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  1. Your idea of presenting a challenge to other players was right, but is 100% map competition worth it? Rather than giving everyone 100 bucks for finishing the map, create a challenge on who can complete your map in fastest time, giving said 100 bucks to 1st place winner, 50 bucks for 2nd place and 25 buck for 3rd place (for example). What your target audience needs is motivation. You can also create a map with specific goals for winning the competition (such as going Tyson, not killing monsters at all, or just simply completing it without picking "that rocket launcher" or without killing "that cyberdemon. Make your maps "easy" on normal 100% UV playthrough, but at the same time extremely challenging upon defining a new condition. I'll let you figure the rest by yourself.
  2. Fragos

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    I did not play Stardate 20x7 yet. But knowing that it's Ribbiks we're talking about, it deserves a spot here as well!
  3. Fragos

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    Project Uber. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/projuber
  4. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    I still want this thread to be active, to be honest. What would be the next big community project, if not this one?
  5. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    Aren't you interested in trying this project by yourself? Someone wanted to make a map for Black Mesa, for example... I really wish I could map by myself, but now I'm working 5 days/8 hours in a week, so...
  6. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    So... I tried working on the Doom Builder 2, but as I found out, creating and editing maps can be really time-cosuming process. Especially cosidering the fact that I am working 5 days in a week. So I think I should pass the baton right to the Doom community. But if you need an advise on how visually those maps should look, I'll gladly give you some!
  7. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    Are there any other good names in the second list that can be used in the first one instead?
  8. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    As if the first set of map names wasn't enough, I'm going to show you the second set of map names for a different wad. I only just came up with those names, so don't expect me to post my own thoughts about those maps right now! You too have a good imagination, aren't you? You can do me a good favor if you tell us how you are imagining those maps. MAP01: Modern Warfare MAP02: Dystopia MAP03: Ghost Recon MAP04: Gears of War MAP05: Enemy Within MAP06: Opposing Force MAP07: Guilty Gear MAP08: Singularity MAP09: Faster than Light MAP10: Crysis MAP11: No One Lives Forever MAP12: Saints Row MAP13: Red Dead MAP14: Killing Floor MAP15: Command & Conquer MAP16: Global Offensive MAP17: Nightmare Creatures MAP18: Dying Light MAP19: Castlevania MAP20: The Last of Us MAP21: Don't Starve MAP22: Darksiders MAP23: Shadow of the Beast MAP24: The Burning Crusade MAP25: No More Room in Hell MAP26: Alone in the Dark MAP27: Hell & Damnation MAP28: Torchlight MAP29: Hellfire MAP30: Resurrection of Evil MAP31: Mortal Kombat MAP32: Left 4 Dead
  9. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    I'm going to change two of the map names so that they would fit better in the future wad. "Descent" and "F.E.A.R." are somewhat bland, so I decided to give MAP28 and MAP18 new names. MAP18 now will be known as "Manhunt" MAP28 now will be known as "Dante's Inferno" The core designs of those maps (at least in my mind) should remain the same as before.
  10. Fragos

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    I think scifista already did a good job imagining all of those maps... I don't think that anyone else would bring out their imagination now... so I'll show you what I do think myself about those maps: MAP01: Call of Duty - standard opening map for most megawads MAP02: System Shock - a techbase with a large number of computers hardware MAP03: Splinter Cell - another techbase which has a plasmagun and cell ammo in secret locations MAP04: Deus Ex - a techbase with a separate "virtual reality" area MAP05: Enemy Unknown - harder map, involving more challenging approaches MAP06: Black Mesa - a techbase carved inside of a brown mountain MAP07: Metal Gear - Arena-styled map featuring "metal" monsters:Mancubi, Arachnotrons, Revenants, at least one CyberDemon and one Spiderdemon MAP08: Mass Effect - A large techbase map that could be completed in several different ways... Actually scificta's approach is much better than mine! MAP09: Dead Space - Takes place in a dark space station MAP10: Bioshock - Features lots of green nukage, and requires a good presevation of biosuits MAP11: Portal - this map is planned to feature a LOT of teleporters, and monsters will frequently teleport out of nowhere to ambush you. The exit is in the large portal gate. MAP12: Fallout an sub-urban map where ammunition is very scarce, however chainsaw becomes availble early MAP13: Borderlands - Large outdoor map with encounters of various difficulty MAP14: Bulletstorm - This map is indeed planned to abuse large numbers of hitscanners, especially Chaingunners, and Spiderdemons are also set to appear in this map MAP15: Battlefield - Slaughter-lite map. Features large numbers of enemies, though most of the time they can be managed with relative ease. MAP16: Counter Strike - Features many challenging battles in close quarters MAP17: Silent Hill - An ominously silent map. You won't see any monsters until you pick up the first key. Once you do that, all hell should literally break loose! MAP18: F.E.A.R. - This map all about abusing "closet" ambushes with the pure intention to scare you out! MAP19: Resident Evil - You start outside of a mansion. From the start, you need to immediately get inside and lock the doors in order to not be slaughtered by large number of monsters that roam outside. MAP20: Tomb Raider - Take inspiration from AV's MAP 20, and should feature a good amount of switch puzzles. Some of then can be booby trapped. MAP21: Dead Rising - a hard map featuring Archviles that can ressurect already dead-on-arrival monsters. Partually inspired by "Vultures" from Saturn X. MAP22: Devil May Cry - Decently challenging map taking place in the Hell MAP23: Dark Souls - The primary focus of this map are Lost Souls and Pain Elementals. Even without Pains, expect large number of souls charging from many directions MAP24: Reign of Chaos - Another slaughtermap to be beaten. MAP25: The Elder Scrolls - Takes place in and around some kind of Hellish library, and just as much challening as most other hell maps MAP26: Perfect Dark - A very hard map in pitch black-darkness that often requires you to rely on Light Amplification Visor (or said torches) in order to survive. MAP27: Painkiller - Another slaughermap, just in style of Painkiller MAP28: Descent - This hard and challenging map describes you journey to the deepest bowels of Hell. The only way through is down! You can't go back up in any way in this map. MAP29: Diablo - The penultimate slaugthermap, featuring the toughest compostion of monsters. Also might include a boss battle with a special custom monster brought with the DeHacked patch or otherwise. MAP30: Doom - The final map of the wad! Features tough battle with large number of Barons, followed by crossfire between Cyberdemons and Spiderdemons. After that it's just one final push against the Icon of Sin! MAP31: Killzone - Semi-arena styled map taking place over the landscape of black rock MAP32. Total Annihilation - Should be designed as the hardest slaughtermap in this wad! I thought about using "normal" custom monsters, in case if this project can be shifted to ZDoom (like cybruisers for Metal Gear, chaingun arachnotrons for Bulletstorm and devils for Devil May Cry), but it will up to community wherether to include then or not. But MAP29 should have a custom "boss" monster.
  11. First of all, I'll be straight. I like Doom, there were many famous wads that I have played (BTSX, AV, Stronghold, etc), but I really wish I would have the time to learn and use the Doom Builder. I know that some recent projects are maintained by the community, so I have the right to throw my ideas in the mix as well. The inspiration and my new dream is to see a new wad in the future, one that is inspired by "Doom 2 In Name Only". The main purpose is the same as in that wad - to build levels using their names as a basis. But this time the names will be taken straight from the other games that are unrelated to Doom at all. The gimmicks is the same - you only know a level's name, and you should throw away the fact that a game with such a name already exists. Imagine a map with such a name... and think how you would bring up that imagination to life: I don't have a complete name for the entire megawad... so I'll just call it "A Memorable Journey". I might pick up a better name for the project in the future. So, here are 32 map names, that will be used as a basis to make a new megawad in the future. Remember, they're just names, so don't take this too seriosly! I might replace some names in the future if that won't fit in the theme. MAP01: Call of Duty MAP02: System Shock MAP03: Splinter Cell MAP04: Deus Ex MAP05: Enemy Unknown MAP06: Black Mesa MAP07: Metal Gear MAP08: Mass Effect MAP09: Dead Space MAP10: Bioshock MAP11: Portal MAP12: Fallout MAP13: Borderlands MAP14: Bulletstorm MAP15: Battlefield MAP16: Counter Strike MAP17: Silent Hill MAP18: Manhunt (previously F.E.A.R.) MAP19: Resident Evil MAP20: Tomb Raider MAP21: Dead Rising MAP22: Devil May Cry MAP23: Dark Souls MAP24: Reign of Chaos MAP25: The Elder Scrolls MAP26: Perfect Dark MAP27: Painkiller MAP28: Dante's Inferno (previously Descent) MAP29: Diablo MAP30: Doom MAP31: Killzone MAP32. Total Annihilation Yeah, map 30 is named "Doom". That would be quite a cool name for the final map in such a megawad, right? Anyway, I have already imagined how I would see those levels if I could do then myself. But before posting my thoughts on each of those maps, I would like to aksk each of you? How you would see and create each of those maps using their names as a basis? What would words like "Metal Gear", "Borderlands", "Painkiller" and the others would mean to you? How you would imagine finished maps with such names? Post you thoughts and ideas, and I'll eventually reveal my own as well. Who knows, maybe you can even inspire me to learn using that Doom Builder!