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  1. Darkening 1 MAP11: Simple but nicely detailed, the final fight with a cyberdemon is predictable but my only gripe is that the map doesn't have a very strong build-up to it. Nowadays it isn't a difficult encounter but I like the idea of still have something like this and actually I prefer this rathen than mandatory cyberdemon fights at the end of a non-ending map. As a mapset I think is allright overall, some good ideas and maps here and there while other times it doesn't shine so much.
  2. MAP10: It's very linear but the design of the place was very well done, and it particular the cave with the grass was a delight to see in this wad. It takes a bit to pick up, there's a slow start with only the SG, and the plasmagun thing was rather awkward. The exit comes all of sudden and it was weird, I felt that the map was going to continue.
  3. I'm wondering the same thing and... ... it looks like maybe we have something but I feel we are still far from the truth... But seriously I don't know what else to say other than thank you so much for the award and to those who supported LoH for it, I wasn't really expecting it.
  4. MAP09: Fun level overall, even the fight with barons was well done. Obvious E1-theme with a little hellish touch with some marble faces. I died in the nukage at the RL, I didn't notice the sergeant at first and I thought you were required to do something somewhere else in the map before being able to escape from there.
  5. MAP08: It was rather depressing. The music. The gameplay that makes you mostly go through corridors. The monotonous look. I must say that the lighting was excellent, everything was brown but it wasn't dull. I think that the colorful lights were used to vary a bit the look, but they were a bit too much.
    Overall nice but nothing outstanding. It's kinda cute that each level has a stock theme: the gray techbase, the sewer, the storage (which was rather cool thanks to that unusual music track), the city, hell; but the rendition isn't very original and there are also some knockoffs. It's interesting to see how the author was moving from the big levels of the Europa series to something with a smaller scale. Even when it shines the most it's stuff that was done better in Scythe.
  6. MAP07: I clearly remember the start and that I disliked this level, but this time I think it's allright. Actually it can be considered a nice simple variation of the original Dead Simple, even if this map is a series of rooms with flat combats. It's a nice idea that after the blue door you find the other mancubi you have to kill to progress.
  7. MAP06: A very simple (and basic) attempt to a more realistic theme. I quite liked the mood, also thanks to the music but there's not so much to say.
  8. MAP05: A shame because the supplies are a bit too scarce on the first parts, the secret RL seems a bit pointless and you'd better to pick the secret SSG as soon as it's available, but I dare to say that this is the best level so far. There's still a nice use of hieght variations, with some green to give a more fresh look, and some windows with views of areas you'll visit later. It's a very well contructed level on the whole.
  9. You have become my favourite poster
  10. MAP04: It's very stingy with ammo in the first parts, until you reach the RK and then you are actually supplied too much. Not sure about the PR fight, killing the arch-vile with the cells seems the best thing to do but then you have to poke 2 barons with the SG; the SSG comes very late. I remembered the mastermind battle, definetely the best part of the map, and it's cool that the level has so many heights variations to go through. It's still very brown but the tech theme was a nice change. I liked that metal texture with vertical stripes.
  11. MAP03: I think it features many traits that are typical of John Bye, from what I recall of his other works I have played. Gameplay isn't really engaging with clean-ups of rooms or tiny corridors, and the useless group of pinkies that patrol the courtyard. Maybe he wanted to bait the player to think that there was something to find out there? Visually it's very simple, I didn't mind the excessive brownness though that flat for the outdoor area is very poor choice. The work on the lighting is good, and it's cute when you pick the soulsphere the sectors around become dark. I really appreciated the work to make the various parts with differents sky heights in the outside.
  12. MAP02: It's a very well done map visually, it has nothing really elaborate but it looks good. Iirc the courtyard with the fake 3d effect is (was) mentioned in the old forum guides of vanilla tricks. The action was adequate. The teleporters are an obvious imitation of Quake ones but they look ugly with that texture, and I wonder why they didn't use the animated texture that look close to the original which is present in the wad.
  13. Didn't vote for this lol but I'm going to replay The Darkening. I have more vivid memories of the second episode so I'll skip it. Maybe I'll return for Crusades since I didn't play it. MAP01: Okay opener overall, the gameplay is forgettable with only an ambush that happens but it looks good and it has a nice mood. I remember that this wad had a rather strong Quake feel, which is present from the start. I loved how the blue key was concealed, and the map is very small so it isn't difficult to find.
  14. MAP30: DNF. The start was nice at first but it was a bit too slow, then the map subverted my expectations since I though I was just going to warp to separated areas with big slaughters going on and ventually reached a final battle with the IoS, or wathever. I wasn't prepared to have to go through some big battles while the IoS (which looked cool tbh) kept spawning lots of monsters, and it forces you to run rather than take the time to actually kill everything. I went to the cave at south first, with switches to press and lots of back and forth to do in that area. But the best is that the teleport at end of this ordeal takes you to one of the towers, for a face to face with a cyberdemon in cramped place, I managed to press the switch after countless times I eat rockets as I teleported. Apparently it wasn't enough for me so I tried with the area with the nukage and the spiderdemons, it looked fine at first, until it opened a room with a swarm of arch-viles. That was finally enough.