD for a month... that's not what I wanted at all since I work on this for quite long time already. Therefore... we start from nothing again... sigh. And I mean it. Unfortunately. Well, anyway, I have something to show anyway. This is new melee. Boingo convinced me to try make sprites that will present some sort of knife\dagger\idunnowhatitis thing attack. That's not a hand drawn thing, obviously. Right. But I'll paint over this and will tweak some "lil' troubles" that you may notice here. So yeah I change my politics and from now on I'm not gonna sprite weapons from scratch. It's cool to be able too, no doubt, but... Do you know how painful it is to not be able do right reload animation? or melee attack that would not look like you pat something with latex dildo? Well yeah. On positive side this might speed up my work and sprites will come faster. Making a weapon model takes 1-4 days to me (not just model itself but textures, rigging and animation too) so I think if I'll be able to work little by little I'll post progress each week. That will include monsters too, with time, we haven't got to conclusion what our bestiary must look like.
  18. Wereknight

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    MK fans I guess, cuz they use shitrap for last few games as marketing tool.
  19. Wereknight

    Am I banned?

    This thread is approved to move into Post Hell and compromise it to public.
  20. Wereknight

    Can't Come Up With Any Ideas

    Would be a mistake and very Terry-ish.
  21. Wereknight

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    alright, time to show up something Doom related. First things first, I've made prestream card for @Suitepee. He didn't asked thou but well, I wanted to practice drawing people and, well... yeah I know that this gentleman on pic don't look like John but shall I care? Nope. Next, I'm currently in process of making lil' gift for my girlfriend. She asked to make her Doomguy and well, I take my chances and now I guess I've got GothicDMGuy. Occasionally. https://i.imgur.com/0j7PDL0.mp4 - will show up as creation process. pre-last transition is the current state of work at this exact moment. and last for this post, I've made fast sketch of one of most memorable Island Peril enemies. How can it be Doom related? Well try to guess.
  22. Wereknight

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Wait for Quake reboot then. (And so it seems to be possible from some point)
  23. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Balls to look at Light Nova he casts.
  24. Wereknight

    Strong language?

    Demon is insulting term, please call whining possessed cunts by "mortally challenged" So, Demons is infrequent thing here.