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  1. That said, I have a better anagram for MAP04: Ouch Fest
  2. Aww... I had an idea to do levels based on this... your anagrams are better than mine anyway. (Tenor's Condom for MAP27 was mine lol)
  3. It's meant to be a temple under the ground so from my point it should be symmetrical but I just have do idea how to make other rooms properly.
  4. Yes, I'm still working on Abhorrence, while combating a huge Mapper's Block. That part south in the map? I can't finish that at all.
  5. The man's told you how to deal with monsters properly with the BFG (thereby shutting this thread) and the only thing you say to him is something about Goombas? Logic?
  6. Oh come on! Missed out on your stream again! You should post when you start streaming here so that I can watch it because I rarely check Doom General. But please dont get me wrong - I really appreciate taking your time to consistently play through these maps!
  7. I'll upload it to the /idgames archive in a few days.
  9. Hey look, 2 videos in 2 days! Who'd think that'd ever happen? Haha.
  10. More Slaughter Until Death, E2M6 this time. Good map, brutal on pistol start if you don't find the chainsaw
  11. I've improved a lot. It's MAP01 and MAP02 which is unfinishable. MAP01 was probably a very decent map, seeing as it's beatable and not too bad. It is mediocre, but it's not really a bad first map I guess? MAP02 is just bullshit.
  12. Alright. I'll link this fixed version and information for @Suitepee - if you stream, please stream this version as all of the bugs in the maps have been fixed here and it contains all the updated maps.
  13. Looking forward to the tweak @NuclearPotato! I added them there simply because a player would easily skip that and complain how there's not enough ammo for the Arch-Vile and because there's a small chance that the player would actually go back to the beginning and look behind the walls.
  14. Did that, and there was no typo in the DEH (Unexplainably Unexplorable?)