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Dave The Daring

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  1. Dave The Daring

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm concerned with your purple obsession. Are you on drugs young man?
  2. Dave The Daring

    Doomworld Mega Project 2015 - Now on /idgames

    Have the flu and Christmas is coming up, so probably not the best time to get a map finished, but I'm trying my best. Getting a bit stressed.
  3. Dave The Daring

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Apologies if this has already been pointed out, but I just tried to quote a post by a user named [WH]-Wilou84. The vBulletin code tags contained in his name messed up the the quote function. I let him know and he's going to remove the offending characters from his name, but I thought I should also inform the Doomworld admins as well.
  4. Dave The Daring

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Lovely stuff. By the way, I can't quote your posts properly. Your username contains the vbulletin code tags, which seems to mess up the quote function, so I have to remove the '[]' tags from your name. Just letting you know.
  5. Dave The Daring

    How would you improve Doom?

    The pure gameplay mechanics of Doom incorporated into a Quake-like engine. I'd love to make Doom maps in TrenchBroom.
  6. Dave The Daring

    Resident Evil code name Hunk [released v1.1] v1.2 in progress

    Downloading now..
  7. Dave The Daring

    Doom Streams

    Stop streaming on Sundays Suitepee! I CAN'T WATCH YOU ON SUNDAYS!!!
  8. Dave The Daring


    Good for you! It's about time Joe-Ilya's retro minimalist fusion style was adopted by other mappers.
  9. Dave The Daring

    help with custom weapons

    Saint Scifista42.. Has a ring to it.
  10. Dave The Daring

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Hopefully there's still some of that delicious zombie meat left on the bones..
  11. Dave The Daring

    I need a mentor

    Here you go Zandor, take as many as you like..
  12. Dave The Daring

    Violence (4 map EP)

    Happy birthday. Going to play this later tonight.
  13. Dave The Daring

    Starting fresh, need help.

    I've done it in my Doomworld Mega Project map. Having said that, I've been working on that map for the past three or four months (off and on) and I still haven't finished it. Even using Boris' awesome plugin, progress can be slow going. Just detailing multi-storey buildings can become very finicky. In my opinion, a magawad with lots of 3D sector usage is a little too ambitious, especially if the author(s) have little to no experience with (G)ZDoom.
  14. Dave The Daring

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Nice. When did you grow those horns?
  15. Dave The Daring

    What's the story with the default avatars?

    Glad to be of service. ;)
  16. Dave The Daring

    Where do you live?

    Fair enough. I'm from somewhere in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  17. Dave The Daring

    Where do you live?

    Are you lonely?
  18. Dave The Daring

    How do I delete a sector in doom builder?

    The merge sector function can also be used with more than 2 sectors, just remember that the first sector you highlight is the one all the subsequent sectors will be merged into. It's a very handy function if, like me, you change your mind a lot or just make plenty of mistakes.
  19. Dave The Daring

    Double 3d floors

    In the following shot, I have two bridges over a 3D water sector, and both bridges are made of multiple 3D sectors. I only use a crappy laptop, and everything seems to run fine, so I'd say you could stack plenty of 3D sectors before your PC starts complaining about it.
  20. Dave The Daring

    Carnage in Paris

    Aww bless.
  21. Dave The Daring

    3d floor teleporter

    In that case he'd just end up triggering the second linedef trigger that instantly kills the player. Simples.
  22. Dave The Daring

    3d floor teleporter

    Well it depends on the situation, but if there was a possibility of the player skipping the trigger, I'd just conduct a more vigorous height check, which would hopefully prevent such a problem from occurring.
  23. Oh well, that's my theory down the shitter. You seem to attract quite a few weirdos to your stream. It must be your non-judgemental attitude.
  24. Dave The Daring

    If you could add any fitting weapon to Doom what would it be?

    Okay.. Oh. To be honest, that's the bit I'm most interested in.
  25. Speaking of alternate personalities, has anyone ever seen BDL and Windmill/Girl1001 in the same Twitch chat at the same time? I know their obsessions are different, but their methods of bugging other Twitch users are very similar.. Or maybe I'm just being crazy?