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  1. Minimalistic, yet works wonders. Really well crafted!
  2. Will be held on the 5th August, 2017. BASIC RULES: - You'll have 2 hours to finish the map, however the borderline is 3 hours if your project is that ambitious - The maps should be Boom compatible and playable in -complevel 9 in order to increase flexibility. You don't have to use Boom actions if you don't want to. - You'll get three themes when the session starts to ensure fair play. The bonus, last session will also contain a bonus theme - You'll need to incorporate at least one theme in your map So, the first session will be held on 7:00 am UTC (New York is UTC-4 so take that as an example) and the second session will be held on 7:00 pm UTC! for navigation - NEW - WE HAVE OUR OWN DISCORD SERVER NOW! Feel free to join, even if you won't map (we need playtesters and mods) and have fun chatting! I hope you'll enjoy and come back for more next month!
  3. Secret levels could use a 3x3 texture set Also wait for midis till I sort out my PC
  4. My computer froze while watching Doom screenshots and now it's done for. So, no Dooming or mapping for a week. :(

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  5. Your mapping still seems a bit... beginner. I would recommend staying out of megaWADs and pumping out single map releases or small episodes to progress with mapping. Starting a megaWAD at this stage would not be good because the end product may be a lot different and extremely inconsistent in terms of overall quality. Heck, most people don't even finish their megaWAD! *cough*DoomLover234*cough* tl;dr I would suggest that you do some small maps or episodes before a full megaWAD project.
  6. Yeah, that's why it's pre-release, not release :)
  7. E1M4 of Return to Phobos. This map has what I will call Kelsey Syndrome. The exit is hidden in a secret, midway through the map. As far as I know, you don't even need any key to find it. Sure, using keys for optional encounters is swell, but hiding the exit behind a completely normal wall is not cool. Other than that, the map is cool with very nice progression (if we ignore the exit) and it's pretty challenging too. It had nice scale, but the next map will take scale to a higher level. Also two secrets are inaccessible because of a design flaw where a nook was given a WR action when it's impossible to cross over it since it's 24 px tall. I guess an SR action was supposed to go there, to lower the health bonuses and to lower the teleporter leading to the two secrets.
  8. Yeah! An ex-YU project would actually be really cool!
  9. I mean, it was meant to be a completely different style of map.
  10. Alright here's the pre-release. Didn't find any game-breaking bug in any map, so kudos guys!
  11. It's alright, you can make quick edits to improve gameplay a bit. I've fixed two major places where you can get stuck. (added lifts)
  12. Name: A Beginner's "Decent" Slaughter Build time: 2 h 20 min Themes: all four Music: E2M3 Heretic The title says it all. Tried to do something hard but failed really miserably I think. Should be decent for a 1024x 2h map though :D Uses a lot of sector trickery to make an actual structure made out of sidedefs in the center. May there be some HOMs near the structure disregard - floors which block Imp projectiles. Contains a lot of places where you can get stuck - I will fix that later bc I need to get some sleep man!
  13. the x1024 limit is playable area, of course.
  14. Not really 1. No usage of possessed humans 2. Map must be made under a 1024x1024 limit 3. Map must be centered around a berserk pack i.e no ammo except berserk 4. Lava-centric (made maps based around LAVA
  15. @cannonball I tried downloading your demo but you seem to have mistakenly uploaded a shortcut :c