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  1. gaspe


    I don't mean to say anything about the wad because I only played few maps of it, but I think there so much irony in this post.
  2. gaspe

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    Of course :D people sniping lone enemies with the SSG is a classic. Bonus points if they do that while having more than 200 bullets and complaining that they don't have enough shells. Getting stuck on obvious things. Picking medikits when they have more then 90% health. Getting stuck and forgetting that they have an automap too.
  3. MAP18: Visually very simple, all is done by the contrasts of the blue, red and black. It's an arena map with a rather slow start and to gather the basic weapons and ammo to deal with thebig fight where the transformation of the level will flood the place with monsters. It was challenging and fair, less dickish than other moments. The cover are only at the southern side but staying there means that can get trapped at some point, so you are pushed to move to the central part with some unexpected chaingunners that come from the north and the central buildind that with all its opening isn't a safe space. At first I was a bit confused what to do with the BFG teleport as some corpses hid the key marks on the sides. The ending part was meh, the stuck cyberdemon made it worthy I guess. It was a nice set overall. Nothing so striking visually, it has the right things in the right places to give it an appeal and not beign something dull and generic. Sometimes the monster usage (av spam heh) was a bit annoying but I liked the "old flavor" slaughter and hard gameplay.
  4. MAP17: Rather distinct for the more natural theme and shapes where a combo of red and green rocks set the theme, with the "odd" presence of computer panels and electric lights. It creates a good abstract feel. More interesting in the first half with the search for the 3 keys and a cyberdemon that on its turret has a good sight of the places you must pass through, you can telefrag it later and the route is conveniently nested after the RK so you can't kill the cyberdemon so early. Then archviles everywhere.
  5. MAP16: What a nice adventure. The starting area has a cool scenery with the hills (a-la Mount Pain heh) around and the blacked inverted crosses, it was also very befitting for the ending slaughter. Speaking about it was easier than what I expected at first, there's lots of cover and supplies around. Before that though you will be sent to a separate section where a hunt for the 3 keys will take place. I liked the simple surprise at the BK. I also appreciated a lot the visuals and the theme with the mixture of tech, hell and vines.
  6. MAP15: A short and simple map than more than the other has a "speedmap" feel and the encounters are well thought. You are granted a megasphere to start but the level has no health, barring a couple of medikits. The prominent feature is to exploit the infighting: the cyberdemon guarding the BFG, the overall low supplies around encourage that and the RK which seems to be intended to run fast to the switch that frees the cybie so you can use it to deal with the chaingunners, very pesky chaingunners when there isn't health around.
  7. MAP14: Time for a techbase. I liked the texturing and despite the map still has a very simple layout and visuals like the previous maps here the impression is a bit better thanks to the windows that help to make everything feel so connected and there's more attention to the details. Archviles still have a big spot as they are featured in (almost) all the major encounters, thing that annoyed since that was done on the previous level too. The av at the starting area is just a harmless target waiting to be killed, same for the av and the rev snipers at the final area. Maybe they have more sense if you want to speedrun? But I didn't see the point in those monsters. The av at the RK is nasty, you have only the SSG and with so much meat around it takes a little while to clear the area. Gibbing the imps after getting the BK was very funny. Rdwpa noted it and I also think that this map has few things that show that darkreaver changed his mind while making the map. The poison signs in te final area are ood since the nukage isn't damaging, maybe they were chaged later? On of the secrets is a BK that you can find and skip a part of the map, pretty cool, and from the secret key side there's an inaccessible trigger to unlock the room with the non-secret RL and reveal the secret invuln. Didn't try this but the invuln. secret maybe can be picked with av-jump on the BK sector. Then it's also weird that the first secret is a soulsphere and the nested BK secret has a mandatory soulsphere to pick up to get out. In the final area we have the company of 4 cyberdemons on uv, with some revs too that they are never missing.
  8. MAP13: The starting part is so annoying. At first I was fearing that the whole map would be, something in the style of Hunted. Thankfully the things take a different turn when pass the starting pit and the floor raises to a big courtyard. The avs & revs combo is kept until the end though but from that point the map gets easier to manage. In the courtyard you just have to run around a lot, there's a nasty av that will appear on the place you'll likely go to get some cover. The avs & revs came back after you pick the RK but if anything it made me roll my eyes. The cyberdemon battle is clearly setup to make it infight with the rev horde that guards the exit. It's a map centered around a specific combo of monsters, at least it has some things to vary in the middle but if it was longer it would have certainly overstayed its welcome.
  9. We'll run out of wads at some point so that day will come sooner or later :D But in all seriousness there are some good maps there, even if many of those can be found as standalone in the archive, and picking the best to create an episode to play it here might not be a bad idea. Never played Plutonium Winds but i saw it mentioned many times and always heard good things. Nice that you get to play the master levels, though I replayed them 2 months ago and don't feel to do it again for this month. Plutonium Winds MAP12: Nice titlepic. Quite bare visually but the green of the Plutonia textures and the blue water makes a pleasant combo. It shows from the start that this set won't be fooling around with the gameplay, the nasty hell knights when you don't have weapons will push you to the main courtyard where the biggest fight takes place. I spent too much time there running around, and like the others have said there's not enough ammo to kill everything, and the best solution (that even looks a bit exploitable) seems to open asap the BK room and get more monsters to infight in the courtyard and staying safe in the BK room. After getting the BK things get more quiet but with a couple of little traps that you have to be quick to react.
  10. gaspe

    Any Opinions On Episodic WADs?

    On a second thought it's weird how you are putting Ancient Aliens together with those other 3 wads. From what I saw AA follows more the traditional megawad structure and doesn't have the strong, thematic mini-episodes format that made Scythe 2 and Valiant so characteristic.
  11. gaspe

    Any Opinions On Episodic WADs?

    I have some mixed feelings on that format. Having different themes is quite cool because when you change episode you got to see something new, on the other hand it's more difficult for the maps to stick out when they have to follow a strong thematic consistency and even if each map has its own individuality they tend to blend all together. Scythe 2 really start to shine from the mid point (episode 3) but I still can remember rather well the remaining parts. To me the worst offender of this is Valiant, the first and the last episode are rather striking but I don't remember pretty much nothing of the middle episodes other than the theme.
  12. gaspe

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    I'm late but I didn't forget about this. Fdas for the last episode + secret levels massexe4_gaspe_fdas.zip MAP24: Good map overall, it doesn't stick out much tho but it make things going progressively harder especially with the tight health balance that will be present ownards, and the trap at the exit that was a nasty surprise MAP25: Those bedrooms at the start look very comfy. Tricky to pass initially at the control room. The spiderdemon was too extreme without a BFG with a such closed encounter. MAP26: Nice concept and it was fun to conquer this city of tall tower with many platforming bits. My only complain is about the western tower, I didn't noticed that there was actually a way out at first if you fall down, but there's some walk to do on the damagin nukage and given the low health around is quite a death sentence unless you are prepared for it. MAP27: I like a lot how you made the exit in this level, and the spiderdemo encounter at the RK was fun. 3 cyberdemons at the BK basement are too much imo. MAP28: Good city level, my favourite thing was the silver monorail to get the RK. The spiderdemons at YK were like an improved version of the encounter at MAP25 plus you can make them infight :D that cybderdemon on the northen building closed by the red and blue bars was very annoying and awkward to kill. MAP29: This was very enjoyable, and hard. Had many close call before getting into the final arena. A shame for the boss monsters that I think are the weak part of the set and needed more variety. Rhis final battle with the mandatory moving floors to hit a couple of switches and cyberdemons is the same setup of the BK area of MAP27 and this sadly shows that the ideas started to lack :/ MAP30: Very good moody start and lots of devilish traps. The final transformation that links the various areas was nice. MAP31: Cool reprise of the Roman architecture with a blue theme. The battle in the room with the pillars filled with revenants and arch-viles gets me back to the previous point of the repetitive battles. MAP32: Again the finale is the low note but this map is gorgeous with its architecture with all those arches and towers. Maybe it would look better with a different sky that gives more contrast and helps to highlight the map.
  13. Glad to see you back with this. I started to record fdas for the new maps that weren't in the previous version, and I see that some older get changed as well? I think I'll link the fdas later when I have some more, though you'll spend a lot of time watching me just strolling around and exploring. On MAP04 you can jump on this hedge at one of the YK and fall out from the playable area without a way out:
  14. gaspe

    Any wads like AV?

    Despite Erik Alm owes a lot to Alien Vendetta and he's inspired by it this suggestion sounds weird to me since Scythe take a very different direction compared to AV, almost on the opposite side I would say. Scythe 2 is more on point.