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  1. AD&D 1st Edition The 1st edition is interesting in that it's obviously written by enthusiasts who wanted to share their experence in running actual games. Despite it's layout style of 'just shove everything in there in a vaguely logical order' it still remains quicker for me to look things up than the later editions, where I often ended up reading through half a page of blather just to be then redirected to another page reference in an entirely different book. Paranoia If you got really good at Paranoia you could survive for a whole 5 minutes before getting hilariously murdered by your fellow party members. You couldn't really play a campaign, but it was great for one off games. Call of Cthulu So to begin with, you've got this combat system that is pretty lethal all by itself. Then you have a catalogue of horrors more than capable of chewing through an entire party in a couple of rounds. And the punch line is that the player characters will lose their marbles just by witnessing said horrors. Suffice to say, when you stick a bunch of players into this world, the results aren't HP Lovecraft's cosmic horror, so much as Evil Dead II set in the 1920s. Almost as darkly funny as Paranoia. Vampire: The Dark Ages I only ever played this particular game from the White Wolf stable, but I was always impressed by how well designed the rule mechanisms and setting were. Everything just worked really well.
  2. 6 main maps, 1 pseudohub map and 1 bonus map.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Only Hard difficulty is implemented in the alpha demo, and even in the current unreleased version a fair ammount of fat has been trimmed. The Cyberdemon will only appear on Hard in the final version, and is quicker to defeat (or evade), but I won't comment on the details. Since I'm (fingers crossed) close to beta release, I'll remove the alpha demo for now, since any further feedback on it has probably already been addressed.
  4. Sorry, not at this point Wh3atGr@$$. Dimension of the Boomed is nearing completion, with just the last map to complete (though it's also the most technically demanding, and I've already stalled on it once.) And as Gez pointed out, it's all Boom/MBF format, and not strictly about recreating Quake (though there are obvious homages here and there.) However you are more than welcome to use the BOOMQTEX resource wad to build your own stuff, and I'll try to upload a more current version of it later today. (Now updated.)
  5. I've found one that can see... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  6. I create a image of the font with a transparent background, such as this: And then I copy and paste individual letters into replacement CWILV images.
  7. One method might be to take screenshots from Red Orchestra, rescale the images to 320x200 and then cut out the weapons and clean them up. You'll need a graphics editor like Paint.Net or Photoshop. After that, it depends on what format you want to make a weapon mod for. Since a lot of weapon mods tend to made for the ZDoom branch of source ports, it's probably worth your time to check out the ZDoom forums to look for advice. And indeed, it's entirely possible that someone there has already converted the Red Orchestra weapons.
  8. Some people have natural talent coming out of their ears, others learn their craft with sweat and toil, and some are just so prolific that that sooner or later they score a hit.
  9. Congratulations Sergeant_Mark_IV
  10. Rule 1: Write about things which you know. Rule 2: If you don't know about it, research it. Rule 3: Seclude yourself away from distractions. Rule 4: Knock back a litre of margarita while banging away on a keyboard for four hours.
  11. I found it more accessible than Plutonia, but less consistent in quality. I occassionally get the urge to replay Plutonia, but I don't think I'll ever revisit Evilution.
  12. 1. So much absinthe, I'm legally blind. 2. One and a half glasses of red wine, warm and merry. 3. My body is a temple. 4. Hyped up on caffeine for a bit of the old ultraviolence. 5. My refrigerator is trying to kill me.
  13. I've never run across any specfic comments or reviews of contemporary PWADs by Romero, but he has always been enthusiastic about supporting the modding scene.
  14. Diva, you say?
  15. Extended W2MDG's custom palette to create some fullbrights. Had to remap quite a few graphics to remove the stray full bright pixels, but the hot blue and yellow are thankfully generally limited to 'lit' sprites and graphics.