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  1. Are you still having trouble with Linux?

    I have Edge 1.35, but have not compiled it for Linux 4.14 yet.   The old binary does not run because it uses glew 1.4, and the this Linux 4.14 uses glew 1.13, so I will have to recompile it.

    Which version of Edge ?


    Wesley Johnson, DoomLegacy Team



  2. Coraline

    3DGE Splitscreen Help (controls)

    @BlackFish The way it is set up now is to have player 1 always use the mouse/keyboard, and player 2 always use the gamepad (or maybe it is reverse, I can't remember offhand). Make sure the joystick has nothing assigned to it for player 1 (the default, normal set of controls). By default, starting a game should have player1 use the keyboard/mouse, and the other should use the joystick automatically. I have tested this (and played through CJ's Batman Doom fixup) with my brother the whole way through with this method a few months ago for EDGE, and it all worked flawlessly. I think I even have a video we recorded of us romping through it that I don't think I ever got around to uploading. . . EDIT: It appears that something else broke this from the time it was working until now (maybe someone merged or overwrote something, not sure what happened). I'll work on it ASAP (thank goodness for Github). . . sorry about that!
  3. So, now EDGE can read 100% from ROTT (DARKWAR.wad) without any hacks (except essential images EDGE needs to operate), but now this happens:


    Does anyone here know enough about how DOOM's patch -> column rendering works, and how it would need to be modified to load in graphics that aren't row-major? (e.g. column-major, w*h)? 


    I know how DOOM's works, but the problem is, it is reading them in as if it is assuming row-major from DOOM's patch_t format, rather than column-major from ROTT's patch_t format. 

    1. Voltcom9


      It's awesome to hear such progress has gone on with the ROTT support. I'm eagerly anticipating this next 3dge release. It's odd that the palette was changed like that.

  4. Looking for feedback for the latest x64 Devbuild of EDGE, as we've successfully created

    a 64-bit version of the engine. If you guys could please test and let me know if everything

    seems okay, I would *really* appreciate it! Make sure you have the x64 MSVC redists

    installed and/or up to date! Thanks! :)

  5. Coraline

    Announcing AJBSP

    On this topic (while we are mentioning glBSP) -- as per discussion with @andrewj, the version of glBSP in the EDGE repo that we plan on releasing externally (v2.28) will be appropriately renamed edgeBSP (or eBSP for short) once we release it stand-alone. We have made changes to the command-line and the overall glBSP code (such as supporting the building of glNodes via WADS embedded inside of archives, CMake support, C++ refactor) and other small tweaks (integrating the never-released changes from Andrew's glBSP 2.27). I am in the process of updating the GUI (glBSPX, which will just be named eBSPX). Internally to EDGE's source code, eBSP will still be named glBSP, but as far as new releases we make -- they'll be called edgeBSP/eBSP for now on. It's considered a direct continuation of glBSP, so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to avoid any confusion there. As soon as I have everything built stand-alone and do some bug-testing, we will make a new release at the SourceForge website. However, we are planning on integrating ajBSP nonetheless (since we support edgeBSP, zdBSP, and TinyBSP for ROTT/Wolf3D) and making a small side-launcher to pick your preferred nodebuilder (instead of command-line switches). EDGE however will always default to either edgeBSP for GLNodes, unless the map is in UDMF format, which our internal version of zdBSP takes over to build nodes for UDMF). TinyBSP is always used for Wolf-based conversions as well, and at one time, was used to build glNodes in EDGE 1.32/1.36. @Jon I will look into making updates to the command line switches for edgeBSP once we release it!
  6. Coraline

    Block Rocking Bytes

    Some potentially useful info (via EDGE-2.1.0pre-7800-g740de2002): ------------------- MAP01: P_SetupLevel: Load GL info (glBSP) GenerateBlockmap: MAP (-1216,-320) -> (352,640) GenerateBlockmap: BLOCKS 13 x 8 TOTAL 104 Blockmap size: 13x8 --> Lightmap size: 4x2 Created 21 seclists from 56 vertices (37.5%) ------------------- MAP02: P_SetupLevel: Load GL info (glBSP) GenerateBlockmap: MAP (-1189,-335) -> (379,625) GenerateBlockmap: BLOCKS 13 x 8 TOTAL 104 Blockmap size: 13x8 --> Lightmap size: 4x2 Created 21 seclists from 56 vertices (37.5%) ------------------- MAP03: P_SetupLevel: Load GL info (glBSP) GenerateBlockmap: MAP (-1216,-352) -> (480,640) GenerateBlockmap: BLOCKS 14 x 8 TOTAL 112 Blockmap size: 14x8 --> Lightmap size: 4x2 Created 23 seclists from 63 vertices (36.5%) ------------------- So far, the first two maps render without error, but MAP03 does have a texture issue, I've attached two shots.
  7. Coraline

    QuakeDroid - A perfectionist Android Quake

    Getting a red tint to the screen renderer, using an Alcatel Idol 4S - would love to fix it and bugtest for you!
  8. Coraline

    Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Sure, that can be done in COAL. I can just bake it into EDGE (so I think we are up to 4 or so choices for the HUD) for the next release. @SiFi270 you mean something similar to how prBoom shows the stats during gameplay, right?
  9. Coraline

    Do any Doom ports support Ambient Occlusion?

    I have thought about coding it in EDGE, we will see what happens :)
  10. Coraline

    Features you would like to see in EDGE

    @Death Egg is right. Heretic and Chex Quest are supported already (for Heretic, we still need to implement some sort of inventory handling in EDGE). DeHacked works fine, too. Hexen still needs ACS(vm), and Strife is completely doable but I don't have much time yet to code that game (I instead chose to work on ROTT, but that even feels like too much at once). I would much prefer focusing on things that need attention (bugs being fixed, BOOM 241/242, UDMF, IWAD selector, engine speedups, scripting language enhancements).
  11. Coraline

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Finally went to a salon to get my hair done instead of just being lazy <3
  12. Coraline

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    My five year old and her cat (which I've named Fat Bastard after the character in Austin Powers) - in her presence though his name is Mitz <3
  13. Sorry everyone for the lack of work on EDGE...radiation sickness is kicking my butt (my own dumb fault)...


    Quick, someone type in IDBEHOLD!

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    2. Coraline


      Yeah, treatments + antibiotics apparently don't go well together, and I completely forgot to mention that I've been on heavy antibiotics for the last month or so, but it'll pass. Usually its only mild symptoms, but this time it felt like my whole body was shutting down; puking, dizzy, bowel pain, head pain (doesn't help that I have sinusitis and two inner ear infections I guess, and on top of that my 3rd umbilical hernia surgery spot got infected god knows why, thinking stitches or something), but I'm still at work pushing through. Ugh. I'm on perma-STFOUCH today it seems :/


      "Picked up a Medikit that you REALLY need!"

    3. Voltcom9


      Hope you feel better soon! Don't worry about working on 3dge, take care of yourself first. 

    4. Ichor



  14. Coraline

    The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Hey guys! Just a reminder: submit your map if you haven't by the 31st! If you are already working on one and need more time, I can extend it a few more days! Thanks everyone! @riderr3 I'll look into the bug. The special languages are not being loaded due to the changes regarding zipfile support with PHYSFS. I'll fix it asap!
  15. Coraline

    The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    @riderr3: I'm not sure how GZDoom does its 3D Floors (with EDGE, it uses referencing sectors), so I'd have to figure that out first and adapt and/or rewrite that plugin to accommodate the way EDGE does it. I'm sure it's something simple - I'm not 100% positive, but Eureka might display EDGE's 3D Floors in its preview mode. I don't remember if it does or not, I should probably download it and check it out ^_^ And about that startup splash screen -- it can be switched off. Just pull down the console and type i_skipsplash. If it's set to 0, set it to 1. It appears GZDoom-Builder uses 3D floors in UDMF mode, but the concept is the same with EDGE - tag a line, tag the reference sector. I would just need to rebuild pieces of ThreeDFloor.cs to instead reference the default EDGE extrafloor types, and 'read' the 'args' from DDFLine (or hardcode them for now). Doesn't seem complicated, but really time consuming for me since I have so many other things I'm trying to focus on :/ @PepsiBepsi I'll check out your map tonight xD