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  1. Eternal has recoloured imps and is on id games, so... maybe?
  2. You would think so, but I've had palette altering material rejected for use of IWAD graphics.
  3. Had a quick look in MarkV WinQuake. Great architecture, lighting and gameplay. Got halfway through before accidently dropping into lava at a locked door.
  4. I don't mind it. The mid 90s saw a lot of developers switch from midi to CD audio tracks for their games, so the combination of low fidelity graphics with high fidelity music feels quite natural to me. Additionally bandwidth today is such that I don't even think about file sizes under 100MB.
  5. For me, alternate routes are one of the core features, that differentiation games from more passive forms of entertain like movies and novels. They give the player agency, and ultimately ownership of the experience, by letting their choices detemine the outcome. For me there is no one 'true' route, rather it's more of a case of 'there are many routes through this game, but this one is yours.' Concerning character deaths, I tend to have mixed feelings depending on how it's handled. If you have to earn it, and the mechanism for doing so is logical and related directly to the threat, and if the rest of the game is affected by their presence, then great. I'm less keen on the fate of a character being determined by an arbitary check such as having over 18 charisma, or whether I liked them enough to play through their obvious backstory sub plot. Additionally, I might be perverse in delibertately letting some characters die if I feel it lends weight and improves the narrative.
  6. Haven't played in years. I was more often a DM than a player, but I have a fond spot for the Chaotic Evil Female Assassin I played in a one off tournment. She managed to win by ignoring the adventure and back stabbing the rest of the party, good times.
  7. John Wick.
  8. The Arachnorbs without doubt, they're a natural extension of the existing Doom bestary that adds a new twist to the Arachnotron, they fill a mid-level flying role and they look and sound great.
  9. You could drop any of these tracks directly into Quake II and they would work as well as the Sonic Mayhem originals. Great stuff.
  10. Lan party with beer and hookers pizza.
  11. I'll have to check those out. Other hard-scifi I've read in a similar vein: Gregory Benford's Galactic Center Saga - 'Great Sky River' & 'Tides of Light' are probably the two most accessible of the six books. Greg Bear's 'Forge of God' & 'Anvil of Stars'
  12. Please don't remind me, I only just finished a map that was supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks. It took 3 to 4 months... >.<
  13. 22, with 25 years experience. “...inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.” - Terry Pratchett
  14. There are oxygen infused liquids used for deep diving, but liquid oxygen itself is hazardous in all kinds of ways.