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Status Updates posted by gaspe

  1. Best custom title. There can be only one :D

    1. GarrettChan


      Want to say that also. Real men play Eternal Doom instead of Doom Eternal :P

  2. Imagine getting banned from a place for acting like an asshole and you try to gotcha them as snowflakes that can't handle your opinions but you just end to look like a butthurt loser.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. gaspe


      "Let me tell you how I know better than you what do you think and what are your ideas based on things you didn't said and things you didn't do because I want to lump you in the group of my enemies in my fixed worldview of tribalism".
      Seems like you are obsessed over your "political" opponents or whatever they are and try to read agendas even when there's none. You already did this thing of conveniently lumping me and other dbp mappers together with political shitposters, that btw never did nothing for the dbps (though I can concede you 2-3 cases). Heh it's kinda fitting since we were going in circles from a while, and I guess we'll keep to do so.

    3. esselfortium


      get a room, you two

    4. Zedonk


      If we consider Gaspe's update page to be his room (which I do) then technically they're both already in a room heh heh.

  3. The kill em with kindness wad had a fresh negative review with nothing offensive in it. Why was it deleted? I hope that review was willingly removed by its author.

  4. Coming back after few days to see that I was tagged in a thread that was hidden, heh


    bring back ph :(


  5. So, are you happy that today Kuchitsu got the first not-so-good review?

    1. Memfis


      Hm dunno, I maybe don't have any bad feelings about it anymore. And glenzinho said it's rude to reject people's feelings when they compliment your works.

  6. 02 is the best girl