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  1. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    I need to remember that I have to try to make some demos for the new maps that I still need to play, and most probably I'll replay the whole thing while I'm at it :P
  2. Things modern mappers do better

    What does modern means? isn't 2011 modern enough?! :P ...not even 2007?! :( Rather than being able to have more details I think that across the years the mappers have become better to make details, or give a more refined look to their levels. Set-piece fights, independently from how much they are hard, are more thought out and I think that someone stuck in the 2000's wads will encouter a bigger challenge overall. From I understood it offers a nice alternative to the backtracking, or it just pulls it out in another way, but otherwise guiding too much the player is boring and it's one of those things that are changed ideologically, for the bad.
  3. I think that those levels are good if they are put in the context that it's the first time(s) you play Doom and you encounter them, nowadays they sort of lost their magic. E3M8, and E2M8 (it's basically the same thing), perhaps just needed a boss that it's more engaging to fight. E1M8 despite suffering from the same problem it's the best boss level with its scenic stuff that happens. Thought I would say that E4M8 is the one that holds better compared to others since it has more substance from what i recall of it. MAP30 only had the misfortune of beign abused too much so almost no-one can bear IoS levels now.
  4. Oh I remember his article, always about A.L.T., on Unwinnable, but this one seems longer from what I recall. Thanks for sharing the article, I don't think I would have stumbled upon it on my own.
  5. Pretty cool map, it's well detailed and I really liked the dungeon-techbase bits. Gameplay is allright I think, health was missing and in the eastern area with the catwalk two teleporting barons are too much, one is enough.
  6. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It looks rad. I really like those frozen metal textures. Also in the 4th screen are those recolored stock textures?
  7. Forum Update?

    I see that you updated also the download section. It's cool now that in the wad page you can read the text file but I think that it would be better if it's contained in a frame with its own scroll, like in /idgames. Also the cool wad titles made with characters in the text file, like in Alien Vendetta, are messed up :( This was present also before the update, for the reviews it looks like the software creates pages also for the old votes made without a comment, the last pages of reviews of many wads are likely to be blank, and if you click on them the reviews section disappears.
  8. MAP07: Idk, there are lots of powerups and ammo so you can play recklessly and it's kinda fun but the level reuses too much the areas, thing that doesn't work well in small maps. Even visually is rather underwhelming. In concept is something that fits right for a final map, I would say that this level has aged more badly compared to the rest of the wad. Thanks to whoever suggested to play this lesser known wad. The best thing is that it has a lot of variety between the levels, it's more rough and less memorable compared to many other wads from those years, and I can see why the first few levels won't make a good impression to some people. MAP04-05-06 were very good.
  9. Forum Update?

  10. Forum Update?

    Can someone make some filters to block the likes and the popular post stuff?
  11. MAP06: There's a more prominent Doom 1 vibe here with this castle/techbase setting. The arch-vile returns and it's used often. The map can be tackled in many ways plus there are again many secrets and optional areas to visit. It was really cool the usage of those very deep pits in some areas, it's something rather unique.
  12. Doom in the year 3000

    In the year 3000 humanity will be there and will discuss why there are people who still use Boom format
  13. MAP05: I enjoyed this one a lot, and it uses one of my favourite iwads tracks. We got a classic 3 keys hub and there's a very cool varied design, sometimes it reminds a bit of Plutonia and I forgot to say on MAP02 but I like those custom crates. There were no arch-viles in this level but the author still enjoys to use pain elementals and barons.
  14. +++esp, so I can take a month off and you'll stop to bring this up.