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  1. 3DGEKATANA: Thought this might be a good time to casually talk about this. It's a project I've been working on for awhile now in secret, utilizing the best parts of Daikatana with the best parts of my unfinished QDOOM 2 project.


    While this is based on Daikatana, it does not follow the canon. Rather, it takes place after the ending of 'Daikatana'. Mikiko has been kidnapped by a new villain (still working on his name), who plans on using her knowledge of her father's technology to carve a hole into the Earth dimension, letting demons and other apparitions through to our world. 


    It's now up to Kaeko Ebihara (pictured in red armor), Mikiko's twin sister, to track her down, find the bad guy, and seal the tunnel. Short, sweet, not overly complicated.


    So, obviously it's a project exclusively for 3DGE. It utilizes some beta material from Daikatana, including parts of the skin I put together for Kaeko's model (which is why Mikiko's overall model is different). It will only utilize a few weapons from the main Daikatana campaign, while using some of the monsters, weapons (no more god damn wall-bouncing projectiles!), and other things from Episode 1 and Episode 4, respectively. Part of merging QDOOM 2 into this project is that most of the monster models came over (so you'll definitely see some Quake monsters/etc in here as well), as well as a few levels. Of course, the maps will use Daikatana's textures. Things like sounds will all be there, but a lot less annoying as I've tweaked the overall volume and repetitive nature of the sound effects. Only the beta music will exist -- the rest will be all new tracks, most of them created by Fanatic.


    I don't feel entirely comfortable releasing screenshots until I polish some of the first level I put together for it. I'm no level designer, so I was forced to learn UDMF _mapping_ features in order to pull off some of the effects the Quake 2 engine can generate in similar taste. Though, it will be great to show off just what 3DGE and its GLSL shader/vertex-lighting system can do =)


    Okay, enough talkie - when I get actual screenshots polished up I'll announce the project properly in a thread.


    Feel free to ask any questions or whatever, I'm open to anything.