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  1. I am so excited! Only about the PSX part tho, Doom and Final Doom there was my first ever serious games I played. It can be said that those two are "best doom's released" since they first introduced colored sectors, alpha blending aka transparent textures and so on. Its interesting how is the IDTech1 engine running on playstation in overall, aka they removed archvile because he used way too much RAM, and it uses ... well sorta atypical resolution aspect ratio. Remember that the PS1 can output RGB video but grab "sync on luma". I think if they optimized the game better it would run better. Not the maps tho. so how many FPS we will get?
  2. @Darch As long the TNS-deh library is not loaded nothing should ever interfere. In ZDaemon you can use as many frames, sprites you wan't. But you must avoid a DeHackEd known as MBF, it is possible to access those frames ranges but will cause chaos since ZD doesn't know/respect MBF. You can create new enemies/actors/weapons/custom sounds etc., if u will feel to using dehsupp. From what I've checked the dehacked inside, the uncommented stuff doesn't add any frame, it just uses different sprite. I am unsure if it is correct. There's sum analysis # THIS IS THE DEHACKED FROM PREARCHER 0.8 # I think that comments should be written as # instead of / #Now this changes plasma fire to a TLP2, but this sprite is a lamp and not replaced in prearcher //Frame 77 //Sprite number = 138 #%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% # This alters blood and again changes sprite to TLP2 which is a lamp and is not replaced. // blood Frame 92 Duration = -1 Frame 77 Sprite number = 138 #Here Thing 39 Bits = 0 #This doesn't cause any harm #%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% # Dimensions altered // Romero Thing 26 Width = 65536 //Height = 65536 //Hit points = 1000 # DemonSpawner, no harm here Thing 27 Bits = 0 # I have no idea what this is supposed to be *at all* # It changes sprite which is not visible anyway in kinda special frame. // MOnster Spawner Frame 1 Sprite number = 98 #POL5 aka crushed body Sprite subnumber = 0 Frame 784 #This is used by BossBrain, its beign changed to crushed body? Sprite number = 98 #POL5 aka crushed body Frame 785 #And again here? Sprite number = 98 Frame 786 #Third time? Sprite number = 98 //Frame 171 #No real alter, //Duration = -1 Frame 171 Duration = 0 Frame 172 #Same here, causes skip in death animation of player Duration = 0 # Now this is interesting, it changes pistol frame to a player sprite (gib one). This is completly not how it should be, and makes no sense so far // pistol animation //Frame 15 //Sprite number = 28 //Sprite subnumber = 20 Frame 16 #Here again, on refire .... what it does ... its not correct for sure Sprite number = 28 Sprite subnumber = 20 Interesting WAD tho.
  3. *writes a note into his notebook... * of course there will be...
  5. Why would I play some lame-cropped version?
  6. People from TNS would love to make their huge, glorious and epic TNS event. So once they convinced me to make some effort to get it work under ZDaemon. So I made them some favor. Tried to make a patch, patch is cool, does not altering original... But that didn't worked... Considering it was whole made by WhackEd GUI, and in MBF which is unknown to ZDaemon. You can't imagine the pain I went thru o,O Okay, the patch actually did and fixed a lot of issues... But i simply couldn't finish it, mostly because it kept coliding with original valiant.wad. So Keyboard_Doomer convinced me once more to work on something i refused to, mostly because of boom format which i see no point in at all! So I've give it a try again, and stepped into a fire. I couldn't patch it, so I forked it... and I did... ... and there is the result :) Valiant: ZD Edition. It is nearly finished, (ill keep updating forum page). Which brings me here Skillsaw, I don't you, but your a cool guy, always responded kindly, and I gotta ask you if you give it a thumb up (so everything's fine). Also this frame is never called...# This frame... is never-ever called by anything. # It looks like a Left-over, its from PaintElemental ressurect states, which are disabled and there is nothing calling it. Frame 723 Duration = 0 Next frame = 0 Sprite number = 2 Sprite subnumber = 2 [CODEPTR] FRAME 723 = Saw And this seems to be a leftover.#RedArchvile dummy attack, unused unless "ShortBlueTorch" is used in-map. Never called by anything. Frame 938 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 0 #A [CODEPTR] FRAME 938 = Scream Frame 938 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 0 #A [CODEPTR] FRAME 938 = Scream Frame 939 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 1 Frame 940 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 2 Frame 941 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 3 Next frame = 942 Frame 942 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 0 #A Frame 943 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 1 #B Frame 944 Duration = 8 Sprite subnumber = 2 #C [CODEPTR] FRAME 944 = Fall Frame 945 Duration = -1 Sprite subnumber = 3 #D Next frame = 0 And this is never-ever called either. It literally destroyed BlueTorchFrame 926 Duration = 5 Next frame = 931 Sprite number = 122 Sprite subnumber = 32771 [CODEPTR] FRAME 926 = BruisAttack Frame 931 Duration = 3 Sprite subnumber = 0 #A Next frame = 931 [CODEPTR] FRAME 931 = Chase And this created 1sec RedArchvile, destroying GreenTorch...# Never-ever used... Frame 930 Duration = 10 Sprite subnumber = 0 #A Next frame = 930 [CODEPTR] FRAME 930 = Look
  7. why u dont make colors in darkness share gray shades? Colors don't work in darkness... ever wondered why IR cameras are gray? or dogs beign color blind in darkness? even human eye is colorblind in darkness so why saturating dark colors >.<
  8. Okay, another port placed next to hundreds with new-colors in HUD. Am I missing something?
  9. I keep hitting this mostly with doom FLAT conversion (multiple or single it vary)... (very high chance that files get corrupted resulting into that TBAudio format or whatever it is)
  10. Was suprisingly cool
  11. It has to be precise not approximate xD
  12. So i grabbed somewhere the voxel pack which has KVX voxels in it. Where the KVX seems to be doom specific. I tried following editors: Slab6, DelphiDOOM, VoxelShop, None of them is capable of scans or rotate them precisely on 16 axes. They kinda only have quick 3D view (sometimes crazy with inverted axes) Further ideas?