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  1. The EDGE team is proud to present EDGE 2.1.0-Test3! Grab it from Sourceforge:


    https://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/files/3DGE binaries/2.1/2.1.0/Test-3/


    There are such a massive amount of changes, bugfixes, additions (like ZDoom/Vavoom/etc UDMF support, PolyObjects, DDF improvements and additions, Camera-Man Scripting engine, and completely fixed framerate interpolation/Vsync, and lots of speed additions)!


    Far too many changes to list here (see CHANGELOG.txt for more information...and I KNOW I've left out a ton that can be found logged on Github).


    Test2 should now be avoided LIKE THE PLAGUE!


    The things that we didn't have time for that will be on the roadmap for 2.1.0 Final:


    * Complete ROTT support

    * Complete PolyObject support

    * GUI-based IWAD Selector

    * Multiplayer

    * More GLSL shaders, including a compiler at run-time for custom user-made stuff

    * Inventory Support (Heretic, Hexen)

    * heavily-optimised BSP walking/rendering

    * Finalised BOOM support

    * Even closer compatibility to ZDoom, like ACS, etc.


    There are so many people to thank -- the wonderful EDGE programmers (especially Andrew Apted), the stupendous EDGE community, the amazing GZDoom team, our friends from ZDOOM, Quasar|Eternity/Fraggle/etc, the amazing programmers here at Doomworld, and all of the contributors that have helped preserve the legacy of DOSDoom/EDGE. So much to do and not enough time to do it :-)


    So, enjoy! Keep reporting those bugs, and if all goes well, 2.1.0 Final won't be far off! Sure as hell won't take us another 15 months for a release, but that's what hard work and a dedication can do sometimes...lol! :-D