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  1. LittleInferno

    Colour palette based off CGA colors.

    Mode 4, palette #2, high intensity to be specific. I say based off because I probably got some of the colors in the wrong place. (Man, this color palette is so dark you'd be thinking you were playing Doom 3.) http://imgur.com/a/QYmQy Will post a download sometime probably today.
  2. LittleInferno

    firefox adblockers?

    Actually, use uBlock Origin. The original uBlock was sold to somebody and now it does weird crap. Get uBlock Origin. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/
  3. LittleInferno


    One of my friends (jokingly) said that he was going as Hitler for Halloween. Not very much later he said he was going as Osama Bin Laden. Would have been funnier later when it would have gotten posted on YouTube showing him get beat down by suburban moms.
  4. LittleInferno


    I've seen no threads on this, so here we go. NationStates is a nation simulation game. Create a nation according to your political ideals and care for its people. Or deliberately oppress them. It's up to you. Home page FAQ Gameplay information from Wikipedia: Players set up their nation by answering a short questionnaire about their intentions for its economy, civil rights and political freedoms, giving it a name, a flag from current countries and territories or their own, a national animal, a currency, and an official motto. The player's response to the initial questionnaire defines the type of government they are running. New nations appear in one of five main game regions (known in the game as "feeders") located in the NationStates version of the Pacific Ocean (The, East, West, North, and South Pacific), but nations are able to move to other regions, or create their own. Nations that remain inactive and are resurrected are put into three "sinker" regions called Osiris, Balder, and Lazarus, all named after characters that purportedly rose from the dead. Nations ejected or banned from a region are moved to a region known as "The Rejected Realms". Gameplay hinges on deciding government policies: four times each day the player is presented with an automatically assigned "issue", such as choosing whether to allow a right-wing protest march, or dealing with food shortages in their country. The player chooses a government stance from a list of options, or may choose to dismiss the problem. Each action or inaction affects the prosperity of the player's country, and may have unforeseen effects. For instance, granting greater political freedom will lead to more civil unrest. Some issues are written by the game's developers, while others are submitted by players. For the first 30 days of a nation's existence, only game-created issues can be answered, but after that period any approved issue can be answered. The player's responses to issues affect the nation's status in three main factors: the level of Political Freedoms and Civil Rights and the strength of the Economy. As of March 24, 2016, users have developed 500 issues to be used in game. Based on the nation's personal, economic and political freedoms, the nation is assigned to one of 27 government types, from Anarchy, to Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, to Psychotic Dictatorship. Although there is no way of "winning" the game, daily "World Census reports" are compiled for each region and the entire world, ranking nations on anything from economic strength to the most liberal public nudity laws. Outside the basic technical parameters of nation play, players can also move freely between regions, "take over" opposing regions by flooding them with foreign nations (a popular gameplay tactic also called "raiding"), interact on the game's chat boards, vote on resolutions at the World Assembly (which affect member nations' stats much the same way issues do), and chat and/or roleplay their countries on the official game forums. Many of the regions also have separate regional forums that concern regional politics, fairs, etc. Hey, this is an interesting game too, try it. I can't think of any other useful information, so here's my nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=modern_judah
  5. LittleInferno


  6. LittleInferno


  7. LittleInferno


    'Tis the time for zhambies. https://www.nationstates.net/page=news/2016/10/27/index.html
  8. LittleInferno

    Ladies and Gentlemen... The Nintendo Switch.

    This won't make me Switch. Ba-dum-tsss
  9. LittleInferno


    I smash all the low level low population nations because I'm an ass.
  10. LittleInferno


    Protip: Go to https://www.nationstates.net/page=list_nations/censusid=3?start=0 You should be on "Population". Go to the last page (You may have to go through 1-5 more pages before you find a nation) Challenge some of them, if they registered like 5 minutes ago, most of them are an easy win.
  11. Found on the dirt pit side of a sidewalk. Because of its largely red color, I presume it is rich in iron.

    It may be dumb, but my most likely guess as to what type of rock this is would either be basalt or scoria.

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    2. dg93


      That's probably an iron ore rock. It looks like something you would find at a beach.

    3. LittleInferno


      the_miano said:

      That's probably an iron ore rock. It looks like something you would find at a beach.

      I've been thinking that is it, just appears to be that. Yes, the bar is very close to the beach.

    4. dg93


      LittleInferno said:

      Yes, the bar is very close to the beach.

      Then it probably is iron ore :P

  12. LittleInferno

    What does Doomworld think of Rainmeter?

    Ever wondered what a clean desktop doesn't look like? Well, here is mine.
  13. LittleInferno

    Music Thread (All Genre)

    Sure, arranged so a 6th-7th grader can play it, but it's still pretty good. http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10052917 No actual video, as this is the only site I found with this version. JW Pepper would probably murder me if I reuploaded it.
  14. LittleInferno


    The region I'm in is fairly active. My only guess of why you are getting flooded with endorsements is that people are using bots, and/or the fact that your region (North Pacific) is the biggest region. My region (Land of Kings and Emperors) is 37th. Wait Voros, you wot m8? This is why challenge is kinda strange to me. You challenged me two times and I didn't even remotely notice. Then again, I'm sort of a chucklefuck because I challenged multiple nations that literally were founded 2-8 minutes ago. Edit: I just gave you another win, lol.
  15. LittleInferno

    Anyone here on dial up?

    Nope, cable internet with MediaFart- I mean Mediacom. I mean, sure, your friend uses dial-up, but that's the same as saying that you shouldn't complain because there are starving kids in Africa. Anyways, check out the reviews: Crappy reviews
  16. LittleInferno


    https://www.nationstates.net/page=activity/view=nation.modern_judah Following new legislation in Modern Judah, crocodile roadkill is smeared across the asphalt of the new Formula One track. Ayy alamo.
  17. I will acknowledge Baron of Hell and Hell Knight as homosexuals for now on.
  18. LittleInferno

    Bad maps in good wads

    Very true. One map could be great but the next map would look like I was told to do it in DEU.
  19. LittleInferno


    Very true. My motto is a shitty Google Translation saying "The original East lead."
  20. LittleInferno


    Similar issue happened to me as well. I didn't allow an android to become a lawyer and I got reclassified to a "Psychotic Dictatorship". But now it's "up" to corrupt dictatorship.
  21. LittleInferno

    Doom Asset Dump

    Ya know, from that angle, he sorta looks like this guy.
  22. LittleInferno

    Revenants ONLY Doom Mod

  23. LittleInferno


    At least I can feel better that it isn't "Psychotic Dictatorship" any more. :c