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  1. I've actually done some improvements to my least favorite map, E3M7. Which you can get and play here, under E3M7 Improved: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100595-nevanders-mini-mods-and-doom-mapping-portfolio-updated-113020/
  2. Any community project with higher profile mappers really.
  3. Nevander

    Shotgun Guy 3D Model Idle Animation

    Sounds like the solution to getting models like this in GZDoom is for GZDoom itself to be updated to have support for them, but good luck getting that feature request to be accepted.
  4. Nevander

    Top 5 Metal/Rock albums?

    1. Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance 2. Dream Theater - Images & Words 3. Opeth - Ghost Reveries 4. Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe 5. DragonForce - Maximum Overload
  5. Nevander

    YouTube vs vidlii

    Never heard of vidlii but it's probably automatically better than YouTube these days.
  6. If they are, he can just get them back from Steam.
  7. Nevander

    Shotgun Guy 3D Model Idle Animation

    Now if we could have a model pack for GZDoom of this quality, using models wouldn't look so goofy.
  8. My own opinion of what a real Doom veteran is pretty much that you have played through at least Doom and Doom 2 (Final Doom is a plus but not a hard requirement) multiple times (any difficulty but UV is a plus) throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s into present day and have played at least a few of the well known megawads like Memento Mori and such. Basically, you are someone who's been with the Doom scene for a very long time. I see it as more of an over time thing for a veteran status. If you can beat a super hard map no saves from pistol start, congrats you are a very good Doom player. However I would not say that alone makes you a veteran.
  9. Seems to me based on this thread, you might be trying to do too much at once before learning how the game works and the difference between WAD types. The IWAD is the full game file. It contains what makes up the original game and you should NEVER edit them directly. Instead, you use this file as a resource in your editor to pull all the textures, things, sprites into it to make levels with. Any levels you make are PWADs. These can be loaded with ports to overwrite existing lumps in the IWAD for that session only. IWADs are used to make PWADs. Since you said you are wanting to remaster the original maps, the steps thelazyqdude gave you are spot on. You need to copy and paste the map geometry and things INTO a new map WAD instead of editing that directly from your IWAD.
  10. Nevander

    Female Slayer

    I've posted my opinion of this elsewhere but just to reiterate: if they did, they should use Crash. It would be a good choice as like a co-op character or something.
  11. Nevander

    Thoughts On Serious Sam: The Next Encounter?

    I find it to be much better than Serious Sam 2 but nowhere near as godlike as TFE or TSE. I do wish it was ported to PC properly so we don't have to emulate.
  12. Nevander

    Do you consider mouselook as a cheat?

    If you use freelook to shoot a switch high up or against Icon of Sin, yes it's a cheat and can potentially break things. If you just use it to more accurately chaingun snipe or aim vertically for enemies, it's a bit of a gray area but I say it's not a cheat in that context.
  13. Nevander

    I need ideas for level starts

    Just whatever you do, never place monsters where they can see and attack the player right away. It's so annoying.
  14. Just go into Vertices Mode, and draw a selection box around the exit sign vertices and press delete, assuming they aren't connected to others.
  15. They did not deserve that, actually. No band deserves that. Napster was an illegal music sharing site. Twitch is a live broadcasting platform and they the band themselves were performing. Not even the same thing and the fact that the latter was muted is a disgrace to the band.
  16. Nevander

    How are the textures stored in wads?

    That sounds like the issue to me. In the WAD it's all patches. Textures are assembled with TEXTURE1/2.
  17. Nevander

    Can I force the player to use certain settings?

    Add NoJump, NoFreelook and NoCrouch to MAPINFO. You can also add Player.JumpZ 0.0 to a player class to prevent jumping at all.
  18. Nevander

    Does anyone make custom Wolfenstein 3d levels?

    I would love to start making levels for Wolf3D if there was an editor like GZDoom Builder, a "Wolf3D Builder" if I may. Something easy to use and runs native on modern OS. Anyone know of one that people use?
  19. Zandronum I'm pretty sure is going to be the best way to do co-op. There's also Odamex but I don't know much about it.
  20. Nevander

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    Ah so it's actually more like "Doom 3 In Name Only." In that case I would suggest to really take a good look at how things changed between Doom and Doom 2, both the addition of new monsters, new weapon and the change in level design. Replicating that sort of shift willl be critical.
  21. Nevander

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    So basically "Doom 3 The Way 90's id Would Have Done"? Sounds interesting, good luck with it. I'd suggest cutting your work load by using the Doom 3 textures by hidfan and possibly grabbing the Doom 3 weapon sprites that are around (I have a good WAD if you can't find them).
  22. Nevander

    How To Use SKY1, SKY2, and SKY3 textures in DOOM II?

    That's because that's not how you are supposed to use skies. The Doom engine will put sky as the ceiling or floor of any sector that has F_SKY1 as the flat. What sky texture you get is determined by the map slot (for vanilla) or by MAPINFO map entries.
  23. Nevander

    Question regarding forum rules

    The rules I try to abide by here and everywhere are: 1. Don't be a dickhead 2. No politics Pretty simple, but obeying rule 1 is sometimes a challenge.
  24. People would make them if they really wanted to. They're probably pretty hard to make from scratch because you have to draw the background as well as every place along the way with optionally animated frames (lights and such). I don't know of any WAD that uses an entirely new original one apart from the one that was made special for EP4.
  25. Nevander

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    Thank the Doom gods! I hated seeing my favorite community being ruined by this. Glad to see things are resolved. Blocking Tor really sounds like the best option that could have been taken. Seems that it's used for more harm than good.