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  1. May, 2022 The yearly leader board Standard Leaderboard [1] MAP29: NightTerror - Not only is NightTerror Good at Doom, they're also Fast at Doom. Too fast, even. (DNF) [1] MAP29: Beginner - I won't rub salt on the wound, but damn, that was such a foxy duo of revenants. [1] MAP28: Bdubzzz - Abandons the quest for the blue skull and goes firewalking. The problem is, Bdubzzz was bound for eternity. [1] MAP17: Vince Vega - Even Better at Doom than NightTerror! Not even I saw a demon down there. Fabulous death. [2] MAP32: NaZa - Hunted. Caught. [1] MAP14: mhrz - Was on for a decent result, and then decided to follow Andromeda. What's the worst that could've happened? (DNF) [1] MAP14: Maribo - *in DJ Khaledese* And another one. (DNF) [1] MAP14: PsychEyeball - Actually DECLINES the softlock - nice! Should've kept running at the end and avoided doing a VV, though... [1] MAP14: Suitepee - Reads about the DNF before the run began. Surely, he cannot fall for it. (DNF) [2] MAP14: Andromeda - Goes secret searching behind a wooden wall. Got disappointed. (DNF) [1] MAP13: SharkyChip - Strong debut - that's a lot of ground covered. Nice to see courage with the attempted 2-shot, as well. [2] MAP11: Anima Zero - What a rollercoaster of emotions. Courage followed by panic followed by nonchalance. GJ ANIMA. [1] MAP06: SilentD00mer - Got caught napping. [1] MAP05: SCF - Spends a long time searching for the red key only to get PULVERIZED. [1] MAP05: Pseudonaut - Only three seconds slower than SCF - they were brothers in death, though. SMUSHED. [1] MAP03: BoxY - Flanked and blinded with their own blood. [2] MAP03: cannonball - Feels like watching BoxY. Is this the same demo? Prepared Leaderboard - ... What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In May 2022 the DWIronman League dies to The Rebirth (-complevel 2) by @Vader. During my tenure as an Ironman host (both permanent and interim), I've not chosen a single megaWAD barring Hell Revealed, which was a special choice due to the 50th challenge. The reason partly is because there wasn't much "casually" paced megaWADs like TVR! which aren't that difficult but can definitely bite you if you let your guard down and if you lose concentration. After a somewhat small number of maps (24 total so far this year), and little time spent on them in the last few months, an endurance challenge should ideally present itself to go back to the Ironman "endurance" roots, so here it is. The Rebirth by Vader is quite a gloomy WAD with a few bits here and there that can spell Doom for you, though of course without Rebirth in an Ironman setting. As with TVR!, there's also a great MIDI Pack made by @Jimmy et al. which makes each level have a unique track, but doesn't replace any of Vader's original tracks (barring MAP30, to my knowledge). That's enough blabber - try not to die and make it through all 30 maps! Essential Info Doom II: Hell on Earth (doom2.wad) Compatibility level 2, or "Doom (strict)" for ZDoom derivative ports. 30+2 maps Time estimate: 3+ hours SOFTLOCK ON MAP14! From two windows in the map, you'll be able to see a "balcony" with a few shotgunners and a cell pack. You may jump onto said balcony, but DO NOT TRY TO JUMP ACROSS THE FENCES/WOODEN WALLS (which you can do from that window/balcony). One of them has an impassable linedef, but the other one doesn't, and it's inescapable. Here's an image for easier understanding: https://i.imgur.com/L3QsNY9.png HEARTBREAKING SOFTLOCK ON MAP29! In the northernmost reaches of the map, after the red key door, there is a room you have to enter, visible here on automap: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/929475889471848471/972924702647517224/unknown.png. There's an arachnotron directly opposite you in a turret position, it's quite a visible room. Anyway, before you even enter the room, WAIT UNTIL THE DOOR FULLY OPENS. Then enter, and it should close behind you. After that, WAIT UNTIL IT FULLY CLOSES BEFORE FLIPPING ANY SWITCHES OR OPENING FURTHER DOORS. This is because an one-time switch opens the door back up. Even if the entry door is closing, the switch is still triggerable because it corresponds to two separate sectors. As a result, this room and switch setup is very fragile unless you take it extremely slowly and cautiously. Also, NEVER RETURN TO THAT ROOM LATER, because the door is not openable from the inside due to that. That's not the only softlock on this map, though. Before it takes any souls, when you raise a path to the grand entrance in the very beginning of the map, try to not fall off said path. One side has a teleporter, the other hasn't. And it's not a lift either. > Download The Rebirth > Download The Rebirth MIDI Pack prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file Rebirth1.wad -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp -warp Rules: Previous threads:
  2. NaZa

    Eurovision 2022

    Foresaw that coming @Roofi - nice. 439/480 max in televote is scary. At least we gave 24/24 points to Konstrakta is EPIC because AN ARTIST MUST BE HEALTHY. Really proud of our Serbian brothers. Also really happy for Sam, he's been a great sport and a good song to win the jury vote. On another note... wtf Europe? France was epic n they got only 6 points televote... Proud that we gave them 1/6 but man... Deserved much more.
  3. NaZa

    Eurovision 2022

    Sweden or Spain, I'm okay with either. If Ukraine wins I don't mind, their song is a bop. Personal favourite is France because trance Breton music is just incredibly original but it won't fare too well. And a very chill Lithuania, love their language. Our neighbours also did well. Stay healthy y'all. Mens sana in corpore sano. We stayed in semi 1 but tbh we were never making it through. Mia didn't disappoint us at least. Gutted Achille didn't make it out of semi 2. Guy set a new standard for performances, genius stuff. Probably broke the record for most pyrotechnics used...
  4. I'll do Infinite (from what I see nobody did it yet) but I'll be quicker this time I promise.
  5. For sure MAP11 of Vanguard. In my opinion the MIDI made the map as good as it is. Steel Giant from Xenogears for anyone interested. Honourable mention is definitely BtSX E1 MAP03 music, Drilling by Night, as well as MAP05, Atmospheric Pressure. It's just brilliant music altogether that make both maps shine a bit more.
  6. Boring race till Gasly and Norris collected each other... Was sad that Mick plowed into Seb, them both scoring points would have been memorable for both. Seb had some special moves throughout the race. Was actually glad to see Lance score points, guy did really well and drove quite a wide car. Bottas as usual. Haas gotta ask themselves how they screwed this race up. Also gutted for Checo.
  7. Similar to the Eurovision thread I'd created four? years ago I think... here's another for a (relatively) niche fanbase. With the recent surge of F1 fans numbers (partly due to DTS, which is a topic in itself that I don't want to get into), I think it's worth a shot. As the AUSGP is over, the tifosi in me is quite happy to see Leclerc make it 3/3 podiums and seriously emerge as a contender for the title, as well as being disappointed it's not Sainz but oh well guy overshot it today and went too aggro. Will be curious to see how many races until we hear "I am stupid" again. Glad to see George profit from the SC and defend well from Hamilton though it's humorous to see him P2 in WDC standings. Checo as always clockwork and I was genuinely happy to see Bottas and especially Albon in that bin of a car make it to the tail end of the Top 10. Not sure where the McLarens found all this pace, they were bringing up the rear in Bahrain. Can't help but wonder what's with the Aston Martins, however. Stroll Sr. is seriously rich, Otmar was a good engineer (as evidenced by the Alpines being potentially fourth on pure pace this year) and a great brand with potential sponsors, being last in the constructors should be a disaster and impossible. But, here we are. Watching Vettel, my favourite driver on the grid (or up there with Valtteri this season though) lose his mojo over the last 4 years has been difficult and just as it was looking like he's settling well in the AM comes the worst weekend I've seen from his side. At least he took it well and didn't cause any controversy, unlike his teammate. Stroll slamming stewards for "funny decisions" is potentially the most humorous thing I've read all week... coming after crashing Latifi out (Latifi not crashing on his own for once!), making Bottas brake on the straight and then pushing him off is just... yeah. The car itself also looks undriveable but at least it's beautiful to see it on the track. Just like the Ferrari. However, the Ferrari at least sees a checkered flag; AM has to settle in for blue flags. One thing I would not like to drag into a thread like this, though, is the Masigate controversy. It's happened last year, we're over it by this point. Whether you think Max is deserving of his title is not relevant anymore. As I was firmly on Max's side last year, I really can't not feel for him this year, though; had there not been engine issues he would be sitting at 61 points and not that far off Leclerc. Then again, had Perez not had abysmal luck two weeks ago...
  8. NaZa

    Guess the Map! [17th Edition] (Final results)

    No hints: Hints:
  9. Leaderboard updated. @NightTerror currently in the lead, getting ever so close to the exit. However, there's probably solace in the fact that NightTerror would likely have won April had they not accidentally boarded a lift going up in the very end of the map, so that's a nice UNO reverse card, if anything. Admirable run by @Vince Vega whom I'm glad to see back in form, same with @mhrz. Also noticed I haven't yet congratulated the winner last month - well done @Bdubzzz! That makes it two in a row - and by quite some margin. An incredible result also by @LadyMistDragon and also by @ginc who is actually the runner with the highest average score so far (barring Bdubzzz), which is quite noteworthy. Glad to see there could be some nice competition for the top spots by the end of the year. Also glad to see @Maribo win the prepared category, considering they're still one of two runners that have survived a challenge twice this year. A lot of first time survivals as well which I've already praised in the thread itself. As for the yearly standings, Bdubzzz jumped into the lead as mhrz slipped from 1st all the way to 7th, sadly. Maribo keeps their 2nd place while this dude who happens to call himself NaZa somehow managed to barely scrape into the Top 3 but with @Anima Zero (who is yet to survive this year, but consistently places well) quite close behind. Beginner closes the Top 5 while @Pseudonaut, after the worst possible start to the year, flies into the Top 10, capitalizing on @NoisyVelvet's misfortune. Won't call you out again, Noisy, I promise now. The 11th placed runner, @DisgruntledPorcupine, is quite a ways behind 10th placed @Suitepee, so the Top 10 is unlikely to change this month... but is it? We'll see. There's 23 days remaining and 32 maps to beat.
  10. With that, a quarter of the entries so far this month succumbed to softlocks. My bad. That one will also be documented in the OP, and obits will get added today. No worries, sorry to keep you waiting that long.
  11. Thank you for the comments @Arsinikk and @Luleta, also for the FDA! The door at the end is slow to discourage people from trying to blitz past the archvile - you're punching/SSGing that fella whether you like it or not. I did, however wheel out an update based on the FDA - I've added a monster-blocking line to those few particular linedefs which you pinpointed at because it probably doesn't affect the gameplay, and I've also changed the ceiling flat to yet another light. Can't have enough of those at the end, can one? :] Nothing substantial enough to offer a new experience was changed, at least, so that's why it's v2.1 and not v3. Then again, v2 was literally just lowering one sector's brightness by 16... A Berserk Surgical Opening v2.1
  12. NaZa

    What country are you from?

    Uistinu :) nice to see another one from the European Chile, before the community had a few (fx, Sedlo) so it's good to see more are still present
  13. Well, scrap that, I've finished the map. A Berserk Surgical Opening v2 Author: NaZa Time spent: probably around 2-3 hours cumulative Tested with: Choco Doom, prBoom+, ZDoom 2.8.1 Music: Untitled 2 by Mark Klem Difficulties: fully implemented, each brings a new combat situation hopefully! Misc: Short, punchy, SSG-y. Opens up. Brings new stuff. Basically how advanced can we go to keep building it while keeping it quick. Even has two dummy sectors worth 28 linedefs and a primitive monster closet worth 19, but it all works as intended. Quite proud of this one, though I'm open to fixing gameplay. 128 linedefs, 58 things. Also my first completed and released map since... DBP23 in May 2020? Time flies... EDIT: v2 available - I'd just fixed some lighting, it looked monotone at a place. No additional linedefs or things.
  14. Decided to use dummy sectors and it was only then I realized they're relatively wasteful linedef-wise. Oh well, it's a burden I'm willing to carry to get out of my comfort zone. Just attempting to make a very moving and changing map which constantly opens up. EDIT: Updated with a new screenshot in which I attempt to waste as least as possible linedefs in dummy sectors. Makes them look absurd but that's the price one pays. EDIT 2: Even newer screenshot. It makes the dummy sectors still work while only, on a whole, wasting only 28 linedefs (before it was 37 linedefs, and every linedef matters). Brilliant. Time to work on the map beyond that, I guess...
  15. Apologies... here you go. Finished it, though the drums fucked with me on a spiritual level so they're not the best come the end. Aware it's not perfect but I hope it'll do. corpse naza.zip
  16. NaZa

    Memento Mori Resurrected CP.

    I loved MM and MM2. I'd love to attempt to be a part of a MM3. Pencil me up for MAP12.
  17. It'll be fun. Red Bull could have the upper hand if it's a quick circuit, but we don't know. Thank you for the schedule @leejacksonaudio. Hopefully Haas can do well here, though I'm keen to see Alfa go up the order again, they're slowly becoming my favourite team this season. Bottas ftw. Hopefully Sainz has a good weekend as well.
  18. NaZa

    What country are you from?

  19. NaZa

    IronEagle Competition 43: Ezekiel

    Decided to die like a champ and a sigma by relying on AV pain chance. Had I not, maybe I would have gone further, but I just didn't care at that point, I had enough. Reached MAP02 in 6:26, survived for like 12 further minutes, killed around 110 monsters out of 142. The best part is I saw the whole setup coming but after failing to trigger the pain chance for the first time I just didn't care anymore. Dead MAP02, category 1, UV, prB+ ironeagle_may22_naza.zip
  20. Got scared of an archvile (after a duo decimated me early on in the level) and fell into quite a narrow corner pit on MAP32. At least it had a damaging floor... Category 2, reached MAP32 at around 1h14min. Shame, seems like I was 20 minutes up on Bdubzzz. Oh well, you live and learn. Quite happy with this one. The more I got through E1 the more I started to remember from that playthrough up until the middle of MAP09 three years ago. MAP14 softlock will be documented in the OP in about half an hour when I update it with obituaries. I also still have to add 3 obits to April, will get around to doing that. dwironman_may22_naza.zip
  21. That's encouraging... I haven't done much scouting work (to not compromise a cat 2 too much, though it's always guaranteed) except on a few later maps for 30 seconds, 01 and 07. The fact I seemingly missed a death-spot map is mildly concerning. I plan on supplying a run in 2 hours from now so I'll make a deduction based off of that. Hopefully it's not that unfair.
  22. April, 2022 (pic credits - onemandoom blog) The yearly leader board Standard Leaderboard [1] SURVIVED (26:02): Bdubzzz - Last to post, first to exit, second month running. "Almost died" seems like an euphemism now. [1] SURVIVED (34:55): LadyMistDragon - How's THAT for a comeback? Both from March and the end of MAP01. Must-watch. [1] SURVIVED (37:22): ginc - Makes a mockery out of the final trap and proves their March pace was no fluke. [2] SURVIVED (37:25): NaZa - Sniffing a first survival in forever almost got to me in the end. Key word: almost. Whew. [1] SURVIVED (38:55): KirieNatsuyuko - Punching a pain elemental is risky, but it can pay off. No ammo spared while surviving. [1] SURVIVED (41:01): Pseudonaut - My heart sank watching the end of Chemical Lab. Just shows perseverance is key. [1] SURVIVED (41:21): Maribo - First competitor to squeeze their way into net a second green this year. [1] SURVIVED (45:52): DisgruntledPorcupine - Very glad to see new survivors this month. Helps shake it up, y'know. Nicely done! [1] SURVIVED (48:16): Vince Vega - Saves the big guns and ingeniously notices a window. Long time since last green, too! [1] SURVIVED (53:02): Peccatum Mihzamiz - Oh, I've seen a happy dance of yours on MAP01 as well :) Good job! [2] 99%: UncleTito - Does everything right and then careens into a baron fireball. Was on for a great finish, too. [1] 98%: Suitepee - "Not dying to you today!"... and he technically didn't. [1] 98%: sandwedge - Aaargh, so close!! At least went for it No Guts, No Glory style. One day there will be glory. [1] 98%: Andromeda - Leaves the (cyber)demon to his (baron)demons and rests their own soul. There was nothing else. [1] 97%: Anima Zero - How's that one saying go - fortune favours the brave? :^) [1] 97%: Austinado - INCREDIBLE clutch at the end of Chemical Lab; tragically, doesn't end in the way Pseudonaut's ended. [1] 96%: Beginner - Restores balance to the force by killing their killer. [1] 94%: a.7.MAD - Paramagnetism - I do think the cyberdemon is magnetic. Trying to narrowly bypass it only pulls you closer. [1] 94%: cannonball - Successfully navigates a slalom of barons only to turn back around and accept his predestined fate. [1] 85%: NightTerror - "10 seconds" away from an incredibly fulfilling and entertaining finish, NightTerror decides to go back up. [1] 51%: PasokonDeacon - Curious death considering arachnotrons' movement is among the loudest noises in Doom. (-cl 21) [1] 29%: AxeL - Got cornered and probably blamed for inverse necrophilia not long after. [2] 23%: ClumsyCryptid - The switch did not look good indeed. Pulling through that would've been a memorable moment... [1] 23%: Shepardus - Sees hitscanners. Sees bars lowering. Decided SSG is a better option. Oh, the tragedy... [2] 18%: SiFi270 - Quite a lot of pistol action! The end of this run is basically what a Perish Song in real life would look like. (DNF) [1] 18%: dt_ - Well, that's among the most comfortable MAP01 finishes so far... followed up by- (DNF) [1] 15%: BoxY - By the time BoxY grabbed the SSG, the Jäger was already on his way to mörder. [1] 9%: PsychEyeball - The revenant shot first. [1] 9%: SuyaSS - That's just absolutely painful timing. Especially after winning that blissful peekaboo with the revenant. [1] 9%: head_cannon - Riddled with bullets, not questions, and boned by the quickest revenant on a 100m trek. [1] 7%: mhrz - Live fast, die young. Those two minutes went by quickly. Entertaining watch at least. [1] 7%: Spendoragon - Boned. [1] 7%: Pegleg - Clumsily charges at a sergeant. Whether dropping into the nukage was penance or not is open to interpretation. [1] 7%: SilentD00mer - Did not take a leap of faith after taking the blue key - revenants later leaped onto SilentD00mer instead. [1] 7%: NoisyVelvet - That's divine punishment for avoiding the hell knight! Prepared Leaderboard [#] SURVIVED (4:26): Maribo - To glide or not to glide, that is the question. Looking at Maribo, though, there is a definitive answer. [#] SURVIVED (27:39): UncleTito - So now we have a UV-Speed and a UV-Max run on here. That's cool, liking the variety. [#] SURVIVED (43:37): SiFi270 - It's rare to see such a fan of the pump shotgun, but it's delightful to see it pay off. [ also thinks so. ;) What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In April 2022 the DWIronman League dies to Jägermörder 1 (Chemical Lab) and Jägermörder 2 (Terra Nova) (-complevel 9) by @Afterglow. After a tough three months that saw 4 survivals out of 96 attempts, this month should present as a bit of a reward for persevering; a calm after the storm, if you will. These two maps do not have a reputation for being difficult, but rather quaint romps with beautiful detailing, as one would expect. Jägermörder 1 was among the Top 100 Doom WADs, while Jägermörder 2 received a Cacoward in 2005. I also personally expect to see a lot of green in the leaderboard come the end of this month. Also, as promised, this will be a month in which we trial the new kill count system discussed in last month's thread. prBoom+ users won't need to change anything to the command line, while (G)ZDoom users will just have to launch one additional .pk3 linked below alongside Dmdjm01.wad and dmdjm02.wad. As this is a month where kills are counted unless you survive both maps, it should present as a nice experiment, I think. Well, let's get down to business, then. Essential Info Doom II: Hell on Earth (doom2.wad) Compatibility level 9, or "Boom (strict)" for ZDoom derivative ports. Time estimate: 30-60 minutes 2 maps played in order, ie 1 --> 2. You are required to load both WADs at the same time. IF YOU DIE ON MAP01, YOU DO NOT PLAY MAP02. (G)ZDOOM USERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO LOAD THE .PK3 FILE THAT @ginc SHARED IN ESSENTIAL INFO. (MORE IN THE POST BELOW) Streamers should also make sure that the monster count is displayed in the HUD at all times. Below, you'll find a helper WAD made in Sep 2018 for that purpose. > Download Jägermörder 1: Chemical Lab > Download Jägermörder 2: Terra Nova > Download HexaDoken's HUD monster count .wad (streamers only) > Download ginc's .pk3 ([G]ZDoom users only, LOAD IT LAST!!!) prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file Dmdjm01.wad dmdjm02.wad -complevel 9 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp -warp Rules: Previous threads:
  23. Two in a row? Nice! Congrats!! New thread up very soon.
  24. Good news! I'd like to think I've managed to figure the drums out! Finished version should be out within the next 24 hours. I don't have a lot of time to work on it, so that's why development is somewhat slow. I'm relying a lot on long-term musical memory here hahah, luckily for drum pattern observation it's not necessarily to have listened to the track recently (which I have not). The melody was done more than a month ago, so it was more than a month when I last heard it. Had even cut it out of my playlists for the time being