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  1. ROTT Progress Update:


    With some debugging help from @Blzut3 and @Gez and tech assistance from @fraggle and fellow EDGE coder @Chilly Willy, EDGE can now read in the ROTT patch format. There is still some work to do as certain masked textures use a translevel short, which will be read and translated by EDGE further down the road. Huge milestone as now I can get to work on the basic things (VOC2WAV), get other raw image formats from ROTT working, and the main menu coded in. After that, the BSP translated from Wolf2Edge will be overhauled to support moving and regular pushwalls (the tech side of it has much inspiration from Rebecca's MacWolf port), and the conversion of GADs to true 3D things via DDF. So, its coming along well, and I'll attach what I have so far in the repo tonight. And also. Maybe a screenshot or two :-)


    While offsets are now correct for images, some patches (ROTT's CURSORx) still won't display properly, as I suspect it might have to do with the translevel in ROTTs masked_patcht struct.


    Other than that, supporting the basic ROTT patch format was one of the biggest hurdles, and in the coming months, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will have a source port that can fully support ROTT with some extra features. :-)


    Special thanks to Doom's wonderful programmers for taking time to answer my questions! 

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    2. Coraline


      :-) That's what makes the DOOM community special is that we all can rely on each other when we need the help ^_^ albeit I don't get too annoying ;-)

    3. bzzrak


      I really hope that you'll succeed, as the only moderately usable ROTT port (winrott) dates from like 2005, crashes all the time, has broken netplay and is generally kind of a pain to use. The game being a pain to play doesn't help it either, but that's another story. :]

      So, umm, thank you for being you, good luck, all the usual stuff. :]

    4. Coraline


      @bzzrak:-) Thanks! That was my chief goal was to have a stable source port of the game that both the ROTT and DOOM community can enjoy. Thanks for the kind words! <3