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  1. Mayhem 16 - MAP12 Kepler Communications - Argentum HMP - Continuous - ZDoom I kind of wish I hadn't pistol started Quaker Plumbing now, because the BFG would have been pretty handy to deal with the multiple Archviles, Cyberdemons, Masterminds and all. The map seems determined at times to deny you a clean shot at the enemies, and reminded me a little of Romero's Perfect Hatred in that regard. Unlike Agentum's previous map, rushing and evading certain sections may come back to haunt you later on, which is a mechanism I quite like. And ammo is scarce enough that provoking some infighting might feel like a necessity. Still it feels like there's just enough, if you're careful, but I would have welcomed some more armour. Structurally, the map works pretty well, and the progression is often excellent, but on the whole I can't say I enjoyed playing it. However, that's probably more to do with my own personnal preferences rather any particular fault of the map. Mayhem 16 - MAP13 Cybercrusher - Alter Oh god, come back Argentum, all is forgiven! This map is really dying to be a proper slaughter map, but since it's hamstrung by the 160 item limit, it has to make do with what it has. So the whole thing ends up too sparse to really work, and ultimately too reliant on Archviles to provoke the player to fight rather than evade. I can't help but feel that arbitarily dumping a few hundred monsters in here would have instantly improved things. The early section of the map isn't too bad. You can rush to the plasma ammo, while largely ignoring anything that isn't an Archvile, and then start clearing house. The finale however, isn't fun at all, and once again I deeply regret ditching the BFG. Still, I'm glad it was made, since it does experiment with the format and try something new. And even if it's not to my taste, I still walked out with 500 plasma cells to my name, so I shouldn't complain too much. Mayhem 16 - MAP14 Ancient Den - An_mutt There's quite a mishmash of textures in this one, but it sort of hangs together and evokes the atmosphere of an alien desert ruin embedded with technology. Gameplay is engaging and a welcome respite from the last couple of maps, but the highlight of the map is definitely the yellow key secret, which is worth searching for. It's a long and involved secret, which escalates into a dramatic arena battle, and implements a transformation sequence that Moldy would be proud of. And for foolish marines who chucked their guns away earlier, there's even a shiny new BFG, for which I am sincerely grateful. Definitely one of the better maps, cleverly constructed and every bit as fun as Quaker Plumbing Inc.
  2. Urthar

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Those two rock elementals that looked like they had stepped out of World of Warcraft. Archviles resurrecting Summoners summoning Archviles?
  3. Tonight on Twitch: The scarf, the big floppy hat, the jelly babies. The Doctor.

    (Oh, Genesis of the Daleks!)

  4. Urthar

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    I don't mind the TEXTURE1 & TEXTURE2 lumps. Any quirks they have is offset by the ability to quickly create new textures on the fly by combining existing patches. That said, I would never even attempt to combine different texture resources into one, and the PNAMES lump can, of course, go to hell. Recently, in converting DotB into ZDoom format, I discovered that the TEXTURES lump while even more powerful, has an unexpected quirk all of it own, in that patches and textures share the same namespace, so initially a few patches were being used instead of the intended textures in game. I ended up renaming all the patches with a different prefix just to keep it cleanly differentiated.
  5. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed (Release Candidate 2)

    @NightFright I have no intention of removing the Quake OST. There will always be a version of the mod on Mediafire (and very likely ModDB) that contains it. Infact, until there's a stable release of Eternity that implements deltafonts, I'm not even thinking about uploading a version to idgames. And potentially, the maintainers of the archive could reject DotB on grounds other than the OST entirely, so there's no guarantee that an idgames version will ever exist. @Wanderer Thanks, I'll have a listen.
  6. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed (Release Candidate 2)

    Yeah it's a great video, but there's no point in replacing the Quake OST with the Q2 OST. Though I quite like a bit of Sonic Mayhem, and Ziggurat Mayhem did originally use Descent into Ceberon.
  7. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed (Release Candidate 2)

    @Wanderer Yeah, Silent Zorah did midi versions of most if not all the Quake II tracks. I probably won't use those, but there's a couple of Quake ones he also made, which seem like obvious candiates. And I've found a few other midis by other authors which seem to evoke the right sort of atmosphere. @mattjoes The Elderworld church texture scheme is something I want to get in for the sequel. I originally intended to have Necropolis use it, but it didn't look right when I tried to apply it. Other than that, my plans mosty involve making use of ZDoom UDMF & Decorate features to implement things I wasn't able to do in Boom format, such as wall mounted nail shooters, and rooms above rooms. @Jon Thanks, I'll have to check that out for the sequel if nothing else. For the idgames archive version, it's probably safer to stick to midi. I get the impression they're not massive fans of megabytes of sound files, especially if there's even a hint of copyright infringement.
  8. Mayhem 16 - MAP10 Piston Hurricane - Pinchy HMP - Continuous - ZDoom I didn't care for this map back when I was play-testing from a pistol start on UV. And I think that was partly due to having had recorded a whole bunch of demos before getting to this one, and being less patience as a result. So when I saw that green armour at the start of the map and discovered I was unable to obtain it, I wasn't amused, what with all those projectiles flying around. This time around I was able to disarm the map at my leisure and appreciate it's inventive quirks more. I think Pinchy would go on to make much better stuff than this, but as a one-off experimental map for Mayhem, it's perfectly fine really. Mayhem 16 - MAP11 Quaker Plumbing Inc - Breezeep Oh, I'd completely forgotten this map. Yeah, this map was awesome to test. I recommend pistol starting this one even if you're playing continuous because rushing blue armour and then going to town on everything with the rockets is hugely fun. Infact, try to keep the tempo up through out the map and it's blast from beginning to end so long as you don't miss the plasma gun. I imagine Skillsaw would choreograph things a bit more tightly, but for Mayhem I don't think it matters if things are a little loose, it's still a great bit of run and gun.
  9. Yeah, I'm more of a chip person being a Brit, and old enough to remember when they were cooked in lard or beef dripping, which surprisingly are healthier for deep frying than many vegetable oils. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/healthiest-oil-for-deep-frying
  10. Urthar

    What's the best Quake source port?

    Mark V Winquake is my favorite for the software rendering, though the water transparency effect isn't pretty. (Quake II's software renderer handled that sort of thing better with a transparency look up table.) But as others have mentioned, Quakespasm is basically the goto sourceport. It runs pretty much everything, and some of the most recent high detail maps made by the community often specfically target it as their platform of choice.
  11. Awesome stuff, can't wait to see what people do with these resources.
  12. Mayhem 2016 - MAP07 Dark Vault - Pinchy HMP - Continuous - ZDoom A small and surreal level, that's fairly straightforward to dismantle with the surplus ammo from previous maps. The progression is a bit obtuse and lacks focus, but this is such a short map that it's not really a problem. The ending is quite abrupt, but honestly I had no interest in tangling with two archviles at point blank range with no cover anyway. Mayhem 2016 - MAP08 Lodi Eno Rebmun Si Ocin - Tarnsman I remember dying a lot here when I was playtesting the maps. So I took some small satisfaction in gratuitously BFG'ing some of the nastier elements with surplus ammo. Sadly, I had forgotten all about the additional two Cyberdemons at the end. Still it's a fair map, all the tools you need are there, and the whole thing is short enough that it remains fun even after dying repeatedly. Visually, it's a good looking map with some nice transformations and progression. I like it. Mayhem 2016 - MAP09 Blood From a Stone - Benjogami There's quite a bit of the Living End's DNA in this one, and it works very well. Possibly the strongest map in the set, with a very clear direction, and visually appealing with the exterior directional lighting. I wouldn't want to UV pistol-start this sucker, but on HMP continous it's quite manageable if occasionally fraught, so long as you find a secret or two.
  13. Urthar

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    There's plenty of animals capable of navigation and simple puzzle solving. You don't have to spent long on youtube to find videos of squirrels solving mazes and navigating assault courses to reach a reward of hazelnuts. I guess you would a simplified version of Doom, and have some kind of mechanical hopper to delivery nuts or other rewards, and a robust big button controller.
  14. Urthar

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    A few of these maps were extremely dark in software. (Hurt Me Plenty) FDAs (MAY18_P RC1.wad) MayPurpleFDA.zip
  15. Urthar

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    It's questionable how useful any of these will be, since they're mostly very short. (Hurt Me Plenty) FDAs (MAY18O_RC2.wad) MayOrangeFDA.zip