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  1. ROTT progress update:


    While I continue hunting for the best way to convert all graphics from the ROTT IWAD to DOOM formats, I have successfully gotten VOC playback (fixed only to ROTTs format) working. Right now it uses SLADES VocToWav, which means the engine has to preprocess the sounds before the game loads, but I'm thinking of going the extra step eventually to support true VOC decoding and playback using EPI's sound_data_c class.


    I have also completed the ROTT->DOOM map conversion utility with Birger's help, which runs at startup, then passes the data over to glBSP for processing (which will save to the /cache folder as a GWA). Still need to complete ROTT-like pushwall support though. That should be uploaded sometime later tonight. On the topic, the author of Map2Wad has also been working on his custom EDGE-side conversion utility for Wolf3D's map format, which will also pass the data to glBSP for conversion.


    In short, so far so good. I can't wait until the hard work is finished so we can have the defacto port for Rise of the Triad via EDGE :-) Dream is coming true.


    Special thanks to all the programmers for helping me on this quest (Gez, Birger, ECWolf, dpJudas, among others), but I'm proud that this will be supported :-)


    Any suggestions to the graphics issue? I'm all ears. I was partial to converting the data to PCX, but I might end up going the PNG route instead, that way the images can be defined inside of Images.DDF.