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  1. Some questions about Heretic compactibility - 


    1. How many VISPLANEs does Heretic support?
    2. Is there any limit-removing port with Heretic compactibility besides ZDoom?

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    2. NaZa


      Thanks! I read somewhere Heretic had like 64 but I think that was pre-release.



      Chocolate Heretic isn't limit-removing, though.

      Doomsday, however, is unless I'm mistaken.  Also I think Doom Legacy can support Heretic as well.


      There was also WHeretic but that's old and IIRC, buggy.  And Vavoom which was a total mess and dead now.


      So basically, ZDoom(-based) or Doomsday are your most viable options for limit-removing.

    4. Fonze


      There was just a thread asking this same question recently. Wherever it is, Grain of Salt posted a link to crispy doom 1.5 which contains a build of crispy heretic.