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  1. NaZa

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    DEAD: MAP11 CATEGORY: Have played this before up to MAP06. Rest was blind, so Non-blind. SKILL: Ultra-Violence ENGINE: prBoom-plus That said, I'm immensely satisfied to have beaten anything after MAP06 blind. Until MAP11, that is. naza_ironeagle2_vanguard.zip
  2. Well, post it anyway, documenting stuff is always good. Besides, there's loads of demos of people dying in the first few minutes! Look at Nilla Doom and Disturbia (loveless) to see what I mean.
  3. NaZa

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    Yes yes yes! I've played this pretty recently, and I can for sure get through the first five maps.
  4. A fairly good one! I forgot how it feels to have good luck through the run. CATEGORY: 1 DEATH: MAP05 (Renascence - chaingunner) and MAP06 (Resistance - chaingunner) TOTAL MAPS SURVIVED: 9 LINK: naza_tnts.zip A great run. Renascence I got lost on MAP02 and MAP03. I could have exited MAP02 five minutes earlier due to an accidental key grab, and MAP03 had this weird switch mechanism which I did but I forgot one so I looped around for five minutes. Accidentally exited MAP04 because nothing said that was the exit itself, and Lady Luck decided enough is enough when I stepped out too early on MAP05 to deal with some chaingunners - until that the map was quite easy. Surviving Resistance was always going to be tricky (seeing other people's disastrous runs on MAP02 gave me little hope), and with the limited ammunition I had on hand I had to make a run for in on MAP02 - it played out well, but man, the mappers overused the arch-viles. Barons are used good to build up tension. MAP03 was not an easy one, due to quite a surprise near the end. MAP04 was quite a map, favourite one I'd played yet. MAP05 tried to be tough with extremely unfair monster ambushes to simulate """difficulty""" but in the end it was more stupid than difficult. MAP06 was a Scottymap so I knew I'd probably meet my fate there - it happened similarly to MAP06 of Coffee Break, where my brain went zero and chaingunners shredded me. Overall, I'm very happy with my run, and I hope I get a better placing than last month. Leaderboard will be updated shortly.
  5. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Those are actually elevators - normally they're around 128 but they lower pretty deep.
  6. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    MAP31: Nested Tech of Hell Reduced. Build time: 4 hours (excluding breaks). Proud of it.
  7. NaZa

    First Ever IronEagle Competition: Scientist 2

    I liken it more to TOTAL (barrel) EXPOSURE. Loads of deaths on one map.
  8. EDIT: Screenshots spoilered because of awful formatting on PC. Because of the direction this took, I have a few more things to add: My map was called purposely shit and a joke created so that I can withdraw two. Now, bonnie, let me get this straight - if you mapped your heart out three days, carefully watching that fucking visplane limiter and balancing the map painstakingly for other skill levels and DM, wouldn't it hurt to get your map called purposely shit? A joke? A MAP THAT DESERVES NO FEEDBACK? I can get behind the reasons why it was rejected. But holy crap talking behind one's back has become huge. Every map deserves feedback. And it's kinda sad feedback was given only when I rightfully complained about getting a simple 'no', something you think was good enough of a feedback. (for clarification, there was only one version of Gateway) And let's not forget the theory that I made Gateway (a map I'm proud of) shit so I can withdraw Sinner, a map for which I've said many times I don't actually like myself. Why would I do it just for that? My goal with creating Gateway was to wake this project up. It was dead between Aug and Sep and I thought I could encourage progress again. And if you doubt I disliked Sinner and actually made Gateway for that goal, here's a post stamped 26th Jul. Long before Gateway was created. Though, it was only a month later my map was given a proper play by the project leader. What surprised me most is how they ghosted my map, neglecting to give absolutely any feedback on it until I've asked for it myself. And talking about future projects at the same time which is rather disrespectful. And for the end, Underslaught was updated SEVEN times before the axe fell on it. Even older than Gateway, too. Such an amount of work was done to make it better. What I found surprising is how the project leader didn't care about who mapped for their project, at all.
  9. Same here. An extreme showcase of that was in the August run where the intermission screen went on for about five minutes as I celebrated getting past MAP11 and took a bathroom break.
  10. For the sake of community keeping track of what's going on, I've withdrawn Sinner as well as Gateway was rejected. You can still download them, play them, enjoy them etc. and tell me if they feel like joke and purposely shit maps.
  11. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Scotty that looks extreme! In a very positive way, too. Grand scope and detailing which is not too much but very striking.
  12. NaZa

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    This seems fun. I might be able to, but not sure. Though, I'm curious about the turnout.
  13. I'm sorry to inform you, but that's absolutely meaningless unless you made it to the end, which is unfortunately not the case. Shame really - considering you went for the secret exit, I'm guessing you used the other exit so you shouldn't lose too much time luckily. But yes, people who don't go for the secret level and died on the same map are usually ranked above simply because they needed less time, that is didn't go for the secret level.
  14. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This feels so lacking compared to all the extremities preceding my screenshot :-)
  15. NaZa

    First Ever IronEagle Competition: Scientist 2

    Might have died under a slow crusher in MAP04 after doing really well on that map. MAP02 nearly killed me (7 or 17 HP iirc) but I just survived. Category: blind sci2_naza.zip