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  1. BTW, if anyone doesn't believe me that the project is 'in the works' DARE ME to RELEASE a Chris Redfield skin for EDGE. Dare me. BTW, the model (or skin, choose your pick) was made by Lobo, the one who quit the team for personal reasons. The Doom Gods website is getting a facelift, and most of the game information will be released as soon as one of the members gets back to me. That should convince most of you. *Hopefully* There is still positions left WIDE OPEN. Mainly level designers and EDGE coders, so if anyone wants to help feel free to give me an e-mail!
  2. Flame me if I'm wrong, but isn't the song 'Them Bones' by 'Alice in Chains' a REMAKE of a DOOM II track, D_AMPIE? Level 16, if you do not know what the music track is right off the batt. You know what, if I am wrong, you can bann me. Fair enough? And don't just bann me because of my past history. Be reasonable. Download the file off of a music program like Kazzaa or Morpheus Preview Edition. It SOUNDS AND BEATS just like the music track! Listen to it! If I am wrong, BANN ME!
  3. A Promo video is in the works by me, just to show what characters are in it...nothing big.
  4. Despise what you all think, you are wrong. We are still editing (aside from me overseeing), and have actually started developing. 3 classes to pick from: Chris Redfield Flynn Taggart Duke Nukem. BTW, the name WAS changed to Resident Evil Unleashed: knee-deep in the dead CHAPTER 1. Does that aswer your questions? Site will be updated soon, with a more pretty look rather than a but-ass ugly one.
  5. I was wondering if there is a way and/or a utility that will allow me to rip the graphics out of the DOOM beta and alpha versions. BTW, is there a REALLY GOOD LEVEL EDITOR out there as good as Duke Nukem's BUILD utility? Or at least a decent one as understandable as the BUILD utility? Thanks!
  6. Hell yes. But...who is to take over The Doom Gods? With Lobo gone, Hell has risen against me. What am I to do? I just can't go right back to the Doom Gods and ditch SuperSonic Software unless I merge them. >crap< Help please.
  7. Well, it will only be for a few months. Then I am back in.
  8. And Lobo, why remove your old sig?
  9. Ok. This will get you back on track. I am still into the project, but as a over-seeing developer along with Dark_Photon and intel*man. We are SuperSonic Software, and will be monitoring the game status. You tell us what you want to do, and we approve. After this semester is over later in the year, I will return to development in the lead role of The Doom Gods. That should clarify things up. And yes, Lobo, you are in control. --Corbachu SuperSonic Software
  10. OK LISTEN! Lobo is right about me leaving the team, but I am NOT gone forever. Me and a team of 4 have formed are old company, SuperSonic Software. Over-seeing development. I had to leave, yes, for personal reasons, but Lobo is the guy in charge. But, Lobo is wrong about the project on hold. It is still going. We got new members (I should say "they"), and we are beginning pre-production (yes, Lobo, you need to start e-mailing me and asking me for the other team's e-mails). Our NEW site, completely by me, is avaliable (no DEAD links, well, it is still under contruction) at: Check it out and anyone who still wants to help, please e-mail lobo at the site listed above. Seeya later! --Corbachu SuperSonic Software
  11. Great, we need all the help we can get. Send an e-mail to and in order to join the team. Also, tell me what you want to do in the team in your e-mail.
  12. Hey everyone. News informing about the project: We got 3 new members on the team. If you want more information about the mod please go to: Site kicks butt. Anyways, anyone still interested here are a few tidbits: Lobo, one of my team members, has announced he will be using REAL things from the psx games (RE series) into the GLEDGE engine. He says the real skins will be making it into the game and a couple of music tracks as well. Anyone wanting to contact him about the subject to proove that he is e-mail him at: Seeya around and keep checking the site back for updates!
  13. Look, the Quake II Generations project has been dead for a LONG time, but one that has sprung up, in contrast to the original Quake II Generations, is SOG. SOG is a modificaion for Quake II that did everything Generations did: except legally. You can find the SOG (Some old games, Son of Generations, etc) at: Enjoy.
  14. No. Leemon has learned his lesson by asking id software earlier in advance. They accepted, and look where they are now?! Everyone who wants to see their Generations Arena project for Quake III Arena go here: The project is still up and kicking. After 1 year of working on it, they released a beta. and it rocks. And dont make me get Leemon and bring him here because he will tear you up... :)
  15. First off, the generations project is NOT DEAD. Second IT IS ILLEGIAL TO SELL YOUR MOD! READ THE ID EULA! And, I don't give shit if Doomm is 8 years old. It is still illegial, and id will bust you guys. Said simple, ok? Only reason why got off clean is becuase I HAD PERMISSION! THAT'S SOMETHING YOU DONT SEE EVERYDAY!