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  1. Okay, so got inspired by the GZDoom post :D Since we are almost done with the bugfixes, its time to move onto features :) Anything from DDF to other game support (etc), would like to hear some suggestions ^_^ Thanks everyone for your time ^^
  2. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Sure, that can be done in COAL. I can just bake it into EDGE (so I think we are up to 4 or so choices for the HUD) for the next release. @SiFi270 you mean something similar to how prBoom shows the stats during gameplay, right?
  3. Do any Doom ports support Ambient Occlusion?

    I have thought about coding it in EDGE, we will see what happens :)
  4. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    @Death Egg is right. Heretic and Chex Quest are supported already (for Heretic, we still need to implement some sort of inventory handling in EDGE). DeHacked works fine, too. Hexen still needs ACS(vm), and Strife is completely doable but I don't have much time yet to code that game (I instead chose to work on ROTT, but that even feels like too much at once). I would much prefer focusing on things that need attention (bugs being fixed, BOOM 241/242, UDMF, IWAD selector, engine speedups, scripting language enhancements).
  5. Post a picture of yourself!

    Finally went to a salon to get my hair done instead of just being lazy <3
  6. Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    My five year old and her cat (which I've named Fat Bastard after the character in Austin Powers) - in her presence though his name is Mitz <3
  7. Sorry everyone for the lack of work on EDGE...radiation sickness is kicking my butt (my own dumb fault)...


    Quick, someone type in IDBEHOLD!

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    2. Coraline


      Yeah, treatments + antibiotics apparently don't go well together, and I completely forgot to mention that I've been on heavy antibiotics for the last month or so, but it'll pass. Usually its only mild symptoms, but this time it felt like my whole body was shutting down; puking, dizzy, bowel pain, head pain (doesn't help that I have sinusitis and two inner ear infections I guess, and on top of that my 3rd umbilical hernia surgery spot got infected god knows why, thinking stitches or something), but I'm still at work pushing through. Ugh. I'm on perma-STFOUCH today it seems :/


      "Picked up a Medikit that you REALLY need!"

    3. Voltcom9


      Hope you feel better soon! Don't worry about working on 3dge, take care of yourself first. 

    4. Ichor
  8. Hi everyone! I'm here to announce the first community-project for EDGE (at least, the first I can recall in recent memory): The 65 prBooming 3DGE's! This project is being headlined by @Rachael and has a few mappers. This map pack focuses on EDGE compatibility - however not all EDGE features have to be used. The only format restriction is that your map works properly in EDGE. The latest version of EDGE does support UDMF but not all of GZDoom's line specials work, and also obviously DECORATE, ACS, and ZScript are completely out. If you are not comfortable with EDGE mapping, you may submit a Boom map instead, since EDGE is a Boom-compatible port. However, RTS, COAL, and DDF can be used in its place. For mapping reference, we have a list of EDGE-defined linetypes. A combined version with line/sector types (an intro to level editing) can be found here. Rules: Maximum of 65 monsters per map. This is a hard limit. You do not need to use all 65 available "monster slots" - this rule is just to prevent slaughter maps. Must be compatible with EDGE or PrBoom+. Do not test your maps in GZDoom. (You can use GZDoom for development, i.e. getting the layout finished and what not, but ultimately the map must be designed to work in PrBoom+ or EDGE) You may use all available monster types. However please don't use 65 cyberdemons or something ridiculous like that. No custom DDF monsters or weapons. This is for static 3DGE Doom 2 compatibility. Custom textures/music/props are allowed (DDF props are allowed - including animated). Theme: The map should be reminiscent of Doom 2's maps 20-29. Map Submission Deadline: March 31, 2018 Map Fix-up Deadline: April 14, 2018 Unlike with 20 Heretics, these deadlines are much more strict. I look forward to any interest this little project might generate! Also, don't forget that I'm always available and willing to help any users of the EDGE source port - troubleshooting, coding, or any issues you might run into -- feel free to ask! <3 A few screenshots of a map in development (by @Voltcom9):
  9. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Hey guys! Just a reminder: submit your map if you haven't by the 31st! If you are already working on one and need more time, I can extend it a few more days! Thanks everyone! @riderr3 I'll look into the bug. The special languages are not being loaded due to the changes regarding zipfile support with PHYSFS. I'll fix it asap!
  10. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    @riderr3: I'm not sure how GZDoom does its 3D Floors (with EDGE, it uses referencing sectors), so I'd have to figure that out first and adapt and/or rewrite that plugin to accommodate the way EDGE does it. I'm sure it's something simple - I'm not 100% positive, but Eureka might display EDGE's 3D Floors in its preview mode. I don't remember if it does or not, I should probably download it and check it out ^_^ And about that startup splash screen -- it can be switched off. Just pull down the console and type i_skipsplash. If it's set to 0, set it to 1. It appears GZDoom-Builder uses 3D floors in UDMF mode, but the concept is the same with EDGE - tag a line, tag the reference sector. I would just need to rebuild pieces of ThreeDFloor.cs to instead reference the default EDGE extrafloor types, and 'read' the 'args' from DDFLine (or hardcode them for now). Doesn't seem complicated, but really time consuming for me since I have so many other things I'm trying to focus on :/ @PepsiBepsi I'll check out your map tonight xD
  11. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Awesome! 3DGE Builder is more customized for the port, but DB2 will work fine as long as the config is compatible with EDGE 1.35 and up :D
  12. I use my Steam Link to beam to my RokuTV for split screen EDGE, or when I just wanna play DOOM/etc I'll use EDGE through the Steam Link itself. Occasionally I'll minimize big picture and do stuff on the TV from my computer using the Steam Link also, but its in the living room so I really have to be in the mood to be lazy on the couch ^^ Other than that, when my daughter wants to play something like Cuphead, DOOM, or anything on Steam I'll use the Steam Link (but that kid uses a Logitech controller, which she loves over the 360, PS2, or the Steam çontroller). Occasionally I'll use her 360 to beam TV shows or movies to her tiny portable VHS combo in her room for her to watch also. :D Either that or we just use my multi monitor setup in my room.
  13. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Good question, I'll take a head count tonight. I hope to post screens of my map soon as well!! :-) @riderr3 good stuff!! ;)
  14. Post a picture of yourself!

    Just me being silly. Ignore my horrible room :-(
  15. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Initially the codebase for current EDGE was developed off of the abandoned 1.32 branch before we pulled in the changes from the last version of ajapted's 1.35. But EDGE 2.1.0x is so far beyond 1.35 that its now obsolete, as we've added a ton of features, and a ton of bugs that have been fixed that were open issues in the original for a long time. Give it a try! Either use 2.1.0 Test3, or if you are feeling lucky, try the Devbuilds. About the project, I will give more of a heads up. So far we have some great maps put into it, and once its polished and ready for releasing I'll probably organize a more formal community project with a less-strict time limit :-) I'm contributing my first map to DOOM/EDGE ever with this mappack - a sequel/revamp of fanatic's RUINS map :-D and so far, the maps that are getting turned in are gorgeous :D can't wait to release the project!!! ;)
  16. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Sorry, forgot to upload that build: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/3dge/EDGE-2.1.0pre-485-ged1b632.7z That one will have the preset support. A typical example: 3dge -iwad doom2.wad -file doom.wad -rotatemap -rumble
  17. (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Oh well, the team is sort of used to that now. ;( But, at least we are getting more positive feedback with each release, and the compatibility we are working towards supporting things like UDMF, GLSL shaders, rendering speedups, PK3 -- everything that will hopefully continue to keep EDGE relevant. :)
  18. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Well EDGE enables true 3D thing rendering, and GADs just get placed via RTS for now (need to find a way to translate the GAD value to a z-position/TID via EDGE). And the score system will probably get lifted from Wolf3D or the like directly. Coding that system in DDF/RTS is doable, but very time consuming. Well, making ROTT maps in EDGE do not need to be confined to the ROTT format, and DOOM/EDGE/UDMF maps will do as it all gets translated to a 3D BSP all the same. But, stock ROTT maps will work differently as stock ROTT textures get rotated and the like (lines get translated, lots of translating lol). It'll all make sense once its in and working :)
  19. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    Wolf3D support has been there longer than ROTT, but I haven't tested it yet. There were some issues with the nodebuilder (TinyBSP) so I opted to work with the author of Map2Wad to have it convert the map into EDGE format (supporting specials like sliding doors) when the game loads. Everything else is already done, aside for the score system. Currently loading is disabled until Map2Wad is ready to be integrated. So, it does mean that user-made Wolf and ROTT maps will indeed work. GADs, though, will have to be positioned via RTS with a Z height (true 3D things), but from the sound of how TED did it, should be easier ;) One of the features I got working is an autoloader script, its really basic right now, but its a preset that you can define command-line switches, and soon, console variables. So, you could have the preset (called edge.preset) reside in the root directory and EDGE will always reference it when it starts up. I'm going to upload that devbuild tonight, so keep an eye out for it. ;)
  20. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    It is most likely related to this issue: https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE/issues/52 Try disabling your antivirus so you can download it. It is a false-positive and not sure why it occurs, seeing as the crash reporter comes from Eternity, which doesn't trigger those programs (AVG, Avast). I use MalwareBytes, but again, you will most likely need to disable it temporarily. The EDGE forums are here for help and support. We also share a Discord server with ZDoom if you ever need live help or support, I'm always active in there as well as some of the other EDGE developers. Also, if there is any Linux developers that wouldn't mind lending us a hand - the engine compiles and runs. but there is no video output. Thinking its related to OpenGL. If you know how to debug such a thing, please let me know!
  21. Anyone else tend to get C and C++ mixed up? Maybe because EDGE, while C++, writes a lot of stuff using C style. So annoying when I make a dumb mistake like that, maybe it is my ADHD? Bleh, makes me feel like a novice sometimes :-(



    1. YukiRaven


      I kinda do occasionally, but I've always chalked that up to me not using those languages as much as others.

  22. DOS Source Ports?

    @Julian Nechaevsky I hear you darling, EDGE's language parser is here on Git, so we would need to see what else we need for such a thing. I am definitely on board to support Cryllic, and the console font handler should be much simpler since it is image-based and not patch/string based. Send me a message and we could work on it, when you have free time of course :)
  23. DOS Source Ports?

    @fabian I believe Julianna has also written, or at least refined, the Russian translations for EDGE recently <3 she's great at what she does, that's for sure ^_^
  24. DOS Source Ports?

    I think EDGE 1.27 was the last release to work under DOS (if I remember correctly). Also was the last that had the software renderer before the team switched to OpenGL exclusively.
  25. Features you would like to see in EDGE

    ah, that's right! I'll start drafting out how that could potentially work in the next few weeks, I've been working tons of overtime at the hospital so not much time for EDGE between that and Violet. .