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  1. vadrig4r

    Eternity Music/Sound balance off loading with .bat

    Which version of Crispy Doom are you using? I haven't experienced the 'music slider affects sfx too' behavior since about 5.0 on my machine.
  2. vadrig4r

    Should GZDoom be lagging this much?

    You said you are running Arch, are you using the proprietary or open source ('Nouveau') NVIDIA driver? The GT 610 is on the legacy GPU list so you might want to check the wiki to see which driver is optimal to use. Like Gez said, I would expect better performance than that whilst running Ultimate Doom (depending on your resolution).
  3. vadrig4r

    Adding WAD dosbox What am I doing wrong?

    Are you trying to use a UK English language setup with a US layout keyboard or something?
  4. vadrig4r

    POSSEST (Remake - Commercial)

  5. vadrig4r

    D4V Single Map: Chrono-Displacement Labs

    Just got around to playing this one @meapineapple, really enjoyed the map! Loved the aesthetic design, was very reminiscent of Quake 4/Doom 3 era levels and plenty of nice detailing. Fun monster layout and ambushes that were a great introduction for my first time using the D4V mod. The grand finale was a blast—literally, my face, blasted. Overall I can recommend it to anyone who wants an enjoyable, intense, medium-sized wad playthrough that shows off D4V's capabilities!
  6. vadrig4r

    How to get started with PrBoom?

    Welcome mate, it's a great community, happy Dooming.
  7. I was wondering this. I will get a recording setup and see if it's able to be captured.
  8. I tested disabling Smooth Scaling, it didn't seem to affect either the warping effect or VSync input delay. So it seems whatever this is, it is related to some point in the process of converting the SDL canvas to an OpenGL texture? If any port dev wants more spec or setup details let me know I'm happy to help.
  9. vadrig4r

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    After some testing, on my machine the significant input lag associated with VSync was introduced between 5.5 and 5.6 (input lag not present in 5.4/5.5 and present in 5.6), which as might be expected is concomitant with when this warping seems to have been introduced.
  10. vadrig4r

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    This seems to reference the exact issue I encountered as described in my thread here: As you stated, setting force_software_renderer to 1 fixes the extreme warping/tearing that Linguica likened to a reverse rolling shutter effect. As I mentioned in the OP of that thread, this particular behavior seemed to been introduced between 5.5 and 5.6 (at least on my machine). I'm glad there's at least a temporary fix in Crispy Doom, but I'm curious as to why it seems to have been introduced in multiple SDL2 ports having not been present in past versions (or in other games), and if there's any possibility of solving the problem at the source (which seems to be related to SDL's use of hardware rendering). As always thanks for the excellent work on this important port, fabian et al.
  11. Ah I see, you're correct I did think you were referring to the rendering effect. I have the same issue with significant input lag as a result of VSync in most ports and so tend to avoid it at all costs. Incidentally, I browsed the Crispy Doom thread and came across this recent post by maxmanium, in response to another post that seems to mention the rendering issue: Setting 'force_software_renderer' to 1 in Crispy Doom 5.7.2 does indeed fix the leaning/rolling shutter bug! With the software renderer enabled (and presumably the hardware/OpenGL renderer disabled) and VSync still disabled, tearing is minimal and unobtrusive, and the extreme leaning/warping is solved. Doing so also doesn't introduce any input lag as in the case of enabling VSync. Perhaps this information might help developers understand what is causing this behavior? I'm also curious if similar options exist for other ports.
  12. Very interesting, that seems to describe the 'leaning' effect well. I wonder what change could have introduced this behavior, and why it seems only to affect some SDL2 ports after a certain point in time. Yes, glad to see I'm not alone. As I stated it is far more noticeable/distorting to the rendered output than any usual tearing, and that I've pinpointed the patch that introduced this behavior (as exhibited on this machine at any rate). In prior patches with VSync disabled, any tearing is minor to scarcely noticeable, and does not create this clear 'leaning' effect as mentioned in Linguica's post. Do you also experience this problem in SDL1-based ports (you can quickly tell by the .dll names in the port directory)? I could not find a single SDL1 port that produces this behavior on my machine, so that's an interesting datum. That VSync doesn't mitigate the effect for you is also very curious, thanks for your input. I will test out-of-game frame rate limiters to see if it has any effect on the warping. Again, if it is purely a form of screen tearing, it is an *extremely* exaggerated instance of it, and one that was not present in past versions of these SDL2 ports (at least, on my machine), or frankly like anything that I've experienced in years of computer gaming without VSync/Swap Interval.
  13. In multiple SDL2 ports, enabling uncapped frame rate/interpolation without VSync results in a bending/warping/skewing of rendered vertical objects when the player's view moves quickly from either physical motion or mouse turning. The warping happens in the direction of motion (move left, top of vertical object leans left and vice versa), and results in a kind of 'leaning tower of Pisa' effect. It is most noticeable when closely facing a wall (such as the first corridor after the starting stairs in MAP01) and strafing side to side whilst running. It is also very noticeable when circle strafing near pillars. The effect *only* occurs in full screen for the ports I've tested, it does not occur in windowed modes. It is much more pronounced than any usual tearing that might occur. The ports I have tested are: - Crispy Doom (5.6 to today's daily build of 5.7.2), 5.5 and every version prior does not feature the bug - PRBoom+ (, the SDL1-based does not feature the bug - Eternity Engine (4.00.00 Völuspá to 4.01.00-pre-918-g981220d0) - Doom Retro (3.5.3) interestingly does not appear to have this problem, much like Crispy 5.5 - GZDoom (4.3.3) similarly functions normally with rendering interpolation enabled and VSync disabled, though it does not use SDL on Windows as far as I am aware The problem does not occur in these ports without using uncapped frame rate/interpolation. It also does not occur when using uncapped frame rate/interpolation in combination with VSync. The issue is that on most of these ports VSync introduces unplayable input delay or other issues. This seems to be a somewhat recent introduction as I didn't come across it a few years ago; also, as I mentioned it doesn't seem to be present in Crispy 5.5 or PRBoom+ All testing performed on a 64 bit Windows 7 SP1 machine with fully updated drivers using a 60 Hz 1920x1080 LCD monitor. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? Some other posts referencing either the warping or VSync input lag: - These two seem to reference the warping effect - These reference input lag with VSync enabled
  14. vadrig4r

    The story of Linux Heretic (And uh, ggiDoom)

    Love these historical posts, thank you for documenting this gamelore.
  15. vadrig4r

    Chocolate Doom

    If it works, it's all good. Out of interest, is it running smoothly?