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  1. gaspe

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Lot's of responses... gray got 8 votes while green got 7, but I'll keep it green in the end :3
  2. gaspe

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is it better gray? or green? inb4 it's flat
  3. gaspe

    Recommendations for Total Conversions?

    Winter's Fury (it's very cool but short), Temple of the Lizardmen series (a bit uneven but there are 4 wads to play).
  4. MAP08: Fits very well for a bonus map, not exactly compelling as the previous level but still good and with lots of action going on. I really liked the dark area with the shambler. Overall I enjoyed this "little" episode, some moments weren't as interesting as others but this crossover of Doom and Quake is excellent from that point of view. Quite notable are the various mapping tricks and the special effects which were widely used but at the same time well incorporated into the maps and didn't feel forced.
  5. MAP06: The usage of the arachnotrons that in some places can effectively roam around was interesting and the low ammo on pistol start force a more careful gameplay. I'm not sure about the new spiderdemon, less health was fine but maybe it's better as a hitscan enemy? I know that it would have caused problems with some infighting and the map would become more trivial but at the same time they don't give the fights that "something more" that they should do. And the invisibility power-ups would make sense if the spiderdemon was still a hitscanner, but now they are more dangerous to pick up actually. The last couple of secrets look rather pointless, unless you need them to help you to uv-max? Not a bad level but it's rather disappointing especially since it feels like it was meant to be a conclusive boss map it lacks a proper conclusion. MAP07: Well it's a nice remake of Quake episode selection level. Oh, there's only one other playable level :(
  6. MAP05: Some mixed feeling here. The start was good with the ominous building in the void and the floating globes around and I liked the blue-ish aesthetics but the map fails to deliver. The elevator climb and the final transformations of the staircase actually fit the map as weird gimmicks for the Witch House, albeit short and repetitive leaving only the silver key trap as the most interesting moment.
  7. MAP04: This is totally different from how I remember Necropolis, I loved to kill the zombies with the grenade launcher there, well that's another story. Here it was done a more proper city, and the map gave me some Doom 64 vibes rather than Quake in the outer area. My favourite thing is that the main area of the city stays without monster all the time, at the start it really builds up some suspence, and usually the mappers later would start to pop up snipers here and there or flood the streets with lots of monsters. The first encounter with the slime monster was a sort of a jumpscare, but its loud squishy sound is very funny, even more when there are many of them. The biggest fights start to get more panic-inducing now, especially the ambush in the western area in those narrow streets. Idk about the crushers, it's an annoying part but it doesn't make so much sense that they are there, it felt like a gimmick to forcefully include crushers somewhere.
  8. MAP02: This follows more the original. It's a good level but nothing particularly striking to me. The boom underwater effect was well done. The shambler encounter scared me, I read that there are included some Quake monsters with dehacked, but you don't know when they will appear. MAP03: This level was very good. I really liked the setting and the aesthetics of the reddish brown bricks and stone looks really cool, also good work on the texturing. The lack of the SG on pistol start is odd, there are many lone foes around and you forced to use the chaingun for various clean ups.
  9. Dimension of the Boomed MAP01: It's been a good while since I played Quake 1 so I'll miss the more subtle references if there are any, the start of the original E1M1 is iconic so at least I could catch that. For the rest the map becomes something else. The cyberdemon was well incorporated in the map and it didn't feel like a cheap gimmick. It's a nice introduction and I loved that the ambient sounds were included. I must say that I'm irked by the lifts that have longer times before they raise.
  10. I only watched the last minutes of the stream when you give your overall impressions on the wad, so I'm missing many specific things about the levels but I'll try to elaborate more what I think about the wad. I think that the oppressive feel created by the music and the very simple design was intended, and this is the strong point of the wad that puts the player into this hopeless(?) journey on an unknown planet. It's a very unique work and the oppressive mood done here is different from other wads that try to achieve a similar effect, not many other wads took this approach. Actually the hub of BTSX E1 does a very similar thing and I love it, I guess that this kind of things resonate better with me. I can understand why you (or any person) don't like this wad, I also found some things that I didn't like or that weren't done well but I think that it's worth to try at least to experience the Talosian Incident.
  11. Oh crap I usually play on UV but the setting was somehow changed on zdl and I didn't notice it. Glad that the demos were useful anyway. I don't think that getting lost on MAP05 is something that need to be fixed, actually the map is less intricate than what actually it is, the wall of trees look disorienting plus it's a unusual setting that the players won't be familiar with it. About the ending of MAP06 I agree that you don't always need big epic fights, I'm sure you can come up with something more appropriate, maybe try to work on the map(s) that come after so you can have a more clear idea of what to do for the transition.
  12. MAP18: We returned to our ship, the one of MAP01, but now the place is infested by monsters and not all the doors function correctly so the way to the bridge isn't straightforward. It was pretty moody and the different things like our ibernated friends that were killed and the different appearance of the bridge was nice, some other horror touches would have been cool to see. You can find other works that try to build a narrative and actually feel like they are telling a story, but this wad is very unique and you can't really compare it with many other wads. Despite having some flaws and not all the maps are endearing on the whole I think that this mapset is still unmatched in what it does, actually I think that the only wad that was able to do it better it was A.L.T, in some parts. The gameplay comes out as a second thought here but idk if I have to consider this really a flaw, it looks like it was molded for the atmosphere and it was able to deliver some engaging situations. I already said on one map that I was getting some Unreal vibes and it was interesting to discover in the John Bye's interview that the concept of the wad was made by a guy that later went to work on Unreal for Epic. The fact that you start in a spaceship that lands on an unknown planet, then you travel through castles, temples and techbases felt all oddly similar to Unreal but I thought they were mostly coincidences but I guess that it all makes sense now.
  13. MAP17: Not a IoS level. The main area is conveniently made so you are totally exposed while monsters keep spawning. The group of cyberdemons that now infests the area where our ship landed is exaggerated, almost comical and doesn't fit with the tone of the mapset.
  14. MAP16: And we are back to the bleak surface of the planet. Despite the canyons are just a couple of big empty areas I liked the overall idea of the map (to come out form the underground tech-bases and visit the castle buildings that guard the road), it reminded me a bit of Unreal where you have often big natural areas even though what was done here is way less immersive for various reasons. The highlight of the map is the first brief fight in the outside. The whole YK building is very similar to the other big John Bye levels.
  15. I recorded demos and fdas (prboom+ cl9), for the new maps the run was blind: joi_lstcv7_demos_gaspe.zip I really liked the previous MAP01 for its setting but this new opener is more suggestive, when you come out from the hills the big cliff structure looks rather imposing. The map turns to be a linear panoramic tour around the rocks but it was cool. I agree that in the starting house you get too many items, the blur sphere isn't necessary imo, and even the secret soulsphere is too much. MAP02 is done in reverse? I remember that the exit was at beach and you started at the river up in the hills. It looks better with this sky. On MAP03 I got stuck in the bridge, you can see that at the end of the demo, there's something to check with the triggers with the self referecing sectors. Nothing to note on MAP04, maybe I would give a SSG at the start. MAP05 was done well and it's a very unique map, and it's indeed easy to get lost. I noticed that the trap where you drop down in the easter area (where there are the archviles on the rock turrets) is cheesable, you can activate the triggers and stay in the safe upper area. MAP06 I liked the structure of the castle, initially I thought that the resolution was too simple but having some simpler level can be a good thing too. I think that it has some problems. The exploration and secrets are too rewarding. The usage of the boos monsters was rather poor. The cyberdemon can be used more to clean the field, and on cl9 it's easy that the monsters get stuck on the borders of the platforms/turrets. The mastermind in its initial position is useless, and it can be killed with few risks, I would make it teleport in the area from a closet directly after you pick the yellow key. The whole part after the yellow bars is uninspired and feel anticlimatic, it gives the impression that it was rushed because you wanted to finish the map quickly.