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  1. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    My guess is he didn't have the files for it. I recall him mentioning a lot of the stuff had been lost over the years. However, he did have original hardware for the Doom PSX soundtrack, and in that one, there's much higher quality stereo reverb than you actually get in the game. Anyway, I hadn't thought to try this before, but it seems Doom 64 does not need the deblur function. It has sharp pixels by default, and the only other instance of this I've seen in 240p N64 games is Quake II when 8MB expansion mode is turned on.
  2. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    There's actual proof he used analog output on the N64 tracks. One of the tracks has a glitch where on the loop point, two of the channels drop out and it plays the 2nd loop without them. He recorded the 2nd loop thinking it was not the end of the track. Had he been using original master files, the glitch wouldn't have happened. In another track, he forgot how long to record and ended up playing two loops instead of just the single playback, causing the track to last nearly 15 minutes. This is all of course aside from that fact that you can actually hear the 60-cycle hum in all the original game tracks. Indeed it does. It pulls the digital signals from the same chip as the digital video. I believe it is the "Reality Coprocessor" made by Silicon Graphics.
  3. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    BTW another benefit of UltraHDMI: Crystal clean digital audio. N64 analog audio is notoriously dirty with 60-cycle hum and hiss, whereas there's ZERO interference or crosstalk via the UltraHDMI audio. I've been comparing the quality to Aubrey's OST, and you can definitely hear the 60-cycle hum in his tracks, which again, is entirely absent in the UltraHDMI output.
  4. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    They (various modders) have been working their way through the consoles from back then. There are several HDMI solutions for NES and Gamecube, though none yet for SNES.
  5. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    Thanks! Yeah, big fan, and I even got a tattoo of Firebrand on my shoulder. Regarding the UltraHDMI mod, it's hard to come by as it sells out the moment installers get new stock in. Recently a couple modded N64s sold on ebay for $600 to give you an idea of the demand for these mods.
  6. FirebrandX

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    Finally got my hands on a modded N64 with UltraHDMI. What this does is bypass the analog A/V processing and outputs a pure digital A/V signal for HDMI. You can select various resolutions up to 1080p, set integer scaling, and remove the N64's infamous 'muddy' function that blurs the graphics. Doom 64 looks MUCH better via UltraHDMI, and on top of that, the audio is now clean with ZERO electromagnetic noise or cross-talk interference (this is something that plagues the analog audio of N64 consoles). I uploaded a 720p demonstration on Youtube, but unfortunately Youtube's compression loses much of the crystal clarity. Below is a link to the Youtube video, and if you're interested in seeing the uncompressed video quality, there's also the link to that below it: https://filetrip.net/dl?Wv0JXlxOsX
  7. FirebrandX

    most emotional parts of Doom 64?

    I don't know if I'd say it was entirely emotional, but Dark Citadel put me in that ambient mood of the game where I just clicked with it. Where I went from liking the game to thinking it's one of my all-time favorites. The layout, artwork, and music track came together to really convey the dark tone of the game.
  8. FirebrandX

    Favourite Doom sound?

    I don't recall if it's the same in the PC version, but the PS "ka-thunk" sound of the Pinky demon's body dropping dead was one of my favorites. That, and the Doom64 gurgle sound of the Mancubas spotting the player.
  9. FirebrandX

    20 Years of PlayStation Doom.

    Been out of the loop for a bit with my other projects involving the XRGB-mini. Just wanted to post a special thanks to Aubrey for coming out with the 20th anniversary edition of the PS Doom soundtrack. I bought it the other day after discovering the listing on his web site. Of course I take some special credit in harassing him into revisiting those tracks ;-) Also wanted to say that I went ahead and put up my own web page of the interview I did back in 2003 with the level designers of Doom 64: http://www.firebrandx.com/doom64interview.html Doom Depot being down once again finally gave me the determination to keep the interview safe and sound on my own web site. Thankfully I still had the transcript from a previous web image archive. I made the mistake of thinking Aubrey was paying homage to X-Files, but it turns out the sound libraries are widely available and called "A Poke in the Ear" or something to that effect. I bought a copy of the CD of those same sounds some time ago. I recall noticing that Trent Reznor also made extensive use of the same library. Edit: Here's the CD I bought of those sound libraries: http://www.rarefaction.com/pokeaudi.html
  10. I noticed the same thing with sound effects I heard in Resident Evil, where years later I'm hearing those same effects in commercials and movies. The very worst offense is when movies and/or shows uses stock Atari 2600 sound effects from Pac Man and Donkey Kong to depict a modern console being played by the actors. It's insulting because everybody knows where those sounds came from, except of course the cheap-asses that decided to use them for sound effects.
  11. FirebrandX

    What's your Favorite Doom Music Track?

    My favorite track also happens to be heard on my favorite stage, which is Doom 64's Dark Citadel. I remember I liked that stage so much that I made an epic Unreal Tournament 16-man death match version of it way back in late 2000 I believe it was. My version was all eye-candy and much too big for proper death match flow, but I enjoyed just wandering around in it.
  12. I saw a friend playing it while at his work place in spring of 1994. I personally didn't get into the series until December of 1995 when I got it for the Playstation. As such, I was completely put off by the music of the PC version when I finally did play it. It seemed so "wrong" to have midi-rock playing in such a dire setting.
  13. FirebrandX

    Aubrey Hodges info

    If it will help, here's the miniUSF I made of MUSAMB15 (Alpha Quadrant): http://www.firebrandx.com/downloads/Doom%2064%20-%2009%20-%20Alpha%20Quadrant.zip It can be compared to Aubrey's rip so you can see they are the same data. I personally use Foobar2000 for USF playbacks, but you can also download 64th note for winamp to play them.
  14. FirebrandX

    Aubrey Hodges info

    Yes I have, and they are the same on both miniUSF, real hardware, and Aubrey's own OST for that matter. They all have the exact same data, and are about 13 minutes long. MUSAMB 15 is just plain missing half the data.