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  1. gaspe

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Before clicking on the list I already thought of ALT, and the list didn't disappoint. Glad that also Sacrament was included. Osiris and Invasion 2 also deserved it, overlooked works from the 90's. Scythe X and Sunder have a funny story for why they didn't made into the cacowards as people just waited for complete version that never came out. Never heard of Zaero, it looks nice by the description, going to play it soon.
  2. gaspe

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Nice, danger averted.
  3. gaspe

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I was surprised too when I noticed that since they both have their good share of awesome maps. I agree with what valkiriforce said and it's fair enough that MM 1 & 2 didn't make into this list. I think, without meaning this to be dismissive, that many of those listed maps have also strong features, or gimmicks that made them to stick better into the memory of many players.
  4. gaspe

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Looking forward to play his new episode. It looks like some good old classic mapping with Romero's iconic style, which is what I was expecting when I heard he was making new maps and it looks also coherent for Doom 25th anniversary. Were you guys seriously expecting funky colored maps filled with gzdoom features or slaughtermaps?
  5. gaspe

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    This was nice. I don't agree with some choices and positions but whatever, a discussion about that would be pointless. It's good that you put even the runners up, which is basically another list of cool maps. I already played or at least knew about almost all of these but I could discover few gems that I missed. I'm very glad that Doxylamine Moon and Comatose are on the list.
  6. fdas for the 1.1 version recorded with cl 11: ozonia_gaspe_fdas.zip Nice mapset. I liked many things in the layouts, I can still see some bits inspired by monti here and there. Plus the gameplay focused on the RL against mancubi and arachnotron reminds of Mano Laikas. The various platforming over the pillars was fun. I didn't spot bugs, on MAP10 the linedef 308 should be impassable. If have to make a couple of complaints: the revenant at the soulsphere secret is bit of a dick move; on MAP11 all the avs encounters inside the ring started to get stale at the end. I recognized some music from Exomoon, it was pleasant to hear it again, though I would change it for the next wads :S
  7. gaspe

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    I did started something for this but gave up after lack of will/inspiration. I guess I'll pick it up again for the next year Mega Project if custom textures are allowed again, or if there's another Omega Project.
  8. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP29: Perhaps the hardest level of the wad, also I had very few memories of this level compared to the other maps. Unlike the other (at least most) maps of the episode it isn't very long and it doesn't use many monsters (100 or so on UV) and it feels a like Plutonia for its fights with few monsters but that are very hard to tackle. One of Jens Nielsen traits is that he likes to make some rather obscure stuff and the progression isn't alwasy easy to understand, though here this stuff is mostly confined to the secrets. The map is split into two parts, in the first you can pick the first weapons and there's a very useful secret with the BFG and a megasphere. Then you sort of have 2 choices. If you take the teleporters on the southern corners in the main room you'll get to the courtyard with the turrets, going there first isn't the ideal way, you can't go ack from there and you won't find new weapons from that way until you face the first cyberdemon at the BK. The other way is to teleport from the eastern room (near the SSG), at least you can obtain the RL and clean more easily the area of the first cyberdemon. You can also get the secret plasmarifle from there, though you will be trapped in that tiny room with the cybderdemon. The BK is well guarded, killing that cyberdemon is awkward given its position and the weapons you have. Also near there it's particularly nasty the av you face on top of a lift. If you don't pick up the BFG the closet with the second cyberdemon at YK the won't be open, though it will teleport to the main cave where you can kill it with the help of some barons. It's a nice scary moment when you face it in that closed corridor. Not so much metal and mostly wood but it doesn't matter. Cool map. MA30: Nice funny music that gets more serious in the end. The introduction is more silly than atmospheric, the corridor with the doors at the sides where the monsters start to teleport, the swarm of lost souls, the techbase room. The IoS fight is easy and straightforward, there's an invuln. and from the tower you are protected from the all monsters that will spawn.
  9. gaspe

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    This year I did it. More than 20 maps is a nice outcome for the project and with these rules. Name: Okura Swamps Download: okuswamp.zip Compatibility: Limit removing Demo: recorded on prboom+ with complevel 2 Midi: Slipper - by Mark Klem Description: A rather short level made with an old-school vibe in mind.
  10. Fdas: Idol_gaspefdas.zip MAP01: Heh, I read the berserk pack comments so I kinda knew about having to use it, though you got very low ammo for a good while and you meet scattered low tiers so you are also encouraged to punch stuff. I liked the setting of the map hanged on the void on some parts, especially that perilous bit to get the RK. Another neat idea is the non-unique YK for the plasmarifle. I don't know how much the RL can be useful, maybe I had bad luck to got it in the end, but it feels like something you can take truly vantage if you already know the map. Same for other things here. I didn't like so much the crushers, other than potentially lose you bump into them and fall down so you may have to repeat the sequence more times. Combat is full tension but never too overwhelming. I'm not so sure about the usefulness of the one-time invuln. orb near the RL. I was intrigued by the secrets I missed and the puzzle stuff at the north. At first even with the editor I didn't understand what to do there but then I figured it out. Cute idea and I appreciate the effort but it's something totally not worth the trouble imo :P and you can easily screw it up if the fucker doesn't stay to the right when sector670 goes down. MAP02: It's a very nice Plutonia-twid level. I liked how you used the MM-bricks. I was doing well here but I got caught by a mancubus at the YK ambush. MAP03: This is my favourite from the bunch. Interstng use of the darkness and other nice tricks (the BK battle, the "empty" closets). I wasted the green orb, since I didn't not know what was ahead. At the BK I got stuck in the raising nukage pit. Idk, it seems a good alternative to the usual endless lowering bars but with the darkness it's hard to see what going on there plus you may have the pressure of the monsters behind you. MAP04: Didn't attach my fda for this one, I could only make to the cacodemons trap at the rising pillars a couple of times after many deaths. I wasn't having fun with this map. Low ammo, not so much health. I even tried to ignore the various snipers and rush ahead as much as possible but without results. MAP05: I was enjoying this map. The RK area with those pit is kinda cool. I was killed by the cyberdemon at the cave with the catwalk. I also missed some secrets but if you get those I guess you would be able to kill him safely :) Pretty nice set to far. I really liked the attention to secrets, though some require to do some leap of faith like the soulsphere one the souther tower on MAP01, or the blue armor on MAP05. It was nice to see the textures of MM2 used and the themes are sufficiently varied so far.
  11. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP28: The scale gets huge here with big and very vertical building that create a strong impression, in particular the main central hub tower. The first part is something you roam more freely and you can collect the various weapons. I liked the building with the circular stairway, from where you can open the teleport room that takes you to the second part of the map in the main tower. There are other maps that later used a similar concept of raising a lift to get to the next floor but on those you have to progress in a linear order while here you can tackle the map in different ways and some parts are optional. The gameplay is mostly made of setpieces that happen in separate rooms. I agree with @galileo31dos01 that many of the sub-towers have an iwad-esque vibe: the NW tower has a slow lift with imps sniping from above like in "Downtown", the NE tower has the E2M2 crate storage theme, and the SE tower is a remake of the RSK area of "Tricks and Traps". Lots of chaingunners are used, but the most annoying are those in the SSG building near the start, it's a fairly generous map with the supplies. The setup with the AV in the last building is rather brutal, at least you time to inspect it and prepare yourself. The door and lift combo can be cute but this is used in an annoying way with many mancubi that you to do some back and forth to shoot at them.
  12. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP27: 154 monsters don't seem to much on UV but this map has a good amount of tough monsters and this isn't a simple level and some combats can be rather hard. Figuring out what to do isn't easy initially, at the start you have few paths you can take, and inside the layout of the base isn't really intricate but the navigation is weird. At the start we are equipped with a good arsenal on pistol start, though you have to look a bit. There's a scary cyberdemon in a cramped computer room, to deal with it there are some crusher set in a strange way (I didn't remember those until I checked the map in the editor). And actually many fights can be tough in the inner areas because of the cramped spaces. I really like how you have to interact with the silos with the missiles to progress, and to mess with the demons plans. My favourite area would be the courtyard with the turrets and the catwalks links. Even if monotextured the base look good from the outside, the green have a pleasant contrast with the grey floor, the red sky and the sea on the horizon. You can grab the BK very early, by jumping from the arachnotron turret nearby. Also on prboom I noticed that you are able to press from below the switch that raises the catwalk to the exit tower, though to access the exit you have to lower a barrier fomr a tower in the southern courtyard. It seems that you are able to skip some parts.
  13. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP26: I liked this map the first time I played it, and on each replay it gets worse. The pistol start is very annoying. There's very low ammo around and you are likely required to find the secrets. Not that it would be a bad thing per se but the work to get to those isn't fun. The SSG of the map is hidden inside an unofficial secret. The ordeal at the BK and the plasmarifle building is tough and not so fun. You probably don't have enough ammo to deal with the cyberdemon on your own, remembering this I let the spiders alive to give a hand against it. The next step is the grey base, you really want to get the secret area with the pinkies you can see behind the bars. If you manage to get it you can rest for a little while. Things get annoying again at the crushers, that part is rather awful to navigate. At this point you shouldn't worry so much anymore, in the depths of the base there are few skirmishes and many hitscanners. There's a Gotcha moment with the boss monsters, this is always nice to see, you are also given an invuln. orb and a good stack of rockets and cells. Now you shouldn't definetely have ammo problems and the map becomes a boring linear fest of fights in big overscaled areas, though at least things flow fast. The YK battle was somehow interesting. Visually is very bland with huge monotextured areas, and those 3D lift with only the handrails look lazy. On the other hand the bar was cute with its realistic details, I loved that billiard table. I really liked the idea of going into a bunker base, the execution was terrible though. Maybe this was more exciting back then and these big battles were a cool new thing, there's a "high" ammount of powerups (3 megaspheres, 2 soulspheres).
  14. gaspe


  15. It was the first wad, well after Eternal Doom, to have some epic and truly immersive adventure maps, mixed with some shorter affairs one the way. This coupled with a classic gameplay went to a harder direction, and AV it's probably also one of the first wads to features big and spectacular battles. Visually it's plenty of stuff that look awesome even today and for the times things like the lighting were pushed a step forward. Like it or not it's one of the iconic wads of the community and still an influential work. Imo it's a must play, even only to have a greater perspective on how the mapping scene evolved, same for HR. Lol no.