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  1. Mabuse


    5 stars :)
  2. Mabuse


    really nicely done and can be played on low resource systems
  3. Mabuse

    Valley of the damned

    cool Map :)
  4. Mabuse

    OBLIGE 7.5 Released

    And i think you do a great Job with it. Keep up the good Work. I dont think that Oblige make User-Made Maps obsolete, but having a random map generator is great Fun.
  5. Mabuse

    Cursed Realms - Path Over The Abyss

    love this one. great ambiance. playable, no lag. make more :)
  6. Mabuse

    Null Space

    Really Good
  7. Mabuse

    Raven Crypt

    This one has replay value.
  8. Mabuse

    Extreme Terror

    i like it :) 5/5
  9. Mabuse

    Magma Tower

    what a pity that this wasnt a serious level. IMO theres some potencial. 2 stars for effort :)
  10. Mabuse

    A Doomers Requiem

    5/5 - legendary
  11. Mabuse

    Alien Vendetta

  12. Mabuse


    i like it :)
  13. Mabuse


    This is Fun :)
  14. Mabuse

    Random Deaths & Decoration v1.2

    nice idea - and something like that was long overdue. vanilla doom got just too boring without having the good alternate deaths for monsters - i hope this one features headshots too, if not, maybe think about making another version which supports headshots.