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  1. Medis

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    This vid busts it all... - You used the oldest dehsupp that is out there (I am suprised it works still), you may want to use https://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?p=278779&sid=00337dd13c63a99d354a2a54cc2be85d (hopefully the links are alive) - ZDaemon is not MBF compatible but it does not have to be as it has more DeHackEd features than the MBF itself, including some decorate codepointers - You can make pretty much any skybox in ZD (but sometimes, skybox is just the way to go) - Wheather effects are tottaly possible as seen in the video and they *do* work in multiplayer, since ZD is focused on multiplayer they have to be designed so they work on client side only and not on the actual server. Also you have to re-code those using ACS + DeHackEd asn zscript will be simply ignored.
  2. Medis

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    There is no need for a fix... only a little touch for the WAD itself... like convert few PNG's, make map nodes... and there will be a little need for proper dehacked compatibility along with network compatibility.... I dont like half-ass made fixes
  3. Medis

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Hey! Actually this WAD is made in such simple way that there should be no problem running it under ZDaemon (everything seems to be made using boom), which is also a problem because... I saw an effect like Rain & Snow and these will fuck up the entire internet bandwitdh... When you create such effect you have to make sure it runs on client's side only, zdaemon uses special ACS for these. I already have a ZD working patched version of the WAD... but gotta test it further... When you wanna make sure it runs in inteded port you gotta test it in the inteded port... this is always a huge suprise for many map makers, that they make a map that works only in specific conditions or in a singleplayer because they didn't bothered to test it at all...
  4. Medis

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    Huh, in ZDaemon we're writing thousands of line worth of DeHackEd code creating complex actors, those are however mostly extended beyond doom compatibility.
  5. I have a real PS1, soon with PSIO so if anything I would be able to test those
  6. Medis

    Console Doom Ports

    Raspberry is super-cheap, its just a tiny microcomputer... They say you can connect the Serial I/O so its GPIO pins and just send it over network. But I haven't investigated further either
  7. Medis

    Console Doom Ports

    Hehe, shall we play COOP someday online? I heard that we can use raspberry pi to just act as a modem and connect...
  8. Ow my gooosh!! I am soooooo hyped now.... This is the first time seeing this project and I am so duper excited! I so much always wanted to create map and play it on original PlayStation! I didn't knew this was possible at all!
  9. Medis

    Console Doom Ports

    I got 2 PSX units and serial link cable :)
  10. Medis

    What platform do you play on?

    PS4 Pro on 4K monitor
  11. Medis

    Favorite Source Port?

    ZDaemon cuz multiplayer >D
  12. No, its not about that. It's just they wrote a code that rendered the colormap during beta. But later they forgot to update it to reflect final amount of light levels. It would not make sense to make it otherwise or just to boost lightning. I think that it is even comented in sources somewhere. But I have no other idea than just that I am aware of it.
  13. It is a small quirk, It happened in doom beta during development as they kept changing them. Obviously you are not supposed to "see" anything in Light0 sector but normally you can see walls. The colormap above fixes that by using proper amount of light levels. There are even some unused colormaps. I believe dev's become aware of it whenever they coded around.
  14. Original Fixed one The only practice difference can really be seen in total 0 darkness light level. Originaly created by Marisa Kisame from zdoom using original properities but correct number of fade-levels. They also coded a tool in BASIC that allows to generate those.
  15. Hey people, I wonder... Is the colormap subject to this as well? There is a known issue that the colormap was badly scaled, using 33 fade-leves rather than 32. This results into an issue where you are able to see in total light level 0 darkness which was never supposed to be.