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  1. ROTT -> EDGE progress report:


    The layout of the ROTT IWAD took a little longer to hack together into EDGE than originally anticipated, partly due to some strange image formats, but I should have something to show tonight. The only 3 graphics I had to copy into the ROTT namespace inside of edge2.pak were the raw 320x200 images (converted to Dooms patch format) since writing code for just 3 original ROTT raw images plus 2 SNEA images would be a little overkill. I hope people don't mind, but are there any other better suggestions? 


    Next up, I'm working on the menu system (the flipping background), but I'm not going to mirror ROTTs exactly since EDGE uses a common menu for all supported games, but at least it will support everything the original did.


    The only real addition I need to add is the player classes, but I'm just going to copy the players into PLAYER1-5 via DDFTHINGS and have it work like that. After that, everything else should work out! Then the hard part comes (RTS for GADs, DDF for gamecode), which will take the most time.

    1. Gothic


      I'm very interested to see how this turns out, while I keep waiting for ROTT support on ECWolf.

    2. Coraline


      Definitely! In EDGE its a bit trickier since I'm handling most graphics as a secondary sprite/patch_t format, AKA different to how ECWolf does it. But that port and its author have been very forthcoming in, for instance, handling the namespaces for the ROTT patches than can be loaded into the pseudo-combined patch_t format.


      Then there's the whole process of converting the RTL data into BSP format which glBSP can then dissect into a normal DOOM map (where ECWolf AFAIK uses an enhanced version of Wolf's raytracer).


      Now, in the original DOOM, and by extension EDGE, sprite names are supposed to have 8 characters -- in ROTT (shapes) are varying character lengths, so I wonder if I should pad the sprite names or just have EDGE ignore that limit for ROTT shapes. 


      Ideally what I should do is support something where I have the namespaces already defined in edge2.pak (empty), and have PHYSFS/w_wad.cc just insert markers that way, since the way I do it is through the normal DOOM sprite/flat/texture markers...hmmm...

    3. Coraline


      I also briefly considered converting the entire IWAD at runtime to a format similar to how glBSP caches maps (GWA) or even as a PAK, and that way it can generate a clean base instead of doing the insane amount of marker inserting/etc I have to do currently with ROTT data..but it might take longer than I would like it to...