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  1. ROTT Progress:


    Now I have walls loaded in properly with the correct colors from the ROTT PAL, but the images still need to be rotated 90 degrees. There is a command in DDF to do this automatically, but I'm just lazy for now.


    So far so good. Can't read in skies yet (that's a dummy sky EDGE loaded in), question marks are missing sprites, HUD is non-existent -- though I do have dynamic lights working and overall the colors match up correctly. The game feels so much better at a higher framerate, with diminished lighting and real dynamic lights ;-)


    Though now I see what palette problems some other EDGE users have with the engine, which is noticeable with the flamewall block -- those black pixels. . .shot11.png.b50c4d9dcea05bcb5072e8680eb51a7a.png

    1. Coraline


      Thanks! <3 so far so good! ^_^ 


      Turns out some of the menu patches are in yet ANOTHER format (pic_t, which I believe is from the DOOM alphas), so I gotta write a pixel translator for those too. Overall, its coming together much quicker now that i have a clear understanding of the IWAD formats.


      Next up, coding in player classes (which will be instrumental for Hexen support later too), and after that is all finished, going to work on the BSP translator and pushwall code. 


      Glad you are enjoying the progress :-) it'll be nice to have a modern, extendable source port for ROTT at any rate ;-)