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  1. Great_Cancer

    Doom EX v1.2 (a MegaWAD)

    now that you mention it, if you were miss a certain weapon, you'd be kinda screwed, huh?
  2. Great_Cancer

    Doom EX v1.2 (a MegaWAD)

    also, thanks a bunch for the midis. they're pretty cool
  3. Great_Cancer

    Where do you get your custom midis from?

    Anvil Studio is pretty cool if you really need to make MIDIs and can't find ones you like. however, you might need to know how to compose, even just slightly (or you could just go Tommy Tallarico).
  4. Great_Cancer

    My wad

    clearly, you have an affinity for asians. the maps have great architecture, at least it seems.
  5. Great_Cancer

    Doom EX v1.2 (a MegaWAD)

    mediocre is right. but, they were at least somewhat enjoyable.