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  1. 3DGE Library Versions (checking requirements on Linux system)

    NOTE: At least 1 bug in the lib_versions.md file that you should fix

    ( physfs version).


        Please note that all libraries **must be statically linked** to the EXE (except for SDL2 on Win32).
          -- WHY, on Linux too ??

    System: Slackware 14.2,  Linux 4.4.88

    Upgraded to the latest packages of the the Slackware site,  9/30/2018.

    Did you list the library versions according to the features you need,
    or did you just list whatever you had on the system you were
    developing on ?

    I suspect that these are not actually the required versions.

    Requirement:    /libogg-1.3.2
    Have: libogg-1.3.2

    Requirement:    /libvorbis-1.3.5
    Have: libvorbis-1.3.6

    Requirement:    /physfs 3.1
    PROBLEM>>> search shows latest version is 3.0.1
    Have: physfs-3.0.1

    Requirement:    /SDL2 (2.0.5, upgraded from 2.0.3)
    Have: SDL2-2.0.5

    Requirement:    /SDL2_net-2.0.1 (deprecated. . .?)
    PROBLEM>>  Slackbuilds do not support it for Slackware 14.2, the only build is from Slackware 14.1
    Compiled and installed:  SDL2_net-2.0.1

    Requirement:    /Zlib-1.2.11 (upgraded from 1.2.8)
    Have: zlib-1.2.11

    The libraries as I have listed them here did work for compile.