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  1. I started mapping for Duke before I did for Doom, so...
  2. NaZa

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Pretty long map, but not very difficult. You need to know every trap well, though, to not get caught out. Visually it's the worst one yet, nothing spectacular. Did Bjorn and Holger put their worst maps as their penultimate maps in Infinity too? It's kinda not cool, but this played much better than Big Time! Somebody has to explain this to me. This mapset is called ETERNITY. Yet every level has S-Y like in Serenity, and this level literally has SERENITY in it twice. Now, I understand that the set was called Serenity II at some point. But still, is it that difficult to change the letters? They're not an important part of the map's architecture anyway. Map's got a painful pistol start and its the reason why I played this continuously. In fact, I think it's impossible from a pistol start.
  3. Oh. Well time's up! Thank you all for your maps! Compilation will occur within this day, probably.
  4. Three more hours, and I know there are some maps still in the making - there's just enough time to get 'em done!
  5. @NoisyVelvet Woah, I forgot a player might want to revisit the area down there. I'll fix that, as well as numerous gameplay/design fixes in 24 hours. Thanks!
  6. TITLE: The Black Afterlife AUTHOR: NaZa BUILD TIME: Pretty much 4 hours INSPIRATION: Hell Revealed! I found the start eerily similar and just continued being inspired by it. THEMES: Interlock, full start, secret MUSIC: Havana Smooth by Lee Jackson (HellRevealed MAP10) COMMENTS: Did all map in stock textures except the HR sky because I wanted to go back to basics, like the first Eagle session. Because I'd given all resources at the start (except the snazzy secret; I've noticed a stray BFG in an area that I'll have to remove) so I probably made my hardest and most difficult map. Architecture is minimalistic and very, very HR-ish. There's a lot of callbacks here and there, and it's all good. I like how the map turned out! ess11_naza.zip
  7. Yeah, that's a good idea. BONUS THEME: A secret leads to a completely new optional area. Due to it being a secret, you can add some powerups there if you are doing Theme 3. Also, regarding Theme 3 (giving health ammo etc) BFG is omitted from the theme, meaning that the mapper can give it at the start, but also later.
  8. Oh my God, I am so sorry guys! The session should have started now, and not yesterday! Because of this huge bottle-up, I'll extend the session time for an additional 24 hours, to accommodate for anyone who wanted to submit a map and this would basically disallow them to. I'm terribly sorry for this, this is not how I wanted it to happen.
  9. Come on, hour left! Let's hurry up!
  10. A tiny bit more than five hours remain - just enough to, if you already haven't, start and finish your map!
  11. Dammit, poor results for Sweden and Austria in the televote. Pleasantly surprised with Albania, Italy, Denmark and obviously Austria!
  12. I'd love if France won but there were good songs too; Portugal, Netherlands and Austria were favourites of mine too. Italy was strong too!
  13. What happener to England? Good performance until the guy got in... I'm gutted!
  14. Irelande Douze Points was possibly one of the most infamous troll entires. It wasn't really good but a nice laugh nonetheless. Jedward's Lipstick was pretty good in 2011, but Waterline the following year was just Lipstick minus everything good. They've been getting it good these two years, though; the songs were not too bad. They deserved the final in 2015 though with Playing with Numbers , a really nice song! Anyway, the final is in 1 h 30 min. Some personal favourites dropped out (Greece, Belgium's studio version, Montenegro...) but it's still good most songs. Can't wait for the end result!
  15. No, you have a whole 24 h and you can begin speedmapping whenever! You can start and end whenever within these 24 hours (I'd like if everybody spent max 4 hours but it's OK if it's a bit longer)! That's why I made it last a day; timezone flexibility.