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  1. Ishtar's Gate

    Fallout 4 reveal

    The Laser Musket seems more...makeshift than any of the other Energy Weapons encountered within the main series. Less "clean and futuristic" than "I took my saw to the barrel of dad's AER9 and added a new power system". Firing style seems more plasma-ish than a Laser Weapon does, less rapid fire pew-pew than slow-moving heavy-hitting bzzt. I'm not sure if I like it.
  2. Ishtar's Gate

    How long until people stop hating smokers and drinkers?

    When you stop ingesting proven poisons with all those warnings repeated over and over towards you. It's not hard.
  3. Ishtar's Gate

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Anybody still have a copy of Zblood?
  4. Giant UAC mecha to go crazy on hellspawn with. That's all that I truly want, really.
  5. Ishtar's Gate

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Demons have these tiny little orange thingies on their legs.
  6. Ishtar's Gate

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    So, have you turned a profit?
  7. Ishtar's Gate

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Quake Nexus Aftermath's demo, and the mod itself if it ever got released. But I'll be fine with the demo.
  8. Ishtar's Gate

    Wolfenstein Reinterpreted [WIP v0.1]

    Why not add elements from the New Order?
  9. Ishtar's Gate

    Mythbusters tackles DOOM!

    We all know that Doomguy was a paraplegic in a rocket-powered wheelchair and carried it in a fanny pack.
  10. Ishtar's Gate

    Mythbusters tackles DOOM!

    That was lame.
  11. Ishtar's Gate

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Using Mars War to test a new project. Since I can't sprite worth shit, I've decided to use other people's sprites for my weapons. The M79 depicted is similar to the original code base in regards to animation, but has some differences in how the grenade itself is launched. On another note, this is a beautiful vista for a 90s era WAD.
  12. Ishtar's Gate

    Breach [1.0, now on idgames!]

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  13. Ishtar's Gate

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The rifle, as used by the base Former Humans, is a bullpup model that seems to load the same 9mm cartridges as the pistol. I came to the bullpup conclusion after studying the sprites. Of course, the troopers are fucking idiots in regards to their weapon's role and fire their assault rifles from the hip in semi-auto mode.
  14. Ishtar's Gate

    Most "cryptic" level in Doom?

    Unholy Cathedral and Spirit World, if you ask me. Both are not only battles through a strange place covered with demonic runes, but the next level (living End and Erebus) in both cases is climb up a mountain. Seems like a odd recurring theme.
  15. Ishtar's Gate

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    Doom 4's Doomguy will be in essence, a Woody Allen-esque Nebbish who later becomes a bonafide badass marine.
  16. Ishtar's Gate

    The story of the new Doom

    As much I want a DLC for Wolfenstein : The New Order (Really, once you beat the campaign, it's not that fun anymore ) and can understand why people don't want any, I doubt we'll see any under Bethdesa.
  17. Ishtar's Gate

    The story of the new Doom

    1944- Desperate Nazi occultists manage, with the assistance of a enterprising young archaeologist, to unearth a vast underground complex of unknown origin in Egypt. However, even the discovery of advanced weapons technology is not enough to stop the fall of the Third Reich. The archaeologist disappears into the mists of history, eluding any and all attempts by Nazi hunters to find him... 1994- The mysterious entrepreneur Marcus Betruger invests thousands into both the Weylend and United Aerospace Corporations, eventually leading to their market-controlling merger. With mysterious technology, the newborn UAC encircles the market with their innovation. 2048-A facility on Tei Tenga mysteriously disappears, with massive spatial anomalies preventing further investigation by the UAC.
  18. Predictions for gunplay: *Secondary fire modes, switched via Z. *You will be able to pick up another one of certain weapons, allowing you to dual wield them. Dual-wieldable weapons will include the SSG, Pistol and a carbine version of the MG-88 Enforcer. *Upgrades will be implemented ala the New Order, allowing your weapons to go beyond their base functionality. For example, the pistol can mount a laser sight and silencer for long-range engagements at the cost of power. *The Plasma Rifle will be able to switch between it's traditional stream of superheated death and a shotgun-like function. *The Rocket Launcher will have laser-guided rounds, "dumb" incendiary rockets highly effective flesh, Tesla rounds optimized against cybernetic enemies, and a flechette submunition round. *The Enforcer will receive a battle rifle variation, capable of either highly precise 3-round bursts or bring a underbarrel flechette gun to bear. Movement predictions: *Think Brink, but better than that POS. Doomguy will be able to pull off speed vaults, wall runs , jetboot-assisted jumps and grabbing onto objects on the wall to get up sheer obstacles. *One can hijack vehicles of various types from the Former Humans, mostly to traverse the wide-open Mars segments. Enemies: *Former humans will be a LOT more prominent, with more variants stemming from both Doom 3 and stuff like KDIZD. They'll wield every weapon the player acquires, and serve as Hell's vanguard.
  19. I have a feeling you'll be able to slam fire the pump action shotgun for higher rates of fire.
  20. Ishtar's Gate

    Games where pistols aren't useless

    Weapons of Saturn allows your pistols to command respectable lethality against everything below a Revenant, especially after you acquire the M1911.
  21. Ishtar's Gate

    Urotsuki: Inferno Road [V1.3]

    I must admit that being shipped in a box to a level is a new one.
  22. Ishtar's Gate

    1993res.wad [v3]

    Great job, Xaser. I've already made a version of the Beta Super Shotgun from this resource, and it works pretty well.
  23. Hell, John-Woo inspired acrobatics wouldn't be much of a stretch for Doomguy anymore.
  24. Call me unorthodox, but I would really appreciate it if Doomguy could more extensively customize every element of his arsenal to suit exactly the playstyle of whoever's playing. Think Ghost Recon's GunSmith. Attachments, the internals of a weapon, the ammunition should all be laid out before the player.