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  1. flamming_python

    Legacy PSP gameplay fixes

    I will make it, just a little swarmed with life now. Doesn't help that my PSP broke either. Hopefully will have some time from Sept. onwards
  2. flamming_python

    DOOM Retro v2.7.3 (updated September 8, 2018)

    My fav trick - keeping the door closed on someone who's getting his ass whipped into cream and trying desperately to escape. I stand by the door they came through; they try to open - I close immediately. Until they get splattered by the cyber's rockets or whatever. If I hear that squishy gibbed sound - all the more satisfying. The satisfaction of knowing that I just screwed someone over. What? I don't need that horde of monsters following him in here, that's for sure.
  3. flamming_python

    [RELEASE] PSP-Strife R1

    Hey nitr8, you still around and working on Strife and Hexen? Found a bunch of bugs when I tried your PSP Strife R1; mainly related to the controls. Can't remember them now. Will maybe provide more details later. Apart from that, good work though! But for the love of god, adopt a control scheme that is actually suitable for HUMAN BEINGS. It's quite possible for the original PSP. Here's the one I'm going for for Heretic; should be do-able in Strife and Hexen too: Square/Cross/Triangle/Circle - move forward/backward, strafe left/right Analog Nub - mouselook left/right/up/down Right shoulder - jump Left shoulder - shoot D-pad up - use D-pad down - use item D-pad left - cycle item backwards D-pad right - cycle weapon forwards Start - map Select - menu I play Doom on the PSP like this and it works like a charm; it's the standard optimal FPS layout; only using the PSP's buttons in lieu of the 2nd analog. You don't really need an analog input for movement anyhow. The only thing that's missing for my Heretic set-up - is flying up & down keys. But flying up can be accomplished I believe, with jump, while flying down can be achieved by moving forward against a wall. Not ideal, but satisfactory - flying is not all that frequently used anyway. Cycling items requires a small change to the code to enable it to be done with just one button. I'm planning to bring out such an update for PSP Legacy along with some other features. No reason why you can't accomplish the same thing with Hexen & Strife. Please consider adding WAD loading support to Hexen too. You'll please a lot of people (me :D). Don't think anyone gave enough of a crap about Strife to ever having bothered making any WADs for it though..
  4. flamming_python

    Legacy PSP gameplay fixes

    Hi everybody! Planning to bring out my own update for PSP Legacy Don't expect it immediately, I'll be working on it in my spare time; but it's a priority for me personally because Doom is so damn awesome and even more awesome is playing it on the PSP (AKA the King of all gadgets). Planned list of changes, PSP Legacy Release 5.0 - Add cyclic item bar scrolling for Heretic, so that the inventory can be scrolled with only one button (frees up another key which is essential for the full FPS layout for Heretic on the PSP) - Seperate PWAD directories for Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Plutonia, TNT & Heretic; only the corresponding PWADs would appear for the IWAD chosen. - Color-coding of PWADs according to whether they are single-levels, Minisodes (2-7 levels), Episodes (8-13 levels), MegaWAD-Lites (14-23 levels), or MegaWADs (+24 levels). Internally, this would be represented as a folder structure; i.e. there is a folder for Episodes, a folder for Minisodes, etc... chucking a given PWAD into one of these folders will assign it the corresponding color-code in the PWAD browser. - Add support for 'PWAD folders'. The idea is that PWAD and DEH files can be grouped together into a single folder. Such a folder would show up in the PWAD browser, under its own folder name rather than the name of the WAD(s) within. Upon selection, the PWADs within would be loaded up in alphabetical order, along with any DEH files that might be present (also in alphabetical order). Optionally, it would also be possible to control the load-order explicitly, by creating a file called loadorder.txt within the PWAD folder, and listing each PWAD and/or DEH file sequentially in the desired order. - Seperate save directories not only for each given IWAD, but also for each different PWAD/PWAD folder. Now you'll be able to play several Doom II PWADs concurrently for example, without having to worry about juggling & mixing-up saves between them (not 100% sure on this feature though). Planned list of changes, PSP Legacy Release 5.1 - Bring the code base more up to the latest revision of PC Legacy 1.45. As of the current PSP Legacy Release 4.01, the code already partially includes fixes from the 1.44 and/or 1.45 releases, from my understanding. I haven't examined it yet, so I cannot say at this stage what else I might wish to update, however the aim would be to bring up the PSP Legacy release to 1.45 as much as possible/feasible, and within the limitations of the PSP's hardware. - Possibly some general optimization/speed improvements (don't count on it though). Planned list of changes, PSP Legacy Release 5.2 - Redesign of PWAD selection screen to allow the read-me's in PWAD folders to be displayed; or via switching to the text-display by button. By default, the alphabetical first text file (loadorder.txt files excluded) will be loaded up, but it's possible to specify a specific default one via the loadorder.txt file, as well as secondary ones that can be switched to via buttons. - Some sort of redesign that would allow 'mod' PWADs (that's to say PWADs without their own level-set that are just meant to modify the game by changing graphics/gameplay/music/etc...) to be selected seperately from the PWADs/PWAD folders (only one of which can be selected); whereupon the PWAD/PWAD folder selected would load, followed by any selected mod PWADs. NOTE: The only thing I can really promise you guys is that I will get Release 5.0 done. Release 5.1 depends on whether I find enough new things in the latest code and possible optimization ideas for the update to be worth my time. Release 5.2 depends on whether I could be bothered at all and also what the sort of interest in my work would be and whether anyone would appreciate it (I'm doing 5.0 for myself, 5.1 maybe purely out of programming interest - but 5.2 I personally don't need). It's possible that I might skip 5.1 (in which case I'll call 5.2 - 5.1), possible that I might stop at 5.1 and not do 5.2, and possible that I might just get 5.0 done and then move on (I got PSP Duke Nukem 3D, PSP Rise of the Triads, possibly PSP Quake updates I'm dreaming of getting done too). But Doom is definitely the most awesome game out of all of those (Quake gives it a good run for its money though), so I'll put the most effort into Doom out of all. Oh and one more thing. I'm planning to make a big compilation of all the good/classic PWADs that are compatible with PSP Legacy. I'll run them all through glBSP to remove the rendering errors, check them and make sure they run acceptably on PSP Legacy, package them into my PWAD folder format for your convenience, and release them all as one big archive. Anyone have any objections? I do not want to ask every single author for permission; there are way too many of them and most of the email addresses I have in these readme files are long extinct I'm sure; thus all I'll accomplish is having a whole bunch of emails unanswered and then I'll just have to assume that they don't mind anyway. But certainly, if any of you folks are in contact with an author and want to let them know of my nefarious plans feel free - I'll certainly exclude any WAD that is specifically objected to by its author. I'll publish the list of WADs I intend to include a good amount of time in advance before I release the archive. Peace.