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  1. Dave The Daring

    Why is vanilla crashing here?

    Because you're a terrible mapper? ;)
  2. Dave The Daring

    Things id got wrong

    Indeed. I'm the polar opposite of you, in that I really dislike pure MIDI music. I always turn the PC music off because it just ends up annoying me. That's not to say that MIDI music can't be used to effectively convey an atmosphere in a Doom map, I just don't think it's achieved very often. Give me the PSX/Doom 64 music any day.
  3. Dave The Daring

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    Well it was time well spent, anyway.
  4. Dave The Daring

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    A VPO doesn't cause a HOM, it crashes the game entirely. I think you're referring to a drawseg overflow.
  5. Dave The Daring

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    I could be pedantic and point out that the word 'few' doesn't actually represent an exact value, but that would just be petty retaliation to you highlighting my failure to read the information supplied on the /idgames download page. Nonetheless, the word 'few' doesn't actually represent an exact value. So there!
  6. This is a vanilla project. I thought you said ZDoom/GZDoom was objectively superior to vanilla?
  7. Dave The Daring

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    Really enjoyable map. Great visuals and even better game play. Loved it. I'd be interested to know how long it took to develop, as it's obvious a lot of care and attention went into this map. I've only played it in PrBoom+. According to Visplane Explorer, there is only one VPO on the entire map, and that particular spot is inaccessible to the player. I might replay this map later in Chocolate Doom. I need to find the rest of the secrets anyway.
  8. Dave The Daring

    Custom Music for Doom 64EX

    I'm assuming the player would have to rename/move the existing DOOMSND.SF2 to accommodate the modified version, and then swap them back over to play the original Doom 64 music correctly again? Maybe I'm just a lazy old cynic, but it seems a bit of a hassle considering we're just replacing one type of dark ambient music with a slightly different type of dark ambient music.
  9. Dave The Daring

    Custom Music for Doom 64EX

    That's because the post you need probably can't be written. There is no way, as far as I know, to take existing MIDI files and play them back correctly in Doom64EX. This is because the game uses different sounds/instruments than the usual MIDI standard, so what you end up with is seemingly random noise. You can create new music, but it too has to use the Doom64EX soundfont, which is probably best suited for ambient style music. It may be possible to replace the soundfont file, but I'm not a PC MIDI expert so I can't say that with any certainty. So it looks like you'll just have to put up with the good ol' Doom 64 music.
  10. Dave The Daring

    The pressure of time makes for a better map

    Precisely. I like to map at my own pace, in a relaxed environment. It is a hobby after all. Applying time limits to my mapping sessions would just put undue pressure on me and my output would suffer as a result. Having said that, I do employ some of 40oz's speed-mapping disciplines. Although I don't use a time limit, I do try and force myself to work on a map everyday (if I have the free time), and I usually won't stop until I've made some progress, even if it's only a little. So for me, motivation is the most important factor when making a Doom map, and time management plays a big part in that.
  11. Dave The Daring

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    When testing maps, I always use Chocorenderlimits, as it clearly shows all the relevant render stats on the screen, and alerts the user when any overflow occurs. Then I use Visplane Explorer, just to be certain there are no pesky VPOs left lurking in the nooks and crannies of the map. I'll download and play your map later. Looks interesting.
  12. Dave The Daring

    The pressure of time makes for a better map

    It is? I must be doing it wrong then.
  13. Dave The Daring

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Here are a couple of maps I made that were supposed to be part of an episode sized wad. I may return to it one day.. Maybe. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0d610aj34b6ks3b/whodaresdies.wad
  14. I might try this out over the weekend, as a console without a decent Doom engine just doesn't seem right. Cheers.
  15. Dave The Daring

    Rocket Launcher - frontend for windows

    I'm going to start using this, as I like to check my vanilla maps in both Chocolate Doom and Dosbox, just in case. Thanks!
  16. Dave The Daring

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    This is a very interesting project, especially for me, as I really cut my teeth mapping wise by creating levels for Doom64EX. It'll be interesting to see how the maps translate to vanilla with it's lack of Doom 64 macros. I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a Doom64EX conversion of E1M1 I made a few months back. I'm not looking for any feedback as I don't want to knock this thread off topic, but I thought it might interest some of you to see this process done in reverse. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mlrfz4l86vlrj1o/e1m1.zip I'm not planning on converting any more maps, this was merely an experiment. Good luck with the rest of the project.
  17. Dave The Daring

    Plutonia: really well done

    Plutonia is an amazing wad from a technical viewpoint, especially when you consider the time it was made and the tools that were available. It was also the first map set to really up the difficulty, although I feel they could have included a bit more variation from one difficulty setting to the next. Having said all that, I don't really enjoy playing it that much. I'm not keen on the atmosphere it conjures up, and I think the game play can be a little unrelenting at times. The truth is though, if I was able to make a megawad like Plutonia, I'd be pretty damned proud of myself.