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  1. Dinosaurs

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Thanks for looking, the performance hit is straight away but not with DOSBox, only with the Crispy Doom and Chocolate Doom shortcuts. Might be some quirk of Ryzen CPUs, I couldn't see anything strange in the settings files, but I'm no expert.
  2. Dinosaurs

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Does anyone else have performance problems? If I run the mod via the shortcuts included I get a weird hitch every five seconds or so. Doesn't happen if I manually load the mod myself.
  3. Dinosaurs

    SnapMap Wishlist?

    Hey, I was messing around with SnapMap, trying to re-create Entryway, but there's a lot of missing features and freedom compared to DOOMBuilder. So I was thinking, why not compile a DoomWorld wishlist and post it in the Bethesda forum? That place is a ghost-town so the devs would probably spot it. Even if it never reaches DOOMBuilder's degree of freedom, I think it could be fun with a few additions. For me: - Add the Chainsaw and Berserk pickup - Add Jump-Pads - Add a Map - Allow all walls to be interactable, including ceiling (become doors etc.) - Allow diagonal connections - Custom room editor?
  4. Dinosaurs

    Then and Now

    The AI is way more active. The possessed soldiers move around a lot more, everything is way more aggressive and chaotic.
  5. Dinosaurs

    DOOM 2015 vs 2016

    Hey, It's probbaly been posted before but... holy shit newDOOM is so much faster and alive than when it first appeared in 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQpxDFExwhU When I saw that gameplay last year I just marked the game down as another boring slow shooter. I'm so glad I was wrong though, the game is great so far. It's not just the player movement that's faster either, the enemies run around way more; everything is more alive and chaotic. I wonder if it was always like this behind the scenes, or if they made drastic changes after the 2015 reveal?
  6. Dinosaurs

    Polygon and Doom...

    I picked the game up on PS4, and by default there is a high level of acceleration on the sticks dampening your movement. I'm pretty good at console shooters, but I felt sluggish for a while. Eventually I found the acceleration option and set it to zero and movement is more responsive and natural. I wasn't as bad as that video, but I can imagine how the default spongy movement would affect someone new-ish to gamepads.
  7. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    "I wasn't fucking you up the ass, I was just showing you how pointless anal sex is." - said Oderus to the butter boy.
  8. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    So you are 'reading' people's attitudes and coming to the conclusion that they think Doom 4 is shit; I'm not trying to call you out but it sounds like the 'opinion police.' Just reading the first page again, all Noiser said was "COLORS SUCKS" and linked to a page describing a trend in movies that he feels has affected gaming. Everyone proceeded to either be offended by him, throw satire, or accuse him of hating the game... He even tried to respond: Just looking at page two, you guys have had a great time mocking someone who's native language isn't English, and you justify it by projecting hate into his comments.
  9. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    I haven't read the entire thread but I haven't seen anyone say "Doom 4 is shit." Regardless, I wouldn't really care if people feel that way. Some have bricks in their heads over these things, it doesn't mean you have to shield Doom 4 from opinions.
  10. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    I get your point on limited information, but people are simply criticizing those '4 screenshots.' Nobody has claimed to have played Doom 4, they are simply saying "I hope the entire game doesn't look like this."
  11. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    The satire holds as long as Doom 4 also features a variety of environments that aren't restricted to a goat-urine fiesta; filter or otherwise. People are judging 15 minutes of gameplay, it's not the entire product but it's what they showed. There's time for the developers to react to the feedback and shielding a game from criticism achieves very little.
  12. Dinosaurs

    Things Doom 4 is doing right

    Nah I wasn't being sarcastic, I hate that shit. I just genuinely imagine him as a murderous roid-monkey who, if his ammo ran out, would just drop his pants and fuck an imp to death; then run around naked, covered in blood and guts.
  13. Dinosaurs

    Things Doom 4 is doing right

    Yeah, he should be able to run berserk-naked too and just murder everything with his dick. I just always imagined Doomguy as a steroid and adrenaline injected lunatic, a last resort type of experiment.
  14. Dinosaurs

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    lol, it looks way more exciting too; reminds me of Doom: The Golden Souls
  15. I'm bored with modern multiplayer. Unless they add jump-pads, rocket jumping, and ridiculously vertical maps I'm not interested. Singleplayer all the way.