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  1. gaspe

    Doom Island: doom2 episode now on Idgames!!!!

    Hey! Looks like I'm a bit late with my fdas but I hope you'll find them useful anyway if you want to give a look. Pretty concept with the islands maps and the overall aesthetics gave me some autumn vibes. Iirc you already experimented with similar gameplay changes in your last wad, and these fit well with the claustrophobic spaces. Pinkies are a real threat now and also harder to hit due to the smaller hitboxes that made me waste quite some shots against the monsters. Or maybe I'm just more rusty than I thought, I hoped to be able finish more maps in the demos. I also included the version I used to play since I saw that you updated the wad Doombeach_gaspe_demos.zip Now some comments on the more memorable parts to me: MAP02 RK area is tough, you really have to be quick to advance and kill the demons because it looks like it's very precise with the timing of the radsuit and you can't waste time. MAP03 has another cool setpiece at the RK, didn't like so much how you can barely react when you teleport into the warehouse. MAP04 I liked a lot the creepy atmosphere underground and the non-blocking hanging bodies are a nice touch to detail the rooms. MAP05 harsh start that is quite hard to pass, probably the part that gave me most troubles in the wad. Then the level is more forgiving. Only I didn't liked in this set how often the forests albeit nice looking they can hide the projectiles that come at you. MAP06 good job on the city part that isn't very big but it gives you many way on how to tackle it. MAP08 cool atmosphere and setting. I was able to mess up the BK tower, I triggered the line that reveal the cybie and the cacos but I was also able to escape outside and due to a hom on the untextured line 1518 I didn't realize the bridge went down. MAP09 another rather harsh start with the part after you pick up the Plasmagun was the peak of the map and the "sewer city" was something chill to do with a very cautious playstyle. Now I'm going to check the new yet unnamed thing you are making ;)
  2. Best custom title. There can be only one :D

    1. GarrettChan


      Want to say that also. Real men play Eternal Doom instead of Doom Eternal :P

  3. Imagine getting banned from a place for acting like an asshole and you try to gotcha them as snowflakes that can't handle your opinions but you just end to look like a butthurt loser.

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    2. gaspe


      "Let me tell you how I know better than you what do you think and what are your ideas based on things you didn't said and things you didn't do because I want to lump you in the group of my enemies in my fixed worldview of tribalism".
      Seems like you are obsessed over your "political" opponents or whatever they are and try to read agendas even when there's none. You already did this thing of conveniently lumping me and other dbp mappers together with political shitposters, that btw never did nothing for the dbps (though I can concede you 2-3 cases). Heh it's kinda fitting since we were going in circles from a while, and I guess we'll keep to do so.

    3. esselfortium


      get a room, you two

    4. Zedonk


      If we consider Gaspe's update page to be his room (which I do) then technically they're both already in a room heh heh.

  4. gaspe

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Well this was fun. Not sure if my guilty pleasure can be properly categorized as a "Doom wad" but it's the most fitting thing I could think of.
  5. Have some prboom+ fdas for the wad: tntgb_gaspe_fdas.zip , the first 2 maps were recorded with complevel 2 instead of 4, leftover from my previous play. It looked promising at the start but I must say that I got disappointed in the last maps. I liked more the first levels because they are very good revisitations of the originals as they are still recognizable but there's also a lot more of the author personal touch to make the levels feel more fresh. Human BBQ and Power Control are my favourites and I liked Open Season starting area with a rather hot fight and how Prison is subverted. The maps later on become more simple redesigns of the originals without much unique touches, ironically Metal was the worst offender to me. Other levels were even less interesting than the original like Stronghold that was turned into something more simplified and lacking the layout plenty of interconnected parts that made it fun to explore the place. Or Storage Facility where the outdoor part is longer and it's a basic flat area without an interesting gameplay, then the storage area is another flat part without the 3D spaces that the original made with the crates. I liked the secrets and the progression that is playful with lots of switches or other tricks which is very fitting for TNT.
  6. I would say yes. id iwads are still a very good introduction to the game, its mechanics (and I think this is often overlooked in favor of the gameplay but getting familiar with stuff like teleports, keys... is as important), the monsters and tropes that are still used in pwads nowadays without being too overwhelming for the newbie players. I feel similar to @Doomkid and I think that it's weird for someone to want spend time and effort into modding a game you don't like. On the other hand I can understand who think otherwise and there's likely the difference of perspective between doomers who started in the 90's or at least were long time fans of the game and those who discovered it only in the past years. I think it's almost guaranteed that nowadays before starting to play Doom people have already played more modern games and the iwads can look rough in comparison while the mapping scene with more detailed works can be more appealing. Though I'm optimistic because I see that 90's wads and older stuff is still played and loved these days. A thing that I would strongly argue in favor is to beat at least Plutonia, not necessarily on UV, before going to tackle harder wads and a good chunk of pwads but I read of people who started directly with HR and related stuff so, what do I know. That's a very bad advice. I'd rather have mappers doing flawed things like Nirvana and trying to do something unique that they like instead of cynically copying whatever thing is popular or the newest trend.
  7. gaspe

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Pretty good indeed, I'm getting some Iikka Keränen vibes from the scene.
  8. MAP21: This feel very Plutonia in style, a rather abstract brick complex with the occasioanl green/vines parts in it. The gameplay doesn't have the same energy and for the most it's a slow crawl with easy fights in the first part. Though the trap at the cave and the Yk were interesting. Then you'll get teleported to the other half of the level where the author did his best, which is a non linear area and wherever you go to find cover you'll just find a way that leads to new places and thus awakening more monsters. It was neat how the PR and the secret BFG room are connected to this part. My main criticism is that it dragged too much for me. MAP22: Another fairly large level, and the biggest one the was even if a good portion of space is used for scenery. Similar to the previous map I also think this one goes on for too long. The gameplay is a very repetitive affair of entering in a new area and kill what comes from the front, and the player is rarely surprised or put up with something that breaks the monotony. Otherwise the author did a very good job on the visuals and he built the place, creating a varied set of locations which is good for exploration and with some cool details and "lore of the map", my favourite was the forest with that mysterious hellish temple. Those are features that are very successfull if you want to make big adventurous level. I would have used a different kind of music, that track was rather unfitting for me. Comparing Rowdy Rudy II with its predecessor would be pointless imo. They are totally different wads, a solo effort and a community project, with also different texture sets. Maybe the only thing you can properly compare is the dehacked work which got revamped with new things that made the gameplay more exciting (like the psycho-imp or the flamethrower guy). You can also note that Doomkid was stayed faithful to his style and his maps would also fit in Rowdy Rudy's Revenge. Rowdy Rudy II has the strong point of the community projects that will give you very varied experiences, but if you like to have more consistency the wad is very cohesive with the themes since there are few outliers to the jungle/base combo.
  9. MAP20: Not the best midi version of Master of Puppets, it sounds weird in some parts. For the finale we get a slaughterish map with the rather standard way of alternating a hard setpiece with a calmer part. The thing that surprised me was the very tight ammo balance that is maybe too strict and I think that if you aren't careful you might find yourself with very low ammo. The first encounters don't give you great chances to cause infight to spare some ammo. I first went to unlock the secret invuln which will drain you most of the ammo you can find in the areas near the start. At least it was of a great help to clean the flooded cave. The RSK is the easiest of the fights and it can be solved with some good old circle strafe while letting the monsters infight. The YSK is the harder and it's only a matter to figure out the optimal strategy, though continuous players with a bfg and a good stack of ammo have more choices. I agree with MtPain27 that the ending itself is disappointing, it needed something with a better sense of accomplishment to give a proper closure to the wad.
  10. MAP18: What a hot start, barons following you and fire cacos awating you on the pit below if you want to escape. I guess the idea is go immediately to grab the RL guarded by the chaingunners, even if I took it when everything was over because I opened my way in the nearby room which looked like a safer space to get a foothold to progress. The little cave maze is well designed because when you alert the psycho-imps you don't know from where they can come but if you just wait for the to come at the entrance you'll have an easier time to clean the remaining revs. Despite the very harsh first encounters the map becomes way more manageable in the last parts. Pretty cool the idea to having to flood that room to be able to reach the exit area. MAP19: Despite the name it's a harder take on Dead Simple, and with wide arenas where mancubi and the arachnotrons (or better their equivalents on this wad) are as the 2 main groups of monsters. Coupled with revs, avs and a duo of cybers guarding the last key. It's pretty fun, and you can choose if tackling the monsters yourself or trying so set up some infighting.
  11. MAP16: If the previous level is a nice showcase of modern mapping Grim Sector is on the opposite side offering a large sprawling adventure with an old-school feel. This is amplified also by the areas that have a distinct recall to the style of KDitD. I liked how the author didn't follow some of the conventions about the visuals even if some parts look a bit crude but there are cool details like when the base is ruined and with vines growning over the place. The gameplay was slow compared to the trend of fast action set in most of the other maps and makes this quite an oddball of the wad, with a mostly uneventful cleanup of rooms that tries to go for a more atmospheric approach. Some places are also just empty. There's also to say that you'll spend a good part of the map before finding the SSG or the PR, and the only RL is near the end of the level. The eastern part of the map from a techbase turns fully into labyrinth of caves where you can play cat and mouse with a cybie. I liked that sort of temple ruins that are in this part. The hunt for the secrets for very fun, I only missed the first green armor though. MAP17: Doomkid wasn't afraid to go hard against the player in the first Rowdy Rudy and he didn't disappoint here. If the name wasn't clear enough the overall style and challenging combats geared to use few monsters but well is obviously insired by Plutonia even if my impression was to play something more in the vibes of early HR2 or an Alien Vendetta lite. I missed the secret BFG and at the last area I didn't go to explore the side corridor with the PR so I just sneaked past the spiderdemons distracted by the infighting to reach the exit.
  12. MAP15: Very good architecture and detailing, the upper half with the red and yellow key is fantastic. It starts with something in the vibes of a techbase before visiting a natural area, I guees that the jungle of the title comes from here but this part isn't even the main one. The most remarkable part is the last where things get more abstract with tech and nature mixed and the place feels like a monument with a distinctive feature of curves. The gameplay was also well done and on par with the visuals, and challening when it wants to be that. Even the pistol start isn't so easy combining mancubi as hard to take down snipers and a large group of pinkies making you fight to get your ammo. Worth of mention is that you have to kill the mancubi in the starting area to open the door to progress, quite like Dead Simple, I'll have to check how that trick was done. The best moment is when you flood the arena with monsters after picking the RSK, with a sneaky second cyberdemon that caught me as wasn't expecting it all as your attention is on the one you see after pressing the switch.
  13. MAP14: Techbases + canyons is a familiar theme at this point. This is set like a sort of Mario Kart, mostly linear but with few moments where you can take a side route. It has some arts that feel inspired by Plutonia even if for the most the map plays like something else. The most interesting part is the southern nukage canyon where you have to take the same course a couple of times to get the key and go back to the upper area and this part has a simple but effective way to repopulate the area and depending if you take out the snipers or not you can create slightly different situations which is good for a replay.
  14. MAP13: Pretty nice layout in the starting all-brown techbase that isn't bland thanks to some good lighting and detailing and I liked the tan-brown bicks that looked good in the place even if they seem like an odd choice to use there. The techbase isn't even the main part as the map reveal a canyon where the author got more colorful with the visuals. It think it was a good choice because even if the first part looks good it's something that could become stale if it went on for too long. I also liked the sense of place given by the sea and the broken silos leaking the nukage in the water. The gameplay was also different in the two parts and both use the strenghts of the layout, with more traps that feels more staged in the closed spaces of the base and in the outdoors the combats are more like disorganized brawls.
  15. MAP12: Very plesanat techbase level with clean and detailed visuals and the large space given by the rather big scale makes it comfortable to move around when the monsters flood the areas in the hot moments. With the standard stuff you see in this theme (crates, computer rooms) you'll also make a brief visit to some vents (with lost souls that can't be missid and some nasty flamethower guys) and the toilets. I liked that that the starting nukage canal gets reused. To finish there's another classic: an elevator fight with a cyberdemon and few other baddies.