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  1. Thanks for correcting me lol, I'm still learning English by the road (I'm not a native English speaker). I was 100% sure it was compactible.
  2. That map was dealt with and edited properly. You can make your map Boom compatible by selecting "Boom" when starting a new map. (Doom Builder 2)
  3. Nice to see people participating and not abandoning these sessions after two train wreck sessions! Trust me, th this one will be better than the other ones. After some thought, I probably won't be able to participate in the latter session because I need to have some sleep for the day after but we'll see. I hope I can.
  4. And to think that I'll be able to participate in both sessions myself... I can't wait. I guess that makes up for me missing out on the debut speedmapping session. And about the themes, they won't be too complicated and too loose and you'll actually be able to combine them, unlike the last two sessions!
  5. EAGLE SPEEDMAPPING SESSION 3 - THIRD ON THE 3RD! I swear that that wasn't intentional :D Will be held on the 3th June, 2017. BASIC RULES: - You'll have 2 hours to finish the map, however the borderline is 3 hours if your project is that ambitious - The maps should be Boom compatible and playable in -complevel 9 in order to increase flexibility. You don't have to use Boom actions if you don't want to. - You'll get three themes when the session starts to ensure fair play. The bonus, last session will also contain a bonus theme - You'll need to incorporate at least one theme in your map (I'm looking at you, everennui) COMBINABLE THEMES! Following the even worse themes I announced last time, this session will feature themes that you can actually combine well in the map itself. So, the first session will be held on 7:00 am UTC (New York is UTC-4 so take that as an example) and the second session will be held on 7:00 pm UTC! for navigation - I hope you'll enjoy and come back for more next month!
  6. Yeah well, I'm going back to GLBoom. This lags so much and I thought it'd be better in ZDoom... about the map, it was fun.
  7. Eurovision Grand Final today! Who's watching? 

    1. Albertoni


      I like to watch the winners afterwards, but I can't be arsed to sit around and watch it all, heh. Don't even have access to European TV, so even if I wanted I couldn't.

    2. MysteriousHaruko


      My family,I don't really like this contest. 

    3. bzzrak


      Watching it right now, I'll be disappointed if Croatia or Azerbaijan don't win.

    4. DoomLover234


      Yey I'm Croatian haha, Croatia was excellent the guy sang perfectly I'm proud of my country

    5. AnonimVio


      I'm surprised there are people that people still watch Eurovision. No one cares about it here.

    6. AnonimVio


      BTW Why can't you edit responses to status updates?


    7. bzzrak


      ...seriously Europe?

  8. PrtScr / SysRq button, it will automatically save to your GZDoom directory.
  9. Mapping for my WIP project, Abhorrence. MAP03. i'm fully aware that the blue room near the bottom is too boxy.
  10. Eternal Doom - MAP05 - Time Gate sends you to some time at the end of the map, there's three? different gates.
  11. Eurovision 1st semifinal. Who'll watch? 

    1. MysteriousHaruko


      Maybe me. Heh :')

  12. Maybe Epic 2? You are in Egypt and then all of a sudden on a planet... but that's not dimensional travel.
  13. Through these days, I'll tease you with some names of the levels for my upcoming WAD. There is a hidden meaning in them - it's yours to find it out. It has something to do with UDoom.

    TEASER #1 - Crops in Rectangles

  14. Funnily I liked this map...
  15. Thanks Suitepee as always for doing a stream of the maps! I didn't know you even streamed, but hey, I'll be sure to catch the stream next time around. I won't even bother to answer some of the chat's questions though. Also the now-readme midi (the intermission midi from before) needs more love, it's Bach for fucks sake... (also yey somebody liked my map!)