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  1. Wow, I had no idea it'd be that easy to fix the performance issue! Thanks.
  2. No guide bots as of yet but i just added the option to only show linedefs that do specific things.
  3. If a new switch is added to the map you can go into the options menu and press "Apply" to refresh all found switches. Yeah, showing things with specials should be possible (via Actor iterator).
  4. SwitchTracker is a lightweight mod written in ZScript. Its function is simple, it shows you all useable linedefs in whatever map you're playing so you don't have to go hunting for them! Screenshot: More Info: Download: http://korbincraft.com/doom/SwitchTracker.wad
  5. I really like your cupcake caco avatar :)

  6. Redxone

    Anti-Freelook (ZScript/ACS)

    I supposed that would've worked as well. The main reason why I didn't, is that I was trying to see if I could get ACS and ZScript to "talk to each other". I could change it if it'll speed things up. Seems intuitive that there would be a SetActorPitch along-side GetActorPitch.
  7. Redxone

    Anti-Freelook (ZScript/ACS)

    I'm currently working on a weapon mod, and I've got a friend that doesn't like to play with freelook, which is an issue because all my weapons have recoil that stays up and doesn't come back down. This was the original reason for this idea, and it also happens to work perfectly as an "Anti-Freelook" script. I mainly made this to see if it was actually possible, turns out it is! :O If you want to use this in a project of yours just be sure to give me credit, also I wouldn't recommend forcing players to play without freelook but, that part is up to you though. P.S To enable this you need to set the "sv_allowrecoil" CVar to false or 0. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qv2amaimsgzas5q/AntiRecoil.pk3?dl=0 How it works: 1. First I have an ACS script on ENTER that is looping, this script checks the player's Pitch. If it's under or over 0 a different quantity of a specific inventory item is given to the player. 2. I spawn a ZScript object which checks the inventory item and sets the player's Pitch accordingly. You may be wondering, how do you make the pitch go down as inventory items cannot be negative? I used a rather simple "sign" trick, If the value of the item is over 127 then I subtract 127 from it. If it's not I just leave it alone.
  8. Redxone

    Easy pistol starts in ZDoom. (Mod)

    Actually, PRBoom+'s super easy pistol start is what gave me this idea.
  9. For the people who dislike typing in IDCLEV or changing the map for each level to pistol start it, this script will automatically pistol start each new level! To disable this functionality you can set the: doPistolStarts cvar to False. You can also bind a key to "pukename resetplayer" and pistol start by pressing a key, without needing to re-load the level. Also, contains an extra feature to switch Autoaim on/off (Options for that are at the bottom of the "Customize Controls" menu). Download: PistolStarts.pk3 If you find this small mod helpful or not, feel free to give constructive criticism below :)
  10. Redxone

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I actually played Dark7 and enjoyed it although, i didn't like how dark it was art style wise, but other than dark7 i have played Castle's Redemption of the Slain which i enjoyed alot.
  11. I have been bored with doom for a while now and i need something that makes me want to play it and have fun with the game. I don't share an interest in difficult wads or boring wads that have slow gameplay, where you have to hunt for switches to progress. I want wads where when your done fighting enemies you're exiting the level and while you're fighting enemies your having fun and not being overwhelmed to a point where it's a chore to finish the level. This is coming from someone with very very specific and picky gameplay choices, i don't enjoy the original wolf3d nor did i enjoy wads such as Ancient Aliens (Seriously who makes an enemy that rapidly fires revenant rockets??!?!?!) Now, i realized this is 2017 and when people are disagreed with they take it as an attack. Please note, im not attacking anyone and if you disagree with my tastes, you do you more power to you. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks! P.S This is intended as a peaceful post, im not hating on mappers or wads, i am just stating my "strange" tastes in doom wads.
  12. Redxone

    Anti-Slide - Easier platforming in doom!

    Nope, but i have been watching alot of doom streamers rage recently xD
  13. This lightweight mod is for those doom maps with very annoying platforming puzzles that ice feeling you get when trying to land a jump only to fly right off the platform. No slide implements faster momentum dampening that is totally customizable! Options are located at the top of the "Gameplay Options" menu. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/km8qr8lrczipznh/NoSlide.wad?dl=0
  14. This is currently heavy WIP, the entire project has changed and it wont let me delete the post :/ I will post this when the mod is in an acceptable state. Until then, it keeps saying i dont have permission to delete the post...
  15. Redxone

    Popcorn Gun! - Hows that for an original idea!

    Lol, thanks I think whatever that gun shoots its maybe supposed to be colored popcorn?