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  1. In 1994 I worked on a company Pentium 90 with 64MB and a high end Diamond video card. I didn't notice any framerate drop playing Doom II. By constrast the 486s in the office with considerably less memory and a stock video card, didn't feel half as smooth to play.
  2. Urthar

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    Bullets tend to have a low value outside of wads with a fast chaingun, so I'd trade at box of bullets per stimpack.
  3. Urthar

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    I'm fairly sure it's pronounced 'ka-ko'
  4. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Updated the True Colour version to make it Zandronum compatible and fixed a few other issues.
  5. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Ah right, I see. I use uBlock Origin, but I have noticed recently that Mediafire has been nagging me to unblock it whenever I download from it. (Naturally, I always decline.) I'm in process of hosting the files on MODDB, but it will take at least a few days to authorise. That was quicker than expected, updated links in first post to point at ModDB. Here's the general mod page.
  6. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    I checked the links and downloaded the files, and everything seemed ok. No idea what's happening there, but I'll look into mirroring the files at ModDB. I did realise however that the fontdefs in TrueColour break in Zandronium, so stick with GZDoom until I fix that. For the time being, I'll temporary upload TrueColour here since it's under the 25MB limit.
  7. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Thanks SiFi270, hopefully everything is fixed now. Additionally the True Colour mod friendly version is now available and the original has also been updated. Mods using compatiblity patches, probably no longer need them. See the first post for links and details.
  8. Urthar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Got the true colour version of Dimension of the Boomed running. There's still some things to optimise to increase mod compatibility further, but it should be done by the weekend. And yes, it runs Brutal Doom.
  9. Category 1, map 4, suddenly Revenants... Urth_D64_Ironman.zip
  10. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    @SiFi270 Thanks, should all be fixed now, probably. The full version is now available, see first post. Since QC:DE has it's own separate music pack anyway, I elected to replace the Quake OST with suitable Midi alternatives by the following composers: Parallel Dimensions, Retribution Dawns - Silent Zorah Burial Chamber - Nabernizer Become The Hunted, Barons Province, The Ravens Nest - Jimmy Egypt, Demetria - Ribbiks It also reduces the file size quite dramatically, and gives the QC:DE version a more upbeat feel. Changes have been made to the QC:DE monsters, to smooth out the single player experience for this mapset. Generally they act more like their Quake originals, and the DeathKnight and Scrag projectiles are now easier to manage. Additionally, I did a full difficulty pass on all the maps, and fine tuned stuff. The weapon-mod-friendly true-colour version is up next, and hopefully it should be fairly quick to build since I won't have to test any gameplay changes, and I can lift a lot of work out of the QC:DE version.
  11. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Oh yeah, heavies are physically bigger... and slower too which might break a few lift and door timings. Ok, something to add the list.
  12. Urthar

    Dimension of the Boomed

    I had a bit of trouble with version 1.5 and got distracted by other things for a bit. But 1.5 has been updated recently so I ought to check how that works. In terms of progress, maps 1 to 7 are converted to QCDE, and I don't foresee any particular problems in converting Ziggurat. --- Yeah, 1.5.1 works fine. Here's the beta version for those interested, because it certainly could use some testing. In the meantime I'll crack on with converting Ziggurat. I've play tested it extensively with Ranger, but there undoubtedly are bugs and glitches remaining, which I would be very grateful to hear about. Please let me know if you find anything odd, wrong or plain broken either here or on the ZDoom forum.
  13. Urthar

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    Reminds me more of the marines' shoulder lamps in Aliens than anything else. It seems too small to have any weapon functionality.
  14. Dom and sub. Bourgeoisie and proletariat. Romero and bitch.