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  1. @leodoom85 You're gonna Tyson whole Doom without anything else? Will you use a chainsaw or berserk or plain fists and pistol? That looks fun.
  2. I actually really like how this room ended up looking. Before it was just a pit with two pipes. I'll probably change it a bit but I'm liking it. :)
  3. Well I have, but the WAD itself consists only of a bunch of markers. EDIT: Nevermind, it runs smoothly now for some reason!
  4. For secrets in Doom 2 itself, I just used the internet. Same goes for Hell Revealed, Memento Mori, Requiem, 1 Monster... Yeah, not an adventurer.
  5. I can't even get it to run, the WAD is a bunch of markers :(
  6. EAGLE SPEEDMAPPING SESSION 2 - KING DOUBLE! Will be held on the 6th May, 2017. BASIC RULES: - You'll have 2 hours to finish the map, however the borderline is 3 hours if your project is that ambitious - The maps should be Boom compactible and playable in -complevel 9 in order to increase flexibility. You don't have to use Boom actions if you don't want to. - You'll get the themes when the session starts to ensure fair play - You'll need to incorporate at least one theme in your map EXTRA FOR THIS SESSION: TWO SESSIONS! Drawing inspiration from ASS (duh), this session will be held in TWO SEPARATE SESSIONS! You are free to participate in both! But, there is a catch - the second session will have an additional theme you'll need to incorporate in order to make sure that you didn't work on your map inbetween the two sessions. SIMPLER, FREER THEMES! Following the bad themes I announced last time, this session will feature simpler and freer themes which will give more freedom to the mapper. Remember, this is on trial. So, the first session will be held on 6:00 am UTC (New York is UTC-4 so take that as an example) and the second session will be held on 6:00 pm UTC! for navigation - I hope you'll enjoy and come back for more next month!
  7. The thing that mostly destroys my runs is that I always aim to max the map, at least monster-wise. That takes time and gives me bullet holes in return... But it's a thing I always set as a goal when I play a new mapset. Kudos to Bloodite Krypto for being amazing fast as always and to Suitepee for a first survive!
  8. Duke Nukem has some atmospheric music that seems to be overlooked. For instance, Layers of Dust would fit in a Doom level nicely. So would Plasma (duh), Lemon Chilllll, In Tents...

    1. leodoom85
    2. JudgeDeadd


      I think it's a bit sad that, when people think about DN3D's music, all they can think of is "Grabbag" (which I personally feel is a way overhyped and dull tune.)

    3. JudgeDeadd


      ("Grabbag" is DN3D's main menu theme btw. Wish there was a way to edit these comments)

  9. So close, yet so far away... What the hell has happened here?
  10. I mean I have a suggestion - where ever the tan snakes turn pink, put a beam of RROCK09 over it and make a grill or some support beams out of it. Floor detail + no bad texturing
  11. 1. Yes you can. 2. Nope. Cannot trade textures for textures. Sorry, but rules are rules. 3. I'm really sorry but no. What's the texture set you got again? Just remind me.
  12. Ammo only makes it difficult to balance. In Computer Station you get much ammo but you can still die at any step you take because the level is open and all of the monsters can literally hear you when you fire your first shot and they will find you and search for you so that's really tense too. Also you see me having 1 HP at Phobos Lab but that's due to me trying to speedrun the hardest section of the level.
  13. Some questions about Heretic compactibility - 


    1. How many VISPLANEs does Heretic support?
    2. Is there any limit-removing port with Heretic compactibility besides ZDoom?

    1. Ichor


      1. 128 like Doom. It isn't until Hexen did the visplane limit get increased (to 160).

      2. Try Chocolate Heretic.

    2. DoomLover234


      Thanks! I read somewhere Heretic had like 64 but I think that was pre-release.



      Chocolate Heretic isn't limit-removing, though.

      Doomsday, however, is unless I'm mistaken.  Also I think Doom Legacy can support Heretic as well.


      There was also WHeretic but that's old and IIRC, buggy.  And Vavoom which was a total mess and dead now.


      So basically, ZDoom(-based) or Doomsday are your most viable options for limit-removing.

    4. Fonze


      There was just a thread asking this same question recently. Wherever it is, Grain of Salt posted a link to crispy doom 1.5 which contains a build of crispy heretic.

  14. Pistol-started each level of E1 without any secrets. I can safely say Military Base is the most problematic ammo-wise, and that the Computer Station is probably the deadliest E1 level.
  15. I said "doesn't appear at all out of secrets". Besides, isn't the point of this to play without finding the secrets?