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  1. I did some Afocal Photography with an iPhone 5S.

    Telescope: Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ

    I rotated the photos for a less vertical feeling.

    The video is kinda crappy. Actually getting a steady focus require hands of boron as far as I know.

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    2. LittleInferno


      For some apparent reason, I've also had kept a telescope in my attic for about a decade. Yes, I think this was bought in 2005, but I'm sure this is a ridiculously old telescope - about the 1980s. It's Selsi, and the only thing I get when I search Selsi is "OMFG VINBITC- I MEAN VINTAGE SEX- SELSI TELEPHOT- TELESKOPEN!1!!!1111eleven!11"

      It's tripod is from Orion, and I don't know how old it is.

    3. LittleInferno


      I stacked two 2x Barlows and one 3x Barlow.

      This is so, so evil.

      Views so dim, it works better as a solar filter. :p

    4. LittleInferno


      I have just now realized that the Selsi telescope uses .965" eyepieces. :o