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  1. Things about Doom you just found out

    That would work really well in some boss fights, especially for Heretic, because one could get away with "black magic pulls him closer". Really nice find.
  2. Aw man, but do know Ironman is about fun, not all about points! :)
  3. Unfortunately, I am out of town tomorrow so I won't be able to join in.
  4. Back when I played Requiem on ITYTD (yeah, those were the times), I got really scared by the sudden Icon of Sin in a Casali map, I think it was MAP23? I really got scared and ran away... I don't think I've ever finished the WAD, I just never got past that map. Icons of Sin out of place and not used as a MAP30 boss can be quite a thing.
  5. Old but gold WADs?

    I've recently been playin' some Maximum Doom and I stumbled upon Megalab. That is probably one of the most beautiful '94 maps I've ever played, and it was made on April 30th. Guy's ahead of his time by a lot. It's really nicely laid out and it looks beautiful too! Same with Megawatt, that one's older. Also, the hotel WAD is really stunning as well, and airwalk is a nice deathmatch. What's some old but gold WAD you've found these days?
  6. E1M2 and E1M3 (the lamp!) come to mind instantly.
  7. Miiiiiiiight join in, but I cannot promise anything.
  8. Here are the All-Time Standings, yes they're back! What's new: - December 2017 rankings - January (had to really dig deep for that, idk is it correct at all) and February (used @RjY's table so thanks!) 2018 - all-time standings. duh - a comparison to the year before below each month (more/less participants) Also, for January, I didn't count Big Ol' Billy's run, as he started from MAP01 each time. I'm awaiting on Alfonzo's sentence for that - in the meantime, the cell's blank. After a few disappointing performances made by Demon of the Well, WH-Wilou84 retook 1st place in the All-Time Standings, with Bloodite Krypto getting closer and closer to the pair. Will he finally clinch the All-Time 1st Place this year? Veinen, who was on route to trace the trio, did not participate in 2018 yet. Alfonzo seemed to have missed out on February (or forgot to upload?), so that allowed Anima Zero to slide past him. Suitepee entered the 1,000,000 club, and his gap to Roofi widened as Roofi missed out on January and didn't quite make up time in February. Both were overtaken by Beginner, who is on fire right now as he's less than 500 points behind DotW in the 2018 standings and only those points bar him the Top 5. Dime is also yet to participate in 2018, which opened the path for an_mutt and Ancalagon to get past him, with RjY being a big threat as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MD_xVaxvvARtENsjya30g-rnJDqiLL2ZpQc6YlKQV9g/edit#gid=165613475
  9. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A fatal time for reloading. (yes I'm crossposting but this picture really deserved that)
  10. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Well, I don't think any of my abandoned projects so far could've been really "dream" projects. Maybe Journey to Despair started really, really smoothly and then I just abandoned it. Shame, really, it was a great set, the story was that you were placed in prison for fraud or so and you had to get out. The second level, Wastelands, is still probably one of the best levels I've made. The third one is probably still the most advanced level I've made concerning monster traps; shame I didn't finish it. Maybe one they I'll get back to that and make the set much better.
  11. It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up. (played the demo back for this sad scene) Category 1. I don't know what happened. I was going around really smooth until I entered that nukage area. Then, things started going downhill a lot. First, on the warp-in, a revenant decided my 121 HP was too much so he hit me and suddenly I had 51 HP! After some hits by mancubi my health managed to drop to 10% and remained like that some time, until I finally managed to regain composure and strike back (read: drank tea to calm his nerves down), got back to 100% or so. Got all three keys, and was heading to get out with a switch that let out a group of seemingly harmless revenants and a few mancubi teleported in to the other entrance. I killed the mancubus only for a stampedo of revenant rockets appear behind the corpse, hitting me in my feet and somehow lowering my health to 37%. I managed to kill all but one - and I went in his face to SSG his skull, but he was faster, and within a second I was laying dead and drinking mint tea angrily exactly 58 minutes after I started. This year is not going well for me Ironman-wise. My goal is to survive at least one set this year, and if possible to beat Anima and Eris in the standings, although judging so far that ain't gonna happen. :D warlh_ironman_naza.zip
  12. GG @Eris Falling and congrats Bloodite!
  13. Well, this looks promising, but my goal is to finally beat Anima, so that'll be difficult going in blind. Especially when it's really cold, my lust for hot chocolate might reappear :( Also I predict Krypto's time as 26:42. Oddly specific.
  14. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Oh man, I can't say I'm really satisfied with my placing that much (my lust for hot chocolate in the run is to blame) but there's always "the next month" :P (also Anima and Eris are now far away :P)
  15. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    The Eastern European Cup could be a fun thing too! If @bzzrak would join in for these again too :D
  16. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Only now did I notice it says "monthy" competition in the OP... since August 2016... :P sorry had to
  17. 23 MAPS? Congratulations! Might give a play some time.
  18. Best speedmaps you have played?

    abyssal 26 27 eagle 2 4 9 10 pigeon 3 oh yeeeh Alright, I'm just joking with that. I think Eagle 5 is one of the most consistent speedmapping sets definitely, (even though I really have to fix that compilation) and, Pigeon 2 is really nice. The 20's ASSes are really worth looking too as, well as Khorus Speedy Shit.
  19. Yes, playing through Serenity now there's Axel F on M3, some funky jazz mid in M4 (excellent MIDI, I absolutely love it but it doesn't fit in Doom) and an all piano version of Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence in M6.
  20. Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Serenity - E3M6: I'm Here. I'm There. Stairs Are Everywhere (Holger/Nathrath) Music is cool, even if it doesn't fit much and its all pianoey. The map itself is pretty nicely laid out, only thing to note is that drops make it easy to jump on monsters' heads. Sometimes SLAD can get monotone but it's all in good measure. This map actually does play well from a pistol start - however two more maps, and neither of them does much.
  21. Oh, ASS 26 MAP01 "Beer Processing" with "At Doom's Gate" being all the same pitch? I remember that one, I was really harsh on my tongue back then.
  22. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    You should never, never let your guard down in this one. Blind playthrough, MAP06 did me in because I was thinking about how nice it would be to get some hot chocolate after doing this, and the nearby chaingunners made me have more holes than cheese. There were a lot of near-death experiences in the run, notably start of MAP01 and a trap on MAP03. When I heard MAP05 music I felt it'd be obnoxious, and my twitching at the start is that. MAP06 seemed like a really easy map, but I just got too confident and sidetracked when I found out at least 5 chaingunners can shoot at me, then I panicked... shame, really. cafebrk1_naza.zip
  23. Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Finally ending my three month hiatus of no videos. Serenity - E3M5: Dungeons of the Dark (Nathrath/Hermans) This level has an extremely painful pistol start. It's very difficult to kill every monster with the ammo you have. It's possible but not easily. The map itself is very nice, maybe except that ASHWALL corridor. The N area was nicely executed, if not a bit cryptic with lowering that megaarmor. The marble halls mid-map are very difficult to take care of, ammo-wise.
  24. Hmm.... E1M7 wins this one for really creeping me out. Although many tracks unsettled me, but not as much - E1M5, E1M6 (because it was really tense), E2M4 and MAP28
  25. I'll mostly be leaving the Doom community in February to focus more on life. I feel like the Internet, as well as most of the other communities I'm involved in, changed my life by making me basically glued to a screen, be it computer, or mobile. That's why I feel like taking a bit of a break from Doom. That said, that means that Eagle sessions are entering a hiatus. Why? I will still be on here, but not as much as before. I want to cut time I spend on the Internet, and that means I'll have to cut the time I use for organizing/speedmapping/compiling/bugfixing to a minimum. What I will do during my break (and is related to my presence here) is the following: a) Check every Eagle until now, find any errors in main WAD, fix and (re)send to the archives b) Possibly continue my participation in the Ironman League as my runs are short anyway :D c) Focus on my main project when I have enough time on hand. I hope everybody understands. Goodbye for now.