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  1. Mabuse

    Later comer, I know. Difficulty question

    i actually have Doom 1+2 (GZdoom), Doom 3 (+ROE), Doom (2016), Doom Eternal all modded, HD Textures (at least HD) and reshaded (Carmaks reshade is for free and does wonders) and i can honestly say Doom 2016 is definately something that you can play, its arcade style but not over the top like eternal is - so while Doom1+2 have a creative fanbase many many levels wont age that well and cannot be upgraded beyond a certain point. - doom 3 is the most classic approach, comparatively slower paced survival shooter which is a ton of fun (and thats my version with boosted weapons and twice as many enemies), a bit run and gun, but also retreat and taking cover while shooting - doom 2016 is still fun but the combat goes into the direction that movement is more and more important so you run around firing your stuff, and it didnt help either that the grunts a now firing "plasma bolts" just for the reason that you can dodge them while running around i the open. there is some platforming but it doesnt break immersion too much (even if there are a lot of "jump pads"). so its not like the devil build a ninja-warrior parcour for you in hell. snap map is forgetable and will only bring up low quality, non immersive maps but that may also be just because the arcade style of 2016 is already quite forgetable. - Doom Eternal is all the way over the top, starting flat out with double jump and give you double dash (+pill boosted) right i the first levels, jump pads all over the place ... which resulty in some groteske parcour-like nonsense (swing over bars, while dashishng buttons to open gates while shoot stuff to open someting more), which definately kills every immersion (as if the devil or cultist build a parcour for you -- lols) and makes the game a platformer with some combat that is only "interesting" due to artitficial shortage of ammo. which is a shame since doom eternal offers really great landscapes and visuals, and could have been so much more, so much better, so much more immersive EDIT: Forgot to mention that "doom slayer" in doom eternal orbits earth in his "doom fortress" which looks like a transsylvanian castle but should be a satelite or whatever. this also flesh out again how goofy doom eternal is. in 2016 in contrary ID renounced on these things which make it the better game. eternal is goofy. i use mods on all games, and also extended the mods. so vanilla doom3 with it "spread 22" shotgun was also "strange" in that regard. so as if they didnt find a better way to balance the shotgun (which obviously is possible) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT II: Maybe i was a bit harsh though. I have to admit that DOOM ETERNAL does many many things right above its predessor Doom 2016, the wepapons sound incredibly impactful. Actually i seriously dont care about Balance just about having Fun, so i stocked up the max ammo capacities a lot as well using CARMACKS reshade (2016 mod) also for ETERNAL and also MOD that adds CLASSIC Doom Loot drop, and i have serious FUN on ULtra Violence. The enemies gib apart, cool landscapes and so on. Really Fun, impressive Grafics So Combat feels nice, its really great Shooting Action. the only thing where it really loses me, are the exagarated parcours - not that ui mind that gameplay at all: i see where they come from, softening up the gameplay by offering diversity between the blasting action, but sometimes it just feels a bit goofy. however, its serious shooting action on Doom Eternal, gibbing enemies, impactful sounds, unmatched grafics, many enemies, diverse levels. so you might not wanna miss that one out. With CLASSIC Gameplay Mode and some editied max ammo stocks the game is surely nothing you regret to play. i also play 2016 only in classic mode. glory kills off.
  2. Mabuse

    Doom 3 or Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    Doom 3. simply because there are much more MODS for it. its really unfortuanate the bfg edition is kinda useless in that regard my Setup is: for better looks: ------------------- - HD Textures - Phorzo particles for sikkmod (simply plug&play with other mods) - parallax gameplay: -------------- - perfected doom 3 (tweaked) - ultraviolence (tweaked) - these both merged together - ultra violence just the ability to spawn more than 1 monster for each spawn, the spawn-table also got completely adjusted, to the point that each monster has its own buddies to spawn to fit in well and add more to the gameplay so there are at least twice as much enemies now (no matter the map). - perfected got tweaked even further (some sounds needed dire adjustment (shotgun sound is severe pain in the ass for example) more aggressive and faster reactin/firing security, player auto fire pistols, machinegun higher fire rates and more tweaks, carry more ammo, and much more tweaks, etc) - makes up for a half-spooky, half action gameplay - leaning into the action department, but quick save is really needed so due to the chance that death is always imminent the horror is guaranteed maybe i share my mod pack as soon i get rid of some bugs - also i want to add some RPG-MOD-Element adjusted that HEALTH and ARMOR will increase over time (maybe also mixed with ability to carry more ammo), so you get more dureable over time, and there is feel for progress - all weaons fit a purpose (except pistol, although it is much more powerful, but as long you have something better you will use better ones as long you have the ammo. and if not you are probably fucked anyway. but pistol is good for early gameplay) however, doom 3 with mod support is a hidden gem, that really will made me look again with some polish is is simply 2022 gameplay. survial-action mixture in a spooky environment not that arena shooting power fantasy with "flame belching enemies for armor with double dash"-gameplay that reminds me of super mario that is contrary to what i want to expierience. the main point why doom 3 is the next logical step from doom 2 is because no matter how much you tweak it (hd textures, gzdoom, etc), 2d sprites cannot keep up with the graphical expierience i think that doom 2016 and eternal can also be modded to fit better a gameplay with an alternate universe where you are not the "doom slayer" who jumps around like mario, but simply an enganged man (who can carry an unrealistic amount of ammo and weaponry for the sake of gameplay ;)) who really shits his pants while strugling with his enemies (but has the chance to beat them due to gameplay purposes and the advanced UAC weaponry). i like to be mobile, so mediocre-fast movement is ok and much needed (we dont want to waste out time, and also not get artificially challenged by running around like a gimp or dying from falling 2 meters), but not for double jumps and that sort of things, thats nothing i can identify myself with.
  3. Mabuse


    5 stars :)
  4. Mabuse


    really nicely done and can be played on low resource systems
  5. Mabuse

    Valley of the damned

    cool Map :)
  6. Mabuse

    OBLIGE 7.5 Released

    And i think you do a great Job with it. Keep up the good Work. I dont think that Oblige make User-Made Maps obsolete, but having a random map generator is great Fun.
  7. Mabuse

    Cursed Realms - Path Over The Abyss

    love this one. great ambiance. playable, no lag. make more :)
  8. Mabuse

    Null Space

    Really Good
  9. Mabuse

    Raven Crypt

    This one has replay value.
  10. Mabuse

    Extreme Terror

    i like it :) 5/5
  11. Mabuse

    Magma Tower

    what a pity that this wasnt a serious level. IMO theres some potencial. 2 stars for effort :)
  12. Mabuse

    A Doomers Requiem

    5/5 - legendary
  13. Mabuse

    Alien Vendetta

  14. Mabuse


    i like it :)
  15. Mabuse


    This is Fun :)