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  1. Sayyyyyy, there ain't a way to make 3DGE/RTS take health from the player without inducing the 'pain' sound and slightly-red screen is there?

    I've a feeling there ain't, hence me posting this here: feature request? I really want me an overcharge system similar to Wolfenstein: The New Order here. :3

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    2. Coraline


      So I was able to get it working in DDF :-)


      Right now its implemented in Things.ddf, using a new Special named SILENT_PICKUP, that does not flash the screen, make a sound, or post a HUD ticker. 


      I will duplicate it for RTS later tonight, but you can test that out now:




      Also. Lots of bugs have been killed since the last Test2 release. Planning on one more official release (Test3), then we will be ready to introduce EDGE 2.1.0 :-)

    3. Jayextee


      Ohhhh, this is the best. You're the best! :D

    4. Coraline




      Removed the previous build as it had a bug with SDL 2.0.6 resulting in a no-sound situation, so I reverted to 2.0.5 to restore the sound. :-)


      Hopefully I can get a new build later tonight with a specific RTS command for the same thing :-)