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  1. It's like I remembered to release something I made for once, or something. Originally, this map was made to be a part of a project for my Humanities class, where each map represented some aspect of the creative process, or philosophy relating to creativity. And then I decided that I didn't like most of the maps felt like they were more "proof of concept" than real maps, and so I started to rebuild them. I'm currently just planning on releasing each of the maps individually and then collecting them later. This particular map is meant to, as the name implies, represent dealing with what I like to call Blank Canvas Syndrome, that overwhelming inability to act when you haven't put anything down yet. It also, by its nature, offers my own solution to the problem. It's a short map meant for -complevel 9, will probably only take you like 5-10 minutes at most. Difficulties should be fully implemented. This is basically just a release candidate, and I'll end up including the thing back into a final product if I ever get around to it. I'm giving full credit for the textures to Jimmy, since it's basically all from Zoontex, with a handful of slightly modified versions. I believe I grabbed the switch texture from jimmytex instead, though. xkBlankCanvas.zip
  2. xaekin

    Sky Transfers

    While constructing the sky texture is easy enough, there doesn't seem to be a way to actually scroll the sky, since the scroll texture boom action doesn't apply to tagged lines, only the linedef that has the action. So yeah, I couldn't do it without ACS or similar. Since I'm not terribly keen on trying to learn fragglescript for this project, and faking the transition with duplicate locations and silent teleports is definitely doable. Thanks for the help, Gez
  3. xaekin

    Sky Transfers

    There's a couple boom linedef specials for changing the sky used in a map, and you can use them to set most textures to be the sky if you choose. Is there a way to change the sky texture mid-level? As in, is it possible for a boom format map (say, complevel 11) to have an area that starts with sky1, and then after hitting a switch, turn the same area to sky2? I can think of ways to fake it with silent teleports, but it would help sell the progression I intend to create.
  4. It feels good to have contributed to a community project. Feels more "professional", somehow. I didn't expect my map to be placed so late as map19, but I'm frankly a terrible judge of difficulty. Did some quick testing in between my classwork, so here's some initial thoughts on strain 1. This was before that last quick fix download that Jimmy just put out, so depending on what changed some things may have been fixed. Get Down with the Sickness is a bit cramped, not necessarily an issue, except that it makes it easy to cheese the fight near the green key. Somehow, the second time I played the level the bars around the green key didn't raise for some reason? Not sure what happened there. I like the cheeky e1m1 homage at the end of Martian Law. It's a cute touch, especially with the exit right there. Almost all of Feverish Nightmare is optional. Like, if you know where to go you can just grab the skull and head straight to the exit. This said, I had a lot of fun with it. Lots of mini-fights. I want to like Disease Disaster. The doomcute sinks, the pumps, the little scene in the exit room, it's adorable. Unfortunately the whole thing is marred a bit by "only tested in ZDoom"-ness. The lifts aren't tagged, and so in any non-ZDoom port they just don't work. The room they're in can be straight up unbeatable as a result, with you being unable to damage the pinkies blocking you from jumping down. Again, this is something that isn't a problem if you're in ZDoom, but is glaringly apparent in prboom. Disease Disaster also has that crusher run, in both nukage and darkness, without a radsuit. It's not fun. I feel like if one of those factors wasn't the case I'd enjoy it more, but as it is I basically had to grind it to figure out a way through. I don't know if I could have accessed it via the pumps, had the lifts been working. I didn't open up the map to check my suspicions until after I'd confirmed I was at a dead end. Map05, Fluid Control! I like the TNT music. I... don't have much else to say about it. It's a slightly cramped but pretty fun combat map. Squared Aqua gives me Rylayeh vibes for some reason. I dunno what it is, something about the aesthetics, but I don't mind in the least; I liked Rylayeh a lot. This felt like the first "full size" map in the wad so far. I realize speedmaps tend towards the small end by their nature, but it's still cool to play a larger map from time to time. The Get Three Keys structure works pretty well. I'll get to testing more maps tomorrow. So far this has been a lot of fun.
  5. Took the chance to update my map and edit some of the things that bugged me. xkEssentialServices.zip
  6. Finally got this one done. If there's no room left for it, hey, whatever. I'm satisfied that I have at least made a map. Map Name: Essential Services Music : Gene's Rock a Bye, from God Hand (midi taken from vgmusic) Build Time: 6-7 very non-consecutive hours. Play Time: Like, 5-10 minutes max? Difficulty Settings: Barely implemented, but there. xkEssentialServices.zip Named for the reason I had to make it in short segments.
  7. xaekin

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    I was kinda surprised that the DUMP series, Joy of Mapping, or the Doomer Boards Projects didn't get mentioned as modern successors to the community project bit. Especially since the latter two both received mention in this year's Cacowards! That said, this article is super engaging to read, even for the gaps in what it covers. Thanks, @Not Jabba.
  8. xaekin

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe

    Category 2; I never played beyond the first couple maps of this. Got overcrowded early on map05. dwironman_xaekin_scythe_cat2_longname.zip
  9. Offhand, it's probably possible to load the wad from a bat file that randomly selects a number from 1-32, and then goes to that map using -warp. As for how to select a random number, I'm less certain.
  10. xaekin

    This Mess, a short 4 map wad

    demos are useful, Other people don't play the way I do, and I'll see what's giving people trouble. They're not precisely my first maps, just the first maps I've felt were worth releasing. I definitely need to adjust that teleport maze so it's A) a lot more obvious which teleport is correct, and B) that you had already gotten what you were supposed to. The reward for that section is supposed to be the blue skullkey, and you had it for like the last three minutes. and I might need to adjust one of the sections to map04, since you managed to surgically cut out one of the fights, instead of triggering the trap. Dunno if editing this post will bump the thread, but since it's the last post here I'll mention it: joe-ilya found some ways to break the maps, and so I've updated the wad again. Download's still in the first post.
  11. xaekin

    This Mess, a short 4 map wad

    So, I made some maps. They're kinda ugly, play a little rough, and don't include any music. But, at this point, I'm as done as I will be with these. These were supposed to be speedmaps originally, that... didn't happen. EDIT: These maps are -complevel 9, forgot to mention that. I figure at this point, I'll just see what people think. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD Edit: Updated a few things. Changelog in the spoiler. - Updated again 5/10.