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  1. Are you still having trouble with Linux?

    I have Edge 1.35, but have not compiled it for Linux 4.14 yet.   The old binary does not run because it uses glew 1.4, and the this Linux 4.14 uses glew 1.13, so I will have to recompile it.

    Which version of Edge ?


    Wesley Johnson, DoomLegacy Team



    1. Coraline


      You want to try compiling for the newest version of EDGE, which is at the Github:




      We have removed a ton of references to libraries like jpeg, png, libcpuid, glew, and a host of others. This build system uses CMake. There is quick_setup_scripts you can run to get the libraries you need, but they need to be updated to remove the ones we no longer use (guess I can do that now)!


      Sorry I just got your message here @wesleyjohnson, but please let me know if you are able to get it compiled for Linux or if you need any assistance!