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  1. Hardbash


    What the hell just happened? Walls, traps, and monsters, oh my. Textures didn't really seem to fit together in theme but didn't seem like an issue, honestly. The map itself is really cool. Give it a whirl. 10/31/16
  2. Hardbash


    Lots and lots of zombies. Close quarters. Texturing is fine. Level design and architecture is decent. Got some larger baddies walking around. Good for a spin. 10/31/16
  3. Hardbash


    This map mostly consists of sewers and slime, with some misaligned textures. Overall, the map was enjoyable to play and see. The architecture made the map interesting and gave it an older feel, there wasn't exactly a challenge, of course this wad is, as one had stated previously, older than twenty years. 10/31/16
  4. Hardbash

    The Demon Castle

    You get well armed before the viles so it's not that bad. Definitely an oshit moment. Level design was interesting, lighting was the map's high point. save the rockets and cells. MAP 01 5/30/16
  5. Hardbash

    The Maze

    It's pretty maze-like. I was kinda disappointed that it actually wasn't a maze. I don't know what the other person had issues with but the automap provided the color coded doors and the only thing that took time was really traversing long corridors. There's also an ass ton of doors. Map design was bleh but what would you expect out of a maze from 1995? E2M1 5/30/16
  6. Hardbash

    The Weapons Resource Wad

    Hardly anything in here fits that Doom feel.
  7. Hardbash

    Dyna Mace

    Lighting was neat. Only redeeming factor of this wad.
  8. Hardbash

    The Maze

    Not exactly what I'd call a maze, as it's a small, confined path that circles into a spiral and has nothing branching out. Music was decent but inappropriate for the level as the instrument was a piano playing something you'd expect to hear in some sort of Disney movie. Lighting was nice and dark. Textures weren't used in any remarkable way.
  9. Hardbash

    Target: Tharsis

    map01 kinda blew with such a lack of weaponry (all you had were zombiemen, pinkies, and imps), but map02 was pretty interesting. Enjoyed the secrets, the little cave canyon thingy in map02 was pretty neat too.
  10. Hardbash


    Great atmosphere. Totally worth the two hours I spent playing this .wad. Unfortunately, it got too hard at the end (fack load of Viles and Revenants, barely any health, no ammo), but otherwise, this tense .wad always kept you on your toes with nasty traps, some oshit jumpscares every once in a while, hardly any ammo to spare, and a whole lot of depressing environments. Good luck on your Steam Greenlight entry. This is how I found this .wad 8/29/2015
  11. Hardbash

    Knee Deep in Phobos

    The final map was pretty awesome.
  12. Hardbash

    WAYBAC2.WAD for DOOM ][

    visually not much but the play wasn't bad
  13. Hardbash

    Connex 2

    All you have is one single monster of each type in the center of every single, identical room. Doesn't put up much gameplay
  14. Hardbash


    I like mazes and huge amounts of zombiemen and imps, but the textures didn't have a whole lot of variety
  15. Hardbash

    Congestion: 64

    That door on map04 was crazy!