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  1. Impish

    Screenshots Here

    why didnt you use zdoom as the base and added the OpenGL type then ??
  2. Impish

    Screenshots Here

    Hello peeps I Think we Should Make A Sticky With Posted Screen Shots Of The New ZdoomGl Showing Off Some OF Its New Features, Just A Few A Week
  3. Impish

    Ultra Doom2X

    yes, i know about that one... it doesnt work :( vileslay: doomsearch is not the Solution to everybodys problems :) and i would know if it was there or not, i did say it was rare right?? Btw scorpion, hows that wad coming ??
  4. Impish

    Ultra Doom2X

    Hello Doomers Im Looking For The Very Rare Wad Ultra Doom2X I Was Wondering If Any One Had It And Would Be Kind Enough To Send Me Thanks :)
  5. Impish

    Zdoom woes.

  6. Impish

    ZDoom 2.0

    The Beta Is Now Public You Can Download Here: Http://sparky.suhost.com/doom/zdoom_pre_15.zip
  7. Impish

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    no, just texture fixing on maps e2m1 to e2m8
  8. Impish

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    i dont know i sent the wad to ya
  9. Impish

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    ahh :D scorpion you say registered DeePsea ?? maybe You can help me out with something ?? my doom1 episode is missing textures and use the automatic missing texture fixer thing but i can never save the maps cus there to big maybe i can show you where to download it and you can fix it up and send it back ?
  10. Impish

    Happy Halloween everyone!!

    whats D3 ??
  11. Impish

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Ill say 3, your going very nicely :) cant wait