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  1. I'm sorry if you don't understand what I meant by the title so I'll explain it a bit more. In my case I have a trio of secrets that's really closely related to each other. I'll refer to them as A), B) and C). There is a switch that opens up a new area in the map and you can find a small, tight passage to B) where an armor and a berserk are. If you find a secret switch on the other side of the map, stairs will rise, blocking you from entering B), but enabling you to get to C) where there is some ammo. You can also get to a watery area only that way, but there's nothing there unless you find A) and flip a switch to raise a Soulsphere there. I don't know if that's good, heh. Other examples that actually don't lead to another secret are MAP18 (?) of Memento Mori, where stairs block a secret armor once they raise. Also, a more extreme case is in E2M5 of DTWID, where, if you don't choose the right path in an intersection, it shuts forever and you cannot get the secret exit. Anyway, what is your opinion on such secrets that get blocked off in map progression?
  2. Nice Cyber Terror stuff.
  3. Alright... by episode. FAVORITE E1M2: The Dungeon E2M6: The Labyrinth (solely music tho) E3M6: The Halls of Fear E4M1: Catafalque (striking opener kinda like AA MAP01 in a sense) E5M3: Quay / E5M7: Foetid Manse LEAST FAVOURITE E1M9: The Graveyard E2M7: The Great Hall E3M7: The Chasm (hard pick cuz E3 has all very solid maps imo) E4M5: Great Stair (probably tied with Courtyard for most forgettable map of the set) E5M4: Courtyard (see above)
  4. Ah, BROWNWEL. I mean, upon seeing it, I can understand why they never used it again.
  5. Require 'Em! is also pretty popular, as well as the Sith series.
  6. Well, it seems that I posted my pictures WIP in a bad time
  7. Finally escaped from this base... man, that was some serious trouble! Just need to get through the cave behind me now... that one, unfortunately, seems to be most guarded as the front gate's there. At least, after I clear this, no more bas- Oh.
  8. His contributions to 1Monster were pretty nice. Workin' On The Chain Gang (MAP13) and Castle Dorkenstein (MAP31, I'm nut sure is that the name of the map though) were extremely nicely detailed and played well, very well if you take into account that there was only 1 type of monster. The layout was really good, and MAP31 was extremely non-linear and it's a very fun map, even though it uses Nazis. Workin' On The Chain Gang is a bit more linear, but really challenging and, to me at least, has an extremely realistic and beautiful design.
  9. Will be held on the 6th January, 2017, Myst.Haruko agreed I can hold it then as Pigeon 4 won't be held this month. REFINED RULESET! In a PM conversation with another member, he pointed out that maybe the time limit is too strict and stressing people to hastily make a map. So I'm going to trial this format below. Also, because of making differences between other speedmapping sessions. TIME LIMIT EXTENDED TO 24 HOURS! You'll have from 12 AM GMT, Saturday till 12 AM GMT, Sunday to complete your map. Because of that, there will be no second session. Just this one. THEME REFINING! As this is mostly a trial session, I'll give you two main themes, only one of which you will have to implement (it will be a really broad theme, like church/castle/cave) and three additional restrictions/themes for each and one has to at least be used. Not this time around, so the themes will be normal this session. DISCORD SERVER (join and chat): v2:
  10. I won't be able to join in for this one either, unfortunately... :( also I think ASS 27 can be uploaded to the archives as Stardate is supposedly on the archives (also I made a map for that :P)
  11. Ah... well then I don't know, the nearest text screen is after MAP06. Might make a tiny placeholder map there just to utilize the text screen after.
  12. Will this be a regular thing?!?
  13. I will create a map for this proyect.
  14. After some thought, @THMG's map will probably be included as MAP31, however I don't know how to specify that it requires GZDoom so that people actually read it. I'll probably write it in sectors on the last map or something. Making a forced secret exit at the end of MAP05 and the textscreen could warn the users about the map before crashing, if loaded in Boom. If THMG agrees, obviously. Anyway, v2 is available. THINGS FIXED Surreily's map had a HOM at the place where you drop on the blood pool after the outdoor area. No more. Three known instances of bad textures fixed - SUPPORT2, BIGDOOR1 and PIPEWAL2
  15. I don't know how to feel about this. But I was asleep so I couldn't participate.
  16. I'll look into the texture thing, I noticed nothing when running through the compilation. I'll check it more tomorrow when I'm refreshed... EDIT: Yeah, the first two encounters are basic puzzles. The last encounter was actually never tested before release but my subconscience seemed to have known the whole setup lasts just enough. Funnily enough, that's the only encounter that changed after initially putting it in the map - the last Cybie was a Mastermind.
  17. Here's me expanding on the trivia. 1. Who participated how many times? Forli participated the most times, creating 7 maps - he participated in every session from 2nd (for which he contributed 2 maps) to 6th, and then in the 8th session. After that he hasn't participated. Perhaps next time :) In second place are two people with 6 maps contributed by each. Surreily participated in the first ever Eagle Session, also in the 2nd, and then from 4th to 6th. After that he hasn't contributed until this very session. On the other hand, Walter confetti participated from 2nd to 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th, being the most regular, and consistent, mapper so far. 5 maps were contributed by three people. Bzzrak started participating most recently of the bunch, with the 3rd session being his debut. Afterwards, he participated in the 6th, 7th (in which he made 2 maps) and 8th. Pinchy also made 2 maps for one session, that being the 5th session. He also participated in the 2nd, 6th and 7th. The last of these is bonnie, whose contribution for the 6th session is likely to remain his last one, taking recent events into consideration (not that I would disallow him from participating, mind you). He participated in the first ever session, and also in the 2nd (for which he made 2 maps), 3rd and 5th. Two people have contributed 4 maps each. NaZa aka DoomLover234 is myself. I participated in the 2nd and 4th session, and didn't participate until the last two sessions, where I "woke up". I promise I will continue contributing to my own sessions. Everennui was one of the most consistent mappers for Eagle, on the other hand. He contributed for 4 sessions in a row, from 2nd to 5th, and hasn't contributed anything since, unfortunately. Five people made 3 maps for the sessions. Spie812 and therektafire both participated three times in a row, from 7th session onward, unfortunately missing out on this one. A2Rob has participated twice for the 5th and 6th session, and after a longer break returned and made another one for this session. dl_simc made a map for the 3rd session, and returned for the 7th and 8th sessions. Last of the bunch is StormCatcher.77, who participated in the first two sessions, however his participation in the 6th session wasn't the start of a new trend, but rather a one-off. Seven people contributed 2 maps: AnonimVio and NecrumWarrior both participated in only the first two sessions - they haven't been participating since. Bioshockfan90 is the only person from the 1st session who didn't participate in the 2nd one as well, but he made up for it by joining in for the 5th one. Elmle and NuclearPotato participated in the 3rd and 5th sessions. NeedHealth made two maps in a row for the 7th and 8th sessions, but didn't come back since. However NoisyVelvet has started participating very recently (#8) and has participated in this session also. Start of a trend we'll see. And at the end, eight people contributed only 1 map: NEANDERTHAL; you probably remember Quick Jim (#2), Suitepee (#2 - he makes up for it by streaming anyway), Big Ol Billy (#3), Breezeep and Solarn (#5), Scotty (#6), Philnemba (#7) and antares031 (#8). Will any of them return for the new decade and the new year? Hopefully. 2. NUMBER OF MAPS PER SESSION Only two sessions had more than 10 maps; ESS 02 - King Double, had an astounding number of 14 maps, while ESS 05 - Total Silence had 12 maps, which is reasonably close. ESS 06 - Better Late Than Never, despite being organized later than usual, nearly tied that number with 9 maps. This number of maps was also shared by ESS 08 - Memesis. Also, 8 maps were accomplished by two sessions; ESS 03 - Third on the 3rd (which wasn't intentional but was quite a coincidence anyway) and ESS 07 - All Alone In The Flame Of Doubt, which, for a session completely overshadowed by drama, wasn't that bad after all. The first session, ESS 01 - Rough Beginning, clocked in at 6 maps, with every mapper contributing at least one more map to the sessions. Two sessions also had 5 maps contributed to - ESS 04 - Four Square and ESS 10 - A Decade. A funny coincidence is that I've made a map for both of them, as well as Walter and Surreily. By amount of maps, the worst session was ESS 09 - Joy To The Eagles, which had a measly number of 3 maps. This was mostly due to another speedmapping session taking place just before this one, but also because of drama which still hasn't quite lifted off. I don't know why I wrote all that.
  18. Probably the fastest I've ever completed a compilation but here it goes: EAGLES 10 - A DECADE (pre-release) KNOWN BUGS - Noisy and Walter's map have big titles that barely fit as a CWILV in prBoom+. - Also, Noisy and Walter's map titles don't fit in automap view of ZDoom. - Both theirs and Surreily's map titles don't fit in automap view of prBoom+.
  19. With that, the session is over! I'll wait for 25 more minutes and then call it done.
  20. Obviously me Joking of course, I don't find myself worthy of such title. A2Rob, floatRand and Scotty are more than worthy, on the other hand. Each have their own style which is good - and I think in the future they will be even better.
  21. The player start is in the area before the final room, but no worries, I'll relocate it back at the start.
  22. 3 hours and 30 minutes left for mapping. I will accept maps until 30 minutes after the session ends.
  23. Woah. When I said I'm not sure is it maxable, I was mainly talking about the blood pool and the rad suit, which lasts just enough. I thought killing the other two Cybers was impossible as you'd waste too much time and the suit would wear off. That's why I put a blue armor, berserk and a soulsphere, to leave room for error. Also if you go to the second Cyberdemon too quickly, the doors which block the MM's close and maxing the map is impossible at that point. I might add a teleporter at the last area so one can revisit and kill everyone if he really wants to, but that can, again, be exploited at the final encounter.
  24. TITLE: Cybernetics (How 7 Monsters Can Be Tough) TIME: 3 hours, if testing counts then 3h 30 min THEMES: 10 sectors, 2 types of monsters TEXTURES: cc4-tex (I believe only METAL, switches, sky and EXITSTON aren't from there :D MUSIC: "Mindgroove" by Kristian Aro, MAP11 of WoS INSPIRATION: Mainly MAP11 of WoS (Cyberfunk) COMMENTS: Well this was fun. I really needed to think a lot about how to make a map beautiful with only 10 sectors, well, here it is. The doors are very weirdly tagged, and at the end I needed to resort to a lot of things to make the exit room work. This map should not and probably will not be maxable, but it should barely be survivable ;) The Spider Masterminds are there to make you think. Basically there's only 2 monsters you need to kill with guns, you can (and should) bypass 4, 1 is killed by something) THE PITS ARE INESCAPABLE, AS SAID IN THE MAP (look at the automap)