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  1. gaspe

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Nice map, have a fda bondhate_gaspe_fda.zip I liked the clean look and moody lighting, plus the custom palette worked very well. The small tech details were a nice touch to add to the E4 castle theme. There's an imp that got stuck inside a sector at the courtyard near the RL, not sure how it got pushed there but maybe the infighting caused it.
  2. I could recognize these, also with the help of slade: MAP01) New Order - True Faith MAP02) The Cure - A Forest MAP03) I don't know but I'm sure I heard it somewhere MAP04) Duran Duran - Save A Prayer MAP05) I don't know MAP06) The Smiths - How Soon Is Now MAP07) Sailor Moon - Oh Starry Night MAP08) Mike Oldfield - Tubular bells MAP09) Chrono Trigger - Singing Mountain
  3. Very good community project overall, a bit mixed in quality but I guess that's fine in these kind of projects and nothing was really terrible (apart that one map in the extra wad). Usually I'm not a big fan of limitations but 2048x2048 it's allright and certainly better than going for 1024x1024. I think that the level progression and difficulty curve was done well, episode 3 delivers some nasty tough maps. I also thought it was quite interesting that few were used the shootable evil eyes like in Sigil. Here are some comments for the maps that I liked the most: MAP05 a bit low on detail but the ambiance was good and there's and interesting tech machine in the church. It's rather trippy how the outer scenery at the start changes after you come back MAP08 and MAP11 very fun and with good visuals and details MAP13 basic gameplay but it's quite remarkable the little journey on the boats MAP14 again the gameplay is basic but the theme is quite imaginative MAP21 it could look a bit better but it's fine anyway. Difficult moment when the hell knights start teleporting. There's a bleeding midtexture at the exit MAP22 cool classic look and I loved the layout with its verticality MAP25 and MAP26 these were hard and very fun to play, I almost thought they were from the same author MAP37 (MAP05 of the extra wad) I was enjoying this a lot despite I wasn't able to finish it. The PR trap with revs and the arch-vile is very trial and error. Not sure what went wrong when I picked the BSK Have a pack of fdas recorded with prboom+ with cl9 2048vr_gaspe_fdas.zip
  4. gaspe

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    This sounds more correct, I must be very rusty on my french. Impie is a translation I found for the word unholy, the english title was "The Station by the Unholy House".
  5. gaspe

    Exploration - Which way?

    I usually do the same, exploration comes first. My other rule of thumb is also to pick the route that is closer to where I came from, even more if I'm at the start of a level, and preferably I'd tackle a path that doesn't lead too much lead too much into the depths of the layout so I can have a better chance to stack up with goodies or find the weapons I need and it helps to build the image of the map to understand the layout.
  6. gaspe

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    So I'm not the only one :D I downloaded PrBoom+ to try to play this one but I can't get the same mouse feeling I have on even if I copy the same mouse settings. It's so uncomfortable to turn around now.
  7. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP30: Perfect music choice to get into some blood pumping action. The first part where all the floors raise to reach the top of the tower was very fun and it was nice to see the wad going almost exclusively with the tougher part of the bestiary. At the outer ring with the revs the map gets less fun, I think it was mainly due to the battlefield that from an open arena turns into a corridor. The cyberdemons are so awkward to kill so I managed to steal the keys while they were distractred by the revs. And the last 2 spiderdemons are just static turrets that you have to slowly take done from the stairs, I don't think you can make them infight. Maybe it end a bit with a sour note but all things considered it's a good final level. Overall it was a very nice journey. I guess it's a wise decision the stick with mostly short levels so you can avoid more the burnout while mapping. Though it has the drawback, and this is my main criticism of the wad, that it happens too often that the maps lack that something that really standout even if they all have their concepts (probably helped by the quest of having to use all the vanilla actions and effects too) and there are really few levels that feel like filler. I would say that the difficulty curve was done very well and I guess that players that don't like to suddenly overwhelmed will have a good time here.
  8. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP29: Coming close to the end with a good texture salad, every room has a different look. It feels like to play some very old wads, coincidentally it reminds me of some bits from Mars War since that one was played recently. I also welcomed the less gimmicky gameplay and more standard rooms and corridors crawl to explore the place. I think it lacks of a real standout moment, even though the BFG encounter is a viable candidate. Ad about that hhe YSK was very nasty to find, I lost the count of all the attempts to pass the door in time.
  9. 1)Absolutely not. wtf are you on? I don't even talk about politics at all, but what do I know? everything is politics nowdays. I admit that I do like to poke at some of the (imo) stupidity and odd double standards that happens here, and despite this I even defended this place there in some events. For sure I don't agree with many of the politics that is discussed there, I don't even want touch that stuff with a ten foot pole and I guess that's the case for other DB members too. Phobus already articulated well and in a better way that I could do how I feel about this whole thing and 2) about the fact that apparently for you (and others) is totally fine to think of DB as a hivemind and to refer of it as such.
  10. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP28: Another okay map. I liked the idea for this theme but I don't know, it feels so underdeveloped. The pistol start was a bit tricky and the revs on the outer ring are well placed, they are hard to take down with the SG (I prefered to save the rockets for later) from the starting position and there's little cover around. The spiderdemon is a fight I didn't understand, I think that swapping it with the arachnotrons and make them appear later when you are about to reach the platform would create a more interesting fight instead of camping so much to take down the boss. The outer ring wasn't so interesting either, it's made of 4 long straight corridors and the monsters were pretty ineffective there.
  11. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP27: It's allright but I think that something like this heavily based on a single gimmick doesn't fit so well near the end of a wad. It can happen that few barons can escape from the room before you manage to close the doors. The best part was the fight at the RL/PR room when the floor lowers. Watching the barons getting crushed was satisfying at least.
  12. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP26: Maybe it's just me but I think that wad started to lose its narrative sense in the last few maps, seeming more like a random collection at this point, though I guess that Phobus was more subtle in his approach to keep the story going. Upper Management gave me a better sense of advancing into what could be the Hell HQ, using wood as main textures that gives it a more prestigious feel and takes you back to Doom 1. I would have liked to see more tech blended with the place, like at the SSG and the RL, as I thought it was a little too plain overall but it has some nice tricks (even a one-time secret!) to make this very short level more interesting. +++ Akeldama
  13. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP25: A more filler-ish level. Despite the visual theme that tries something new in the wad with modwall and some blue textures but the place can offer only some generic rooms even if the odd presence of lava in few places was a nice touch. Gameply is unremarkable aside the exit ambush but I liked that you can choose to visit and clear the BK room either before or after you actually pick the key,
  14. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP24: I liked the classic combo in the visuals, green zimmer, water and brown. I also liked the starting area that shows you a part of the map but a little surprise sends you to a different place where you really begin to tackle the level. The first fight is fun, the cave s seemingly maze-y at first sight and then even in the more open area has monsters at every corner so you are pretty busy. Then the highlight of the level for sure is the RL fight where you are trapped in a nasty situation.