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  1. Doomhead87

    "DOOM SUCKS!" ....Said my friends.

    Damn, people need to at least have respect for older games. I play games even older than Doom, and I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. I play both old and new games, but there are so many classics that have been released in the past, so why say no to classic gaming? Do these people realize how revolutionary Doom was? While I think there are some good games coming out these days, there are also alot of boring games coming out. Gameplay over graphics any day!
  2. So far, none of the graphics editing programs I've tried have worked. Duetex did'nt do anything, and I recieved some error file about a missing .DLL file or something when I tried running Wintex. Please, someone tell me about a good graphics editing program, or tell me how I can get one of the programs I listed to work. P.S:Another question. What is the best freeware Doom editor?(Preferably, a windows editor if possible. DOS ones only screw up w/me, or they are'nt as good as windows editors)
  3. If so, can someone give me a website to download it/an unfinished version of it? thanks.
  4. Doomhead87

    Favorite kinds of music

    Well I'm not sure if non-doom topics should be posted or not, but I've noticed a few of them, so I'll try and post this one. Anyways, what are your favorite kinds of music? Mine are Metal, Grunge, Alternative Rock, and misc. stuff.(i.e - Jerky Boys, Adam Sandler, etc.)
  5. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    Ok, I have'nt replied here in like a week, but I think I officially give up on trying to get Edge to work. I've tried everything posted, including replacing the Doom2.wad file with a fresh one, and that still did'nt work. I don't know what else to do now. My comp sucks.
  6. Doomhead87

    Small, but weird Wadauthor glitch

    For some reason, whenever I close wadauthor to work on a level later, and then come back to it, there are alot of vertexes that were'nt previously there(between other vertexes)anyone else have this error?
  7. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    Edge is in the same directory as Doom 2. By the way, my comp is really screwed up, and the CD drive does'nt work so I can't really reinstall Doom 2 at this time. I'm most likely going to need to do other things to fix up my comp, like reinstalling windows.
  8. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    More info... -I use windows 98 -I have'nt modified the IWAD or used zwadconv(have'nt even heard of zwadconv)unless using wads made by other people counts. -EDGE v 1.24(The site of the 007 TC I downloaded says only this version works with the TC)still gives me the same errors, depsite trying everything thats been suggested so far(thanks for the help anyway) -Should I reinstall Doom 2 or something?(if so, what are saved game files extensions(i.e, something like .CFG)so I don't have to delete those)
  9. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    Unfortunately, the problem continues. I already have v.1.9 of Doom 2, and it still does this.
  10. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    Well now I tried Edge32.exe -iwad doom2.wad, but as usual I get an error message. This time it says "unable to add specified "doom2.wad"
  11. Doomhead87

    Ahhh!!Someone help me with EDGE(A doom port)

    I already have EDGE 1.24, it's just that when I try to run it, it says "no iwads found" even though Doom2.wad is in the directory.
  12. I need to use a port called EDGE in order to get the most out of a TC Wad file I downloaded(A Goldeneye 007 one)I unzipped all of the files from the archive into the Doom II directory, but whenever I run it, it says "no IWADS found!" and I cant do anything(Doom2.wad IS in the directory)what do I do to fix it? If it helps... It is EDGE Version 1.24(Only this version is supposed to work w/the TC)