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  1. @Everyone: What is one big (but totally essential) thing I can do to improve 3DGE's user-friendliness? Having automatic IWAD detection/chooser? Improving the menu layouts/fonts? 3DGE's 3D physics? While the team has a feature set we are slowly tackling (between different team members), I would like to personally ask all of you. I know people have heated opinions about 3DGE but I'm *really* trying to change that, and it would definitely help taking a "poll" of what the port absolutely needs to improve the end-user experience. Thanks guys and gals!!! <3shot61.png.0ef581bb1044e01dd6a627847a5d659c.png


    1. Misty


      I would go with IWAD automatically detection. It makes gaming easier and less difficult. 

    2. Jayextee


      An IWAD selector a la ZDoom would be great, I feel.