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  1. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    I haven't tested it, but VKQuake has also been updated to support the remaster. (Edit: Seems to work, but doesn't appear to support the updated models, and like Quakespasm you have to copy the QuakeEX.kpf file over.)
  2. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    I quite like the back-pedal change, it makes knights more engaging, and gives a 'push forward' momentum to combats in general.
  3. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    No, it isn't in the default compile tools. I can understand why they would use it though. With it you can light a scene with just a few sources and get good results.
  4. Urthar

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    Decommissioning costs for fisson reactors are substantial even for modern reactors that have been designed to be safely decommissioned. For sites that have suffered a major disaster or were originally built without any plan for decommissioning, the costs far out weight any benefits and will literally take decades to clean up, in some cases as much as 120 years. So a modern reactor typically has a life-span of about 40 years, which means any more reactors we build now will be due for decommissioning in the 2060s. Which is about the time we are due to hit 4 degrees global warming. Now, 4 degrees above pre-industrial levels is the point at which a lot of scientists believe modern technological civilisation will break down or collaspse, so the societies of the latter 21st century may simply not have the capability to deal with this. I think the best thing we can do for future generations is decommision as many sites as we can, and limit the amount of new ones we build.
  5. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    Looks like E2M6 The Dismal Oubliette got updated. I wonder if Romero did that.
  6. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    I'm little disappointed that it's a remaster rather than a modern reboot. But it's a very nice remaster, with a new engine and additional content so thumbs up. And if you already had the game on steam, it's a free update with the original soundtrack finally included, and all the mission packs on top, and even an option to download the Quake64 version. You couldn't really ask for more. I had a quick play through the shareware episode and noticed quite a lot of work has been done to improve the maps without altering the base geometry. Notably the texture alignment in tech bases is easier on the eye. There's transparent water as standard, with the best water warping I've seen in a hardware port, nice use of coloured lighting, and some nice engine additions such as dyanmic shadows and motion blur which works really well with the speed of Quake's gameplay. The only things that feel missing are an equivalent of r_shadows for making monsters feel more grounded in the environment, (though the ambient occlusion option more or less addresses that.) and some additional options for pixel scaling. At release you have native resolution or a super crunchy 320x200 equivalent. It would be nice to see support for mid range 640x360 and 960x540. Oh and the desktop icon sucks, so I made a better one. QuakeIcon48.zip (Edit: I noticed a bug on opening the game a second time, that HUD elements started getting filtered. Oddly on opening the game a thrid time, the filtering disappeared.)
  7. Urthar

    Quake Remastered

    Very intriguing.
  8. Urthar

    Doomguy, Doom marine or Doomslayer?

    Player One
  9. Urthar

    Creating a "map format" page on Doomwiki.org?

    UDMF can get a bit ambiguous. In theory GZDoom (Hardware Rendering/Software Rendering), ZDoom, LZDoom, Zandronium (Hardware Rendering/Software Rendering) and Eternity Engine all support UDMF, but in practice the level of support can vary quite a bit.
  10. Urthar

    Which is better? Cats or Dogs?

    Sometimes cats will approach me on the street and act all playful and friendly, a couple have even adopted me on occasion. Dogs on the other hand, well, large dogs tend to be chill, but some small dogs really do not like me at all. They'll instantly freeze and raise their hackles when they see me.
  11. Fake slopes is not a technique you often see, but it basically involves leaving the 1 pixel high walls untextured so that the flats all blend together. I think Requiem had some, along with other interesting bits of trickery.
  12. In turn, Year's Nihility is what taught me how to do ambient sounds in Boom.
  13. Getting back to working on this after a year's hiatus.
  14. Urthar

    Memorable DnD/ Tabletop RPG moments?

    There was this one time I spend a few days writing up a very specfic npc, who was secretly the brother of one of the elven player characters and would move the plot forward by revealing that he was actually a drow. And I detailed this guy quite extensively, full backstory, rolled all his stats, did all his classes and spells, equipment, everything. Because he was going to be a major recurring character, I would need all that background to play him and improvise as necessary. But things, well, things didn't work out. So picture the scene, if you will. The party have returned to their base of operations, a small town on the frontier. But it appears abandoned. Some buildings have been burnt down, there are signs of fighting. Something bad happened here. And at the town center, they encounter a lone elf, his white robes and silver armour splattered with blood. Now at this point I had intended the npc to open his arms and say, "At last my brother we meet again." Pass a hand in front of his face, removing his magical glamour to reveal that he's really a dark elf and smile, saying, "These poor people. They thought I was you." I thought that would be a nice dramatic way to introduction this antagonist to the story. But the party's cleric had other ideas. Oh, yes. Because before the npc has said a single word, the cleric player says, "I step forward and cast Plane Shift on him." Ohhh... what does that spell do exactly? I look up the spell. "Well ok, but this guy seems alert, you'll have to roll initiative for that." We roll initiative. The cleric wins. "Well, I see here that this spell requires a touch attack in order to..." The cleric rolls a natural 20. Ahhh..... Wait, saving throw. I check the spell, yes there's a saving throw, great! I secretly roll the npc's saving throw. He fails. Of course, this guy is really a Drow, he has innate magical resistance! I work out the modifers for his magical resitance, and make the roll, again secretly because the players won't know about this. He fails. Son of a bitch. So in the end this guy opens his arms and says, "At last my brother we meet aaaggggggrrrrrrhhhhhhhh...." and promptly gets sucked into the Elemental Plane of Fire, never to be seen or heard of again.
  15. Urthar

    All time favorite strategy games post

    I pretty much spent the past year playing Total War Warhammer II. According to Steam I played over 2000 hours. (Didn't get much mapping done.) So I guess that's my favorite, though I did play an awful lot of Medieval II back in the day, and Dawn of War was a pretty fun RTS adaptation of 40K's squad mechanics. I think Warhammer is probably the happest marriage of Total War and content. In the historical titles, CA was always stretching things or straight up making stuff up to create unit diversity. Whereas in Games Workshop's fantasy universe that diversity inherently exists, along with the individual Hero units, Monsters and magical abilities. I can't help but feel that Warhammer II is the Total War CA always wanted to make. And Skaven are awesome.