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  1. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    Unfortunately, during my vacation, I'll be away for a week, and as such, I won't be able to touch the Doom Builder on my computer. I might watch some tutorial videos while I am away. Even so, I still encourage you to make maps specifically oriented for at least 2 players! Even if they turn into solo project otherwise. Use Doom Builder in a way that you have never used it before!
  2. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    I know that the project won't be greenlit unless I show a practical example first. I have a vacation coming up soon, I should be able to try MAP01 during that time. In fact, I should reserve that map for myself right now!
  3. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    I have a question for fellow mappers. It is possible to add a helper marine bot similar to friendly monsters used in MBF? This point of this question is the ability to play the coop megawad solo with a bot, with the ability to switch places with him (making the bot invincible but retaining your health and ammo intact after the switch). As for the weapons, it should be enough to give bot a single weapon depending on the map. Do you think this is possible to implement such interaction with a coop bot? EDIT: Turns out such things exist! EDIT 2: And this thing as well: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9600 I should ask @printz and @TDRR for some collaboration and see what they think about it. Can we build co-op maps with co-op bots in mind?
  4. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    There is another thing that I would like to place in consideration. I would like for all levels to be compatible not just for 2 players, but for 3-4 players as well. When making player starts, make sure to place player 1 start together with player 3, and player 2 with player 4 so that the gameplay remain compatible. In addition to that, since multiplayer things are set by default, I would like for you to tune up difficulty of your maps in the following manner: Hey, not Too Rough and Hurt me Plenty for 2 players Ultra-Violence and Nightmare for 3-4 players.
  5. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    Oh, so a cooperative wad actually exists. That's nice to know. But from what I've heard, it's just a slaugther mapset oriented for at least 7-8 players and where ammo is infinite. The project that I have in mind has nothing like that. It should be a standard megawad progression with limited ammo and planned pistol starts, and death resets on MAP11 and MAP20. Furthermore, while all maps can be completed with no less than 2 players, I do plan for 4 player starts in mind. As you can see from map names, MAP31 should be designed for no less than 3 players, and MAP32 for no less than 4 players. Here are some mapping tricks for you to get started: Timed swith puzzles. One player opens a distant door, the other pass through it Starting with different keys. One player starts the level with blue key, the other with yellow key. Separate area progression. Each player is limited to explore a certain section of the level (according to player starts), but they can sometimes see each other and press switches to help each other progress Separate starting weapons. There will be a map where one player starts with rocket launcher and the other with plasma gun, for example. Combat puzzles for two players. One such example is when one player will be locked in a cage after picking a key, with the second player still outside. Both players will then be attacked by monsters, and the second player has to frantically divert their attemption from his partner, who has much less maneuverablity And much more. But for now... it is still just some ideas of a mind. Just think about "Doom meets It Takes Two."
  6. FragsBunny

    Community project - Co-op megawad "It takes Doom for two"

    I know, I still need some work on it. But thing is - I have never seen myself any wads that require two players to work together (think about It Takes Two), so I had at least bring out the idea to community. I will have a vacation during the next week, and hopefully during that time, I can give the project a more proper form! And maybe, given enough motivation, take on the Doom Builder myself! I mean, I have already scratched some plans for all 32 maps. I can share them with you, if you are REALLY interested to see levels that require two players to progress. For now, thank you for leading me to guiding topic!
  7. What's up, fellow Doomers? There have been many megawads for single players, and many of them also have multiplayer flags. But fact is, even with extra monsters and items, they can still be completed with a single player. But how about wads that can only be completed with no less than 2 players? And as such, I propose a community project for creating a megawad, that is designed for a walkthrough with at least 2 players. Imagine both switch and combat puzzles that can be only completed by two players, or two halves of a map, each taken by respective partner, occassionaly influencing each other. Since most of you play on ZDaemon port, it should be the recommended port for compatiblity, but vanilla resources of Doom should be enough! Oh, and of course, make sure there are at least two player starts. And make it so that each item can only be picked once. This can create a situations where two different weapons (rocket launcher and plasma gun for example) can only be picked by one player each. And yes, this should include keys as well. While this might cause some soft-locks or hard locks in certain maps, this should be a coop wad after all - you can only blame your partner if something goes wrong! Although I have no prior experiences with Doom Builder, I can still provide creative advices as long as there are enough volunteers to start it! And to test your maps with you - after all, how else you can test your maps that should be designed for no less than 2 players? So, how about it, guys? Think you can create maps with layouts that require two players to finish them? Feel free to provide a name suggestion for two-player megawad. And take your time - community projects of such scale might take a while to complete! Base IWAD: Doom 2 Target source port: Zandronum, Boom format Maps 01-11 are usually base maps, Maps 12-20 outdoor/city maps and Maps 21-30 hell maps Base Doom II resourses are enough - even with vanilla asset, two-player oriented maps will be still a blast! As for the deadline... I guess New Year? Gonna need to figure out how many people would pick up on this. All levels must be compatible not just for 2 players, but for 3-4 players as well. When making player starts, make sure to place player 1 start together with player 3, and player 2 with player 4 so that the gameplay remain compatible. Since multiplayer things are set by default, I would like for you to tune up difficulty of your maps in the following manner: Hey, not Too Rough and Hurt me Plenty for 2 players, Ultra-Violence and Nightmare for 3-4 players. Template names for maps are done (subject to change). Ask me in private what to expect from each of those maps. MAP01 - Mutual Agreement (reserved for @FragsBunny) MAP02 - Pressing Together MAP03 - Infiltration MAP04 - Authorization Pass MAP05 - Lift Control MAP06 - Sewer Treatment MAP07 - Brothers in Arms MAP08 - Birdcage MAP09 - Crushing Pressure (reserved for @Melemesh) MAP10 - Portal Complex MAP11 - Bait MAP12 - Gladiators MAP13 - Journey Away from Home MAP14 - River Stream MAP15 - Emergency Lights MAP16 - Back-to-Back MAP17 - Improvised Cover MAP18 - Dirty Job MAP19 - Weapon Caches MAP20 - Gate of No Return MAP21 - Close Combat MAP22 - Signature Gun MAP23 - Separation Anxiety MAP24 - Leap of Faith MAP25 - Big Brother MAP26 - Lavarunners MAP27 - Mount Torment MAP28 - Long Range Artillery MAP29 - Hellfire MAP30 - Icon of Betrayal MAP31 - Three is a Company MAP32 - Fourslayers
  8. FragsBunny

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Judgment

    Hey there! Just a heads-up for you. I do have plans to play Judgment, on UV-difficulty and with Corruption Cards. But right now I don't like to be restrained or waste too much time, so I'll sit this session out. Just imagine me hitting 5 stars on this and that's that!
  9. MAP14: Athenaeum 1. Each cacodemon fires a different monster’s projectiles 2. Cacodemon may teleport to pursue players 3. Arachnotron spawns 3 chaingunners on death I give up.
  10. MAP12: Thrown to the Wolves (100/94/0) 1. Imp projectiles ignore armor 2. An arch-vile will try to assassinate you 3. Hell nobles are partially invisible The Specialists from the first card pick were rather weak, so how about adding a surprise arch-vile assassin? And I have used all my shells in previous level, so it came to no surprise that my primary weapons of choice were RL and BFG. The opening arch-viles can be cheessed with carryover BFG, but the imps along with their miniature versions were a complete hassle. The outdoor arena is even worse, there are so many imps that I can’t get a clear shot on those arch-viles. I had to shoot down mancubi from the window and even then it still too me several tries because the death blasts kept scattering them around, and the supplies ended up being tossed in damaging blood. Not to mention the follow up revenant horde, which has to be kept inside the corridor for as long as possible! The finale after the red key pickup comes in two parts, but both can be activated at the same time. For the first part, two cyberdemons drop in the main hall, while the horde of cacodemons is closing from behind. By pressing the red switch, another horde will be unleashed, but you will be able to pick two megaspheres and lock out the cacodemon horde. Then it becomes a matter of making the two cyberdemons infighting the horde while taking out the guardian trio with BFG so that you can take the second megasphere. And when you pick up the yellow key, they rest of the map will be unlocked, but so does the cacoswarm. You can either fight it or cowardly retreat towards the exit. I chose the former. MAP13: Rotting Under Foot of Time (93/91/100) 1. Add vegetation near certain monsters 2. Collecting keys gives every monster random enchantment 3. One monster is cursed. It constantly swaps its position with others. Screw this map. Especially regarding pistol starters. The only weapons you can grab are guard by monsters behind door, and in order to claim them, you have to make them infight against Cyberdemons behind the big doors. Even if you are carrying ammo from previous map, you still need to do it. Otherwise you’re left with RL and BFG for you first major arena. There’s respawing arch-vile watch post, the demonic horde coming upfront, the cacoswarm coming from the sides, and the cyberdemon snipers that eventuall get bored and teleport into fray by themselves. And all heath supplies are on the edge of an inescapable pit… But what might make you hate this map is not this. It’s the damage floor that you need to traverse on the way back! Again, the hell nobles need to be lured to infight the cyberdemon behind then. Then, the hardest part of the whole level. I can’t describe it properly because English is not my native language. In short: fuck that run for the red key and back.
  11. MAP11: Wanderlust (99/100/100) 1. Mancubus projectiles are partially invisible 2. Mancubus respawn once per death 3. One monster is cursed. Killing it duplicates nearby monsters I was hoping to play three more maps this evening, but got exhausted after this. Like the later levels in the set, this one quickly escalates from micro to macro slaughter. While I was still short on ammo from “The Green Mind”, I still had access to BFG, which quickly substituted the plasma gun in the first major fight. You are given an invulnerability sphere, but due to simultaneous pressure from three Cyberdemons and all that shit that comes from outside, there is no choice but to use it almost immediately. I chose to use the invul time to rush at least two Cyberdemons, but that made me getting nearly overwhelmed by a large cadre of Hell Knights. After clearing the main arena, only two Spiderdemons needed to be cleared. The second arena is not that hard if you simply aggro most of revenants outside – while there is a linedef that locks you in the arena, you can kill the revs before crossing it. After that, just snipe the spiders and viles with RL, followed by cyber on a throne. Don’t forget to kill the bunch of revs behind the throne! In the actual encounter, you can use the area with BFG as your foothold, smothering the horde with green rays until it is safe to circlestrafe them. And then there is the unexpected finale. Just several Cyberdemons and a large number of arch-viles. While the final megasphere should be grabbed ASAP, to restock on cell ammo you must somehow get past viles and cybers – and the author tactfully seals the only other passage to them! Man, I must be getting too old for all of this…
  12. MAP10: The Green Mind (82/92/100) 1. Former human will electrocute nearby players 2. You will be attacked by the Horror Force! 3. Revenant slides around when moving Do you know how to make a map even more infuriating? Insert it into a slaughter megawad but turn it into a platformer with inescapable pits! The Green Mind? More like “The Sick Mind”... With carryover weapons, it’s rather easy to clear the trash mobs and refund your ammo. But when it comes to platforming section… I pity those who try to do so under a watchful gaze of a Cyberdemon. Me, I just sniped it with whatever ammo I still had. Before that, I made numerous tries to rush for the blue teleporter, hoping it would give me a blue key but instead I got a lousy supercharge… Getting past the Cyberdemon is only half of the suffering. On a island with just plasma gun, you are supposed to fight against four arch-viles, with the first two already boxing you! The battle for the blue key is just another mess caused by multiple cards, and trying to squeeze the maximum out of my remaining ammo. In the end, I just ignored the leftover horde and went for the exit. Not my best experience here…
  13. MAP08: The Cradle (100/100/0) 1. Monsters being hunting players from the start 2. Cyberdemon may teleport to pursue players 3. Imp showes nearby entities on death This level, like everything IG used to offer, is very hard, but becomes considerably easier with carryover weapons like BFG. For the first claustrophobic clusterfuck with imps, I just rushed to the outside and nailed two arch-viles first, followed by the rest. Battling the first horde is just the matter of making them infight and crowd then in the central area, though if you are playing with only plasma, it will naturally be harder. Same goes for the baron quartet and a revenant in an extremely tight claustrophobic scenario, which again can be trivialized with BFG. It will follow with other similar tight-quarter encounters, where the rocket launcher is heavily discouraged, until you get the blue key. I missed a secret in this level – could it hide a BFG? Later one, it leads to easy but rather stretched platformer section, until you trigger the final fight, which is just a Cyberdemon and six revenants surrounding you on perches – again, with very little space to maneuver! Is this IG’s new mapping trend? MAP09: Infinium (100/100/100) 1. Arachnotron receives damage one second later 2. Hell noble projectiles explode on impact 3. One monster is cursed. Killing it resurrects other monsters Another abstract level, with three different arena to tackle and a cyberdemon along with a bunch of chaingunners to oversee them all. It can be telefragged, but I found that out only after clearing 2 of the 3 arenas. And boy how many times I died! The blue key offers all the major arms except for BFG. It’s a horde of revs, cacos, knights and… another chaingunner gallery? Not to mention those PAIN elementals. Took me a lot of running to start that shit out, made even more difficult by the slowing rain. The red key is a two-piece fight. First up are barons, revs and imps. Was a complete pain because the latter two kept scattering the horde around with death shove. And I still haven’t killed that cyberdemon overlord yet! The second part is the hardest thing. It’s a matter of time to snipe those two arch-viles behind the baron flesh wall, all the while cacos and soul blots the sky and mess with your rocket aim. The yellow key area is pure BFG spam, with SSG breaks as well. It wouldn’t have been so hard if not for those stacking cards! Not to mention a trollish horde of pain elementals behind the yellow door. And the finale is plain revenant spam – there were so many of them that I almost ran out of rockets! Brutal run on UV, and with cards too!
  14. MAP07: Magma Templum (100/95/100) 1. Imp projectiles travel twice as fast 2. Enemies aim at you as if you had invisibility 3. Imp may teleport to pursue players A Heretic soundtrack is always welcomed as a change of pace. This level does not emphasize on large numbers at first, but due to lava and little cover, maneuvering can be a bit tricky. The blue and yellow key each have their sort of triggered ambushes – the yellow one with awkward enemy positions, and the blue key with sheer numbers of meat. Still nothing compared to the room with BFG. When you see a bunch of arch-viles and chaingunners facing the wall, you know who is first on the kill list. Who needs that crusher afterwards? The finale throws another bunch of cybers along with horde of pain elementals, while setting few spoiler monsters to prevent exit switch rush. Again, after 7 or so tries I managed to finish it with minimal losses, making sure that Cyberdemons go down first, as the area they control still hold ever so important cell ammo. Well, at least I’m glad this level was somewhere easier compared to previous one!
  15. MAP06: Concrete Vice (100/88/0) 1. Former human fires an imp projectile on death 2. Some monsters have a random monster pet 3. Hell nobles hunt the player in silence I think I was still mentally not prepared for slaughter, because my attempts are worse than they are supposed to be! Or is it because of UV-difficulty along with Corruption Cards? Seems to be the latter, cause the first big slaughter room has twice the number of imps! And the extra imps were not facing their asses towards me, compared to the rest of the horde, so I had to think fast while plowing through them with BFG. I had to watch out for slowing rain as well, making sure that most troublesome monsters would go down first before it starts to rain. The encounters on the way to the red key were more tame, probably because revenants in corridors were much easier to push back because of their card. But the next big outdoor fight threw at me more meat to slaughter – just had to ensure that mancubi turrets would go down first while keeping myself away from being boxed by a horde of Hell knights. Another notable fight is a wave sequence again two trios and a quartet of arch-viles, requiring both precise use of BFG and cover positioning. While trying to fight pinkies from both sides of the tight corridor with rocket launcher seems fun, the plasma rifle is a more optimal solution, but there was no such weapon on the level itself! The final fight took me… at least 10 tries, I guess? Why it is so difficult to BFG rush two cyberdemons in the first few seconds of the fight? This seemed to be the must feasible solution to the combat puzzle, after which you can use your newly gained cover to think the imp-caco horde and the other two cybers. I was expecting to see another pack of arch-viles after opening the exit door but I guess IG chose not to bore us with such cliché..