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  1. That's what originally inspired this project actually, the existing HaloDoom mods were "lacking" in some regard, and we wanted to see if we could make a HaloDoom mod work a bit better than those other mods. Of course, it's not entirely a "fair" comparison as the other HaloDoom mods are not made with the most recent version of GZDoom in mind, and thus lack any ZScript support.
  2. Hello! It's been quite a while, I've been busy with a lot of IRL stuff as well as College, but I'm currently on break. I thought I'd start work on adding Enemies to Descent Doom. Currently what's left to do is just the Boss type enemies. That project can be found here - https://github.com/Lewisk3/DescentDoom_Robots It does require the latest developer version of Descent Doom, so be sure to pick that up. (Go to the Descent Doom github page and press Code -> Download as ZIP) Screenshot of the enemies lined up. I'm also very much interested in any information anyone may have on the specifics of enemy behavior, health values, etc.
  3. Hmm, I'm not entirely sure tbh. I'd have to research that a bit. I've been pretty busy working on other projects and with IRL stuff, so it'll probably take me a while to get back to this project.
  4. Halo: Doom Evolved is a TC-lite weapons mod project that aims to bring Halo's classic sandbox themed gameplay, while doubling down on the more retro aspects of it's design. General Information Boasting over 26 weapons, 3 spartan classes with their own unique gameplay styles, 6 different spawning presets based on the different halo games, and many more settings to make the ultimate custom halo experience. Halo: Doom Evolved is compatible with most addon mods, further allowing you to customize your experience. It's able to run most monster mods with little to no issues. We Release dev-builds every 2 weeks on Friday in our discord server. So if you wanna gain access to new content early, that's the place to go! Gameplay Video: Downloads ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-doom-evolved/downloads/halo-doom-evolved-season-3-moddb GitHub: https://github.com/Lewisk3/HaloDoom_GZDoomVersion/releases/tag/rc3.0 Credits: Detailed weapon descriptions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BiKIuJTYWW9wz1jI5xPIHoYtxBsVnZh-GrW-vaEh87Y/edit?usp=sharing For updates, events and bug reports, join our Discord! https://discord.gg/8fXFarXRYD
  5. DoomEdNums are implemented. ( https://github.com/Lewisk3/GZDoom_Descent/commit/8389c8b5765f8e65a4cbef9c21e7090ef1983a3c ) You can now place items properly in maps. Yeah for sure, I'd advise against including it directly in your project though, please leave a link to it.
  6. At first, I exported all of Descent 1's graphics and worked on finishing that, then moving on to Descent 2. I didn't realize at the time that Descent 2 had higher resolution versions of everything, it would've been a massive pain to re-align all the HUD images, so I just continued using the lower resolution ones. When I start working on getting multiple HUD types implemented, I'll probably replace the current graphics with the 480p versions.
  7. Oh btw, feel free to make addons for this mod. I plan on covering just the gameplay mod portion. Feel free to link them in this thread as well!
  8. Haha, funnily enough me too.
  9. Descent Doom (alternatively GZDescent) attempts to recreate the core gameplay systems of Descent 1 and 2 in GZDoom. General Information The original Descent game was created by Parallax Software in 1995, it featured what’s known as a “Six Degree of Freedom” movement system, which essentially simulates a space-ship’s freedom of motion in space, with no gravity. So you can do cool stuff like fly completely upside-down or side-ways, basically however you want (provided you don’t get motion sick). It also featured a primary and secondary type weapon system, where your primary weapons are more energy or ballistic based and your secondary weapons are all missile/projectile based. More Information available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descent_(1995_video_game) Mod Features Six Degree of Freedom movement system. 9 distinct primary weapons from Descent 1/2 10 distinct secondary missile weapons. 8 different powerups. Planned Features Feedback is much appreciated here! A more balanced weapon/item spawning system. Customized cheat-codes based on the ones from classic Descent. Simplified HUD and statusbar alternative HUD types. Fullscreen missile camera. Gameplay Video Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons Credits Download here: Github Releases Direct Link (v1.1): https://github.com/Lewisk3/GZDoom_Descent/releases/download/v1.1.0/lk_gzdescent112.pk3
  10. As an addon of sorts, sure. If you want to include it in your mod, I'd advise against that, however, if you must make sure to give credit. "Redxone (Lewisk3)"
  11. I've decreased the item sizes a bit, hopefully that fixes that. It may have something to do with the sprite size of weapons if you're using a weapons mod, though. I cannot seem to reproduce the issue with Keys not showing up when you disable items. I changed the key detection check though, so hopefully, if the issue is caused by a gameplay mod, this will fix that. I've updated the file under the 1.1 release, so you should be able to just redownload here.
  12. Thanks for the feature suggestion. It should be implemented now, alongside more improvements to the Radar.
  13. Enemies show up once they're activated/have a target.
  14. Ultimate Classic Minimap (UCM for short) is a Minimap, Radar and Switch Tracking mod for GZDoom. This project is an improvement on my SwitchTracker mod, it overall functions quite differently, and thus I felt that it warranted a new thread. Download: https://github.com/Lewisk3/UltimateClassicMinimap/releases Features Customizable color scheme. Customizable size. Waypoint System Can be placed wherever you want, or automatically aligned to a corner of your screen. Can function as a Fullscreen automap. Optional rotation with the player. Toggleable player following. Can draw projectiles and Items. Very smooth, thanks to linear interpolation. Screenshots (Imgur Album) https://imgur.com/a/ALm1h75
  15. Wow, I had no idea it'd be that easy to fix the performance issue! Thanks.