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  1. As y'all know I've unfortunately cancelled work on Abhorrence due to a lack of inspiration and interest. I'm now wondering, should I just do single map releases until I judge I'm worthy enough to make an episode or a megawad?

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    2. Voltcom9


      yes. Possibly even continue your speedmap thread.

    3. Albertoni


      Yep, make small releases so you can better learn from your errors!

    4. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      If you still have the goal of doing a longer solo set someday, I'd say try to create a short episode, somewhere in the 6 map range, give or take. Pacing and composition (and, optionally, a certain continuity) across a series of levels is a very important consideration for longer mapsets (whether they're entirely made by one author, or by several), and a doing a short episode like this will give you some practice with developing those skills without shackling yourself to a humongous (and thus overwhelming/demoralizing) mountain of work before you're ready.