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  1. MAP19: A rather long map with a strong creepy mood, thanks also to the good music track. This feels to recall more Doom 1 and more specifically E2 with this twisted base with wooden halls, brick and stone, sewers and even some caves where everything is tied up by the damaging blood. The blue key encounter is quite insane compared to the gameplay of the map, and the cyberdemon at the yellow key is the other tricky moment of the level. The usage of the barons was delightfully old-school. The ammo was too abundant, also being so well supplied removes some tension you can have for the potential encounters and the exploration. The quest to access the red key was cool. I wish that the ending would have shown more teeth but it was suitable enough. I have few nitpicks with this level but it's my favourite of the wad so far.
  2. MAP18: Interesting theme and mood, it takes a lot from MAP05 of Sunder. The gameplay is a sequence of setpieces and ambushes, but it was laid out nicely here. The Hunted-style part should have been erased or being something totally different, I liked the idea of going to a place with a different theme but that was lame.
  3. MAP17: It's a nice remake of The Crypt, the level is more expanded than the original and the secrets were fun to find here. It's a bit more of an easygoing affair compared to many of the previous maps, and the final cyberdemon is something that it's easily skippable. I really liked the staged fights at the red key, probably one of my favourites moments in the set so far.
  4. MAP16: This one was rather annoying in the first parts. The highlight of the level is the trap at the yellow key, after that there's nothing remarkable here.
  5. MAP31: It's a cool remake of Cyberden I must say, even though it isn't memorable as the original, and of Plutonia 2 MAP31 even though I liked this map more. Combat features lots of cramped action, especially against cyberdemons, and knowing how to 2-shot them with the BFG helps a lot here. The most compelling thing of the map is how it keeps to transform. I liked also the visuals, it's a nice and fitting break for the secret map, stylistically it's quite the antithesis of the rigid Plutonia style with its more crazy texturing. The raising wall near the end was weird but for what I understood you can use it to access a non-official secret. MAP32: Nothing too special here. Go 2 it was cool, Go 4 it was cool (maybe even cooler), this one was allright I guess but the map does have its merits. There are many fun battles in the southern half, especially in the courtyard. My interest kinda started to fade in the mastermind room and from the E1M1 room and the last area with all those cyberdemons and barons, after a while I just sneaked to the exit. The look was really cool, the prevalence of mossy and muddy textures gave me the impression to return to a familiar place after lots of time.
  6. I love puzzles, especially in Doom maps they have become my favourite aspect of the game. Although personally I make a difference between stuff like Eternal Doom and maps like the recent The Given. The latter is more about pure gimmicks and tricks while I prefer when this stuff is incorporated in "normal" maps with gameplay. Even better if the progression has some obscure elements.
  7. MAP15: Well Xaser is a name you can trust and he ceratainly doesn't disappoint here. This is the biggest and most complex map so far, and so much that most of the previous maps pale in comparison. From the start you can recognize the original Neurosphere, but the map does mostly its own things with other homages scattered here and there and also revamped to give them a more fresh look. Most memorable moments are when you reach the yellow key tower and you have to escape from few archviles since (at least on pistol start) you don't have the good weapons yet, and the red key trap with the room that changes in a cool way. I noticed that the crushers have all that particular ceiling, still they got me everytime. There could have been more rockets to make the gameplay a bit faster, especially to deal with all those snipers. My biggest complain is about the texturing, at first it's fine but after a while everything looks dull which is a shame becuase the map is full of nice stuff in the architecture but I kept too see brown, brown and more brown, and the blood. It could work for a small/medium but in a such long level it doesn't work. The trasformation to reach the secret exit was cool.
  8. MAP14: Not sure how to feel about this map. I liked the initial fight with the revs and the pinkies but the map goes downhill after that. Most of the enemies are featured in a separated area which I cleaned it the first time, when I went back there I just skipped the fight altogether. The very bare visuals didn't help. It isn't something really offensive though, it's just filler.
  9. MAP13: I really liked the combo of green mossy bricks, grey rocks and blood in the outside area. There are few little surprises as closets or teleporting monsters but nothing too intense, as well in the initial "mess". Feels like a light version of a challenging map .
  10. MAP12: This is from the same author of Plutonia 2 MAP15, both maps are similar and and borrow a lot from the original "speed", but for what I recall I think that Kira did a better job here. Rather cool and exciting.
  11. MAP11: It's a very good map on its own, and this is the most ambitious work of the set so far. I was a bit disappointed initially to see how much this borrowed from Plutonia 2 MAP11 but I started to like it more as I progressed. It does a good job on putting tension on you without beign too overwhelming.
  12. MAP10: Very short and compact level, fairly pleasant and not-outstanding. At first I was expecting this to be more difficult than how it turned out to be.
  13. MAP09: It was a rather nice re-imagination of "Realm", with a couple of other homages tossed in the middle. I liked that the map offered a sort of a more atmospheric trip done in Plutonia. If the level would have been more "sophisticated", especially on the visuals, I could have thought that this map was made by Eternal.
  14. I'm up to MAP04 now. On MAP02 I liked the parkour on the roofs to get some secrets. I'm not really sure about using that wire midtexture to delimit the walkable areas, maybe on the hills a fence would look better and on the beach having that floating wire is weird where it joins the railing of the docks. Perhaps the first 2 maps feel a bit too similar on how they play, especially regarding the teleporting monsters but I must say that MAP02 was quite tricky in the city with the hidden hitscanners ready to ambush you. I understand that handling the gameplay on maps with these kind of layouts isn't easy but I think that it's fine if maps with more diverse gameplay are mixed in the future. MAP03 felt a bit different with its more contained (and also a bit faster) action. I think that the current MAP01 and MAP02 are fine in their position, MAP03 serves well as a sort of an interlude map, is less striking compared to the other maps and it wouldn't fit well in an important slot (such as the opening). MAP04 starts to challenge you a bit more, nice change to have some more tight places this time. I'm not saying much about the visuals actually, but everything is gorgeous, I love this.
  15. MAP08: The homages to Plutonia were done in tasteful manner here, and with little touch of personality to make the map also as its own thing. I liked that the texturing was different and more varied than the previous maps. I didn't mind the hitscanners on the moving platforms, on the contrary I think it was a nice touch to intimidate the players before they cross the bridge. The frist half of the map however can fool about what comes next. At first I rolled my eyes when I reached the room with the hellknights, I knew what to expect. Probably the best (and most funny) way to do it is to rush to the blue key and then go for the secret bfg.