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  1. Here is a collection of small patch WADs and other interesting files that I have made or thrown together over time. I will add more and expand the post as time goes on as well, so don't freak out about a really barebones post (full readmes included in files). SmoothWeapons - SmoothWeapons_9-26-2017.zip Improved versions of NightFright's enhanced version of Perkristian's Smoother vanilla weapons mod, with my own personal edits. Check readme for full credits and explanation. Blood Fixer - BloodFixer_10-1-17.zip Gives monsters the right blood colors, such as Cacodemons bleeding blue, Hell Knights bleeding green, and more! Includes "plus" version that nerfs Lost Soul health down to half like the PSX and Doom 64 versions. PSX TC Addons - psxtc_addons_5-7-2018.zip Want some Doom 64 style glows with your maps? Want dynamic lights on everything like normal GZDoom? Tired of starting with the Fist out every time? Want a custom PSX version of Blood Fixer? Download now! 5/7/2018 changes: - Fixed an issue where the BFG appears twice on the alt HUD - Fixed an issue where you could not scroll past the BFG Swift Slaughter - SwiftSlaughter_5-3-2018.zip Tired of slaughtermaps being too hard? Not a fan of the crazy mods like Russian Overkill? This WAD is for you! Classic weapons turned OP. All weapons fire as if sv_fastweapons and sv_infiniteammo were on. Handle slaughter swiftly! Super Viles! - superviles_5-3-2018.zip This is an evil WAD. It makes Archviles into Superviles which can resurrect not only Cyberdemons and Masterminds, but also Lost Souls, Pain Elementals and even other Archviles! They are also reskinned! Otherwise they are the same. Proceed with caution. Despawning Monsters - DespawnMonsters_5-3-2018.zip This WAD makes it so monsters that have been killed will despawn from the current map after 3 minutes of being dead. They can still be revived by Archviles during this time. Two versions included: fade out or instant removal. Speeds up save/load times in long slaughtermaps, cleans up the battlefield! Blood Fixer Plus modifications are integrated into these WADs as well. Ancient Aliens GLDEFS Fixes - aagldefs.zip Gives the new standing lamps some matching dynamic lights, fixes the pink plasma not having lights, gives the Guardians some lights. Silent secret sound - silentsecret.zip Load this with a ZDoom based port to change the "A secret is revealed!" to a silent sound with a message of "secret located." Hell on Earth Starter Pack Vanilla Improver - hellonearthstarterpack_vanilla_improver_1.0.zip Run this WAD if you like playing the starter pack without Brutal Doom. Removes a lot of errors and warnings, and makes it less annoying to play unmodded. Also has many other minor improvements and nerfs the bosses. Should work with most other mods as well. Ultimate Doom Episode 4 Fixes - UDEP4FIX_5-3-2018.ZIP Adds the custom intermission screen as well as the Doom Classic par times to Thy Flesh Consumed. NEW! - Red Baron Fireballs - BaronRedProjectiles.zip Changes the Baron of Hell to fire red fireballs instead of green, akin to the design change seen in Doom 64 where the Barons there fire red/pink projectiles instead. MORE WILL BE ADDED OVER TIME!
  2. Nevander

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate E3M7. My least favorite Doom map ever.
  3. Nevander

    TEKWALL4 base image

    That's actually pretty badass. Love the blue tone it has now. We just need someone to touch it up in the shop and scale down to 128px.
  4. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    By the way, guise, if you want to enjoy the new music make sure you at least buy the standard big box. I learned today (or rather actually managed to correctly read and hear in Romero's stream) that the music DOES NOT come with the free version of the WAD. I'm not sure if the music portion will be released digitally or not later on. Remember this isn't just about Romero. Buckethead deserves compensation and applause for his amazing guitar work.
  5. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Why are so many people upset over compatibility? Vanilla is outdated, has been for literally many, many years. Ever since the first limit removing port. How hard is it to download a limit removing port and play it?
  6. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Placed my order of the standard big box! Now comes the long and painful wait until February.
  7. Wow. Seeing Doom textures but in Quake is blowing my mind for some reason.
  8. The tree thing looks like it could be missing Y offsets, so the sprite is in the floor. Change the offset so it's centered and the bottom of the tree is with the line in the SLADE preview window. The textures thing, it could be because your textures are in F_ markers but are not Doom flats and are graphics instead. Try converting them to flats within SLADE.
  9. Nevander

    Secret Exit Switch in Doom E3M6

    I believe this has something to do with the application of offsets and unpegging, or rather the order. I noticed once when modifying a vanilla format level that if the Y offset was set as well as lower unpegged, the position and apperance was different between Doom Builder and ZDoom. Not sure why it happens but it has something to do with that if I had to guess.
  10. If they found a legal way to sell Doom expansions, community projects would be in trouble. I hope they don't do this.
  11. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    The question I have is, I wonder if there will be a new intermission map progress screen like with E1-E3? I feel like it will just be the default E4 texture style but I hope not. If not, I'm sure the talented artists here can make one similar to E4's unofficial one
  12. This probably doesn't help much but I'm pretty sure it's only a SLADE bug displaying the wrong lump type and icon. Try saving it as a new file then re open the saved file, does it change to Doom flat? Paging @Kappes Buur he would know, I hope.
  13. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I'm seeing far too much salt in the other thread and here for such a epic event. Who gives a damn who made Doom? Who cares that it's not a whole new game? Do you guys realize that these are more new maps made by a level designer from the original company over 20 years later? That kind of thing is unheard of. Most devs move on and only goes where the money is. We need more devs like Romero who actually care about the communities surrounding his previous work. I for one am quite happy and super excited.
  14. Nevander

    What do you think that the SIGIL acronym will stand for?

    It could just be the word "sigil" stylized as SIGIL.
  15. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Holy shit. It IS an episode 5! Those boxes look incredible, but now I have to decide which version I want. My soul is telling me to shoot for the stars and get the $166 box but my mind is telling me be frugal and go with the standard big box. Arrgh decisions! Either way, this is awesome. I can't wait to play this. A complete episode by Romero? Sign me up!
  16. Nevander

    Need some help with ANIMDEFS.

    Or just refer to the wiki? https://zdoom.org/wiki/ANIMDEFS
  17. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I would love an all Romero episode 5. But, I have doubts that's what it is. It's most likely Blackroom related or perhaps something new? Either way, I totally want to get/make an Ultimate Doom episode 5 now.
  18. Nevander

    The Sound of Doom

    I still have an unhealthy obsession with wondering what it smells like inside the various UAC facilities and buildings. I'm less interested in the smells of Hell levels. Those are pretty easy to infer from context.
  19. Sometimes GZDB does this to me and I have no idea why, because my geometry should be perfectly valid. I think the editor just has a stupid moment. If I try to re-draw it again slightly differently and then move vertices to fix it, it works fine.
  20. Nevander

    help a beginner out here man!

    Did you remember to add the library to LOADACS? Without it, the script will never run, on any map, unless called to run manually.
  21. Nevander

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    Not my all time favorite, but I've really been into Unreal and Unreal RtNP soundtracks lately. They sound so late 90s and I love it. My all time favorite? Hmm... I'm gonna have to go with Doom and Doom 2. Bobby Prince created some amazing tracks for the game we all know and love.
  22. Am I the only one who actually likes DNF? Sure it might not have been what we were hoping for but what ever is? I don't get the hate for it.
  23. Nevander

    a problem with random weapons...

    If the Chaingun is being replaced by a RandomSpawner then you won't be able to place Chainguns and get the exact one every time. You will need to place the weapons directly that are in the spawn list. However, these might not have their own DoomEd numbers and thus can't be placed. You will need to either edit the mod to assign numbers or spawn the exact actors with a force spawn function in ACS, such as SpawnSpotFacingForced.
  24. Nevander

    Help with GS WAD??

    Sounds like you extracted the PK3 instead of loading it whole with GZDoom.
  25. I see it like this: can you run the full game with only an EXE? No. Is the source code released? If yes, then I see no issue.