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  1. MAP08: Cool setting and it has its own character while keeping the same theme. The highlight is the spiderdemon that you can dedice to ski and set later a Gotcha! fight with a cyberdemon. I like the "puzzle" sequence to lower the pillars in the central room and get access to the BK area. The map is dragged down by a gameplay that it's too much a meat parade, with the SSG that comes rather late and a bit too much symmetry.
  2. 02 is the best girl

  3. MAP07: A straightforward Dead Simple clone, it was short and it introduces a custom enemy. The only thing that bothered me is that it keeps the iwad track. It's well linked with the previous level and create a good sense of connection story-wise, after you jumped into the trash compactor pit you find yourself in this cavern and it looks like we are going even deeper in the next map.
  4. MAP06: It feels less impressive than the others because it's longer and it lacks some striking locations but it plays well with the verticality. The gameplay bites also less while it offers more meat but I like it, it fit with the "big level at the end of the chapter" that is trying to be. If anything you are too well supplied with armors and ammo. I forgot to mention that the wad soundtrack is very good.
  5. MAP05: Cool level that has the same good traits of the previous maps, but it's longer and harder, and it differs from them as the locations here have their own different "flavor" but still they'r bonded by the theme of the wad. The frozen area was neat, it could heve been longer actually, and I liked the secret BFG even though it's only useful in a continuous playthrough.
  6. MAP04: The gameplay was a bit too meat-y and not very threatening, but still enjoyable, there's no grind and the map lenght was right. The machineries and stuff made a good job to highlight the map compared to the other levels, the platforming at the crushers was neat. It was cool the room that changes from red to green, once in a while symmetric areas with copy-pasted monster placement can fit in a map. I like that the progression makes you take those one-way paths, it gives a unique feel to the wad and the looping parts in the layout don't make them to feel disconnected. 40oz used some custom Boom lifts instead of the default ones.
  7. MAP03: A linear map done in a good way, in a similar vibe of the previous levels too, with simple ideas for traps and the progression but they work very well.
  8. MAP02: Things get a bit more complex and hard. The gameplay is still centered on the SG/CG combo (at least on UV) plus a little fun you can have with a RL, some encounters with the mid tiers monsters used are quite tricky because of your arsenal but it wasn't tedious. I must say that I liked the missable secret soulsphere, who the hell will jump down before going to get it? :P
  9. I played UAC Ultra some years ago, it had a cool theme but I don't remember so much about it. MAP01: Good music track, and somehow it fits very well for this rusty industrial setting. The outdoors look bleak, as they should be since we are in a inhospitable planet, and the sky with the cranes and buildings in the distance is cool. The various bright colors (red, yellow, white) stick out well from the grey/brown rusty inner environments. Combat is SG-centric, it was simple but nicely done given the map length.
  10. Lovely mini-episode, thanks for releasing these. Now you can feel that these maps are dated but that's their charm. I really like the style of mostly stock textures with some custom ones and having simple yet detailed visuals, the gameplay was very pleasant. MAP04 was a bit spooky with its music, in the final area you can get stuck in the lowest pit of red rocks and a hanging corpse (thing 105) is blocking but idk if that was intentional.
    Cool small episode with good looking levels and a mostly easygoing gameplay, but it has some tricky moments. The progression isn't straightforward and there are some nice ideas on display. I would recommend it if you are really into oldschool wads though.
  11. MAP10: I'm glad that this was put as a bonus map rather than being among the other maps, though I still ended to play it so it doesn't matter that much :P I think it's okay overall, initially I liked the map and my favourite part is the small room with the 2 archviles turrets while monsters keep spawning nearby. In the long run the extremely limited arsenal started to get old, and the pain elementals (with archviles too) where used too much giving a same-y feel to many situations. I have to say that this is the best of the wad with unusual/strange colors that I have played. The opener was cool but it doesn't really pick up in the first 4 maps even though they are good levels. I don't know how to put this exactly but I think that because the four maps were worked (and reworked) by the same people they feel too uniform somehow. And this is why I think that the second half is better, the different authors with their more unique styles and approaches really made shine the theme of the wad. I'm still impressed by Roofi's map, the best offering of the set, and a huge improvement from what I recall of his 3ha3 maps, I hope to see more from him.
  12. MAP08: It has a pretty good introduction when you reach the cathedral and fight the zombiemen in there. Then to kill the boss you the quickly climb a path full of monsters as hurdles while the IoS keeps spawning monsters. Which is okay but it isn't something remarkable to be a truly good ending. It looked very cool though. MAP09: Nice credit map, the music was spot on but the tempo of the midi sounded a bit off.
  13. MAP07: This was truly impressive. The place is very well done and it oozes atmosphere, and there are lots of secrets (I liked the text messages and the scarlet key you can collect). Gameplay alternates well the combats you have to do to clean the areas (especially against snipers) with more staged and not so taxing slaughter scenarios. I appreciated also the few tricks done with the self-referecing sectors, like the crushing fences, and that the keys progression isn't something straightforward. This reminded me a lot of the maps made by Eternal.
  14. MAP06: The music track is beautiful, it puts a strong mood to the map and it's very charming. The level starts quite slow but it gets more intense as you progress, giving you some good old-school slaughter battles. The looks is less sophisticated compared to the other levels but the landscape si very well designed. And the ending fight is cheesable, you can shoot the switch from the furthest point and jump immediately on the raising platforms to reach the exit room.
  15. I know but I'm not too keen of this kind of ideas tbh, I prefer when the visuals are more varied and to a certain extent they were so far. I think that the various orange walls and flat tend to blend with each a bit too, Doom color palette is limited in this regard. Maybe MAP04 was just giving me a bad impression because the lighting was rather flat and so the theme looks more dull. On the other hand I liked MAP05. MAP05: I really like the starting outdoor area, good use of lighting. The level is a more linear romp compared to the others but it was nicely done with some reuse of few spaces and the glimpses of the upcoming areas are always a good thing.
  16. MAP04: Another cool map for the setting and atmosphere. I didn't like so much the gameplay in the first parts where it's plenty of sniper around but it get better later on. I must say that I'm starting to get tired of this orange theme...
  17. MAP03: I liked the progression that involves only one key and there's quite some stuff to do to reach the exit and I also like the setting of the level. The gameplay was similar to the previous map with the same issue of having too much meat that here was more prominent.
  18. MAP02: Pretty good overall but the gameplay was a bit too much meaty sometimes. I liked the soulsphere secret.
  19. Tangerine Nightmire MAP01: I wasn't sure to play this since I thought this was merely going for the gimmick of unusual colors and I was very skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's well made and very polished, with a distinct aesthetics and custom sprites and sounds too. Now I think I'm setting my hopes too high for the next maps. The only thing that puzzled is the non-damaging lava, it's okay in the first pond by the moving platforms part is pointless. Also what have you done to the Eternal Doom bricks? D:
  20. MAP30: It's a quite unique ending map with its more warm feelings, and it makes me melancholic for some reason. The music track is beautiful, I didn't wanted the map to end. There's some work to do before reaching the finale, from the peaceful start in the Carribean mansion through the Last Call part and the YK branching sequence. I liked the "gallery fight" in the big hall after the yellow door. The IoS itself is easy to kill, you just need to clean the monsters set in the area first. This levels stands among my favourite last maps. I was really glad to replay reverie after a long time and I think that this time I could appreciate more the old-school style and how well it was done, and also the various references to other wads or authors. The second episode is probably the part I liked more, thanks also to its darker tone, thought I think that the wad on the whole is plenty of inspiring stuff. I think that the lack of hell maps or with more prominent hellish parts is weird, but at the same time I'm glad since classic hell done nowadays isn't an interesting theme to me.
  21. MAP29: A square arena level, I think it's quite stylish with its tan-brown look and it fitted with the sky. The pink parts looked weird when I started the episode but I like them now, they add a little surreal touch to the levels.
  22. MAP28: One of the highlights of the wad. The level has a strong presentation of its theme with this waterworks complex with sewers, control rooms and various machineries. The mood is quite spooky thanks to the cool track, and it's quite remarkable the reveal at the start of the hall with the red key guarded by the cyberdemons. I think it only lacks of a more striking ending, teleporting in that separate area to fight few hall knight was underwhelming.
  23. Oh yes I'm always up to spend my sunday evening at the expense of my mental sanity :P the start is very troubling until you figure out where's the stuff. I didn't find the chaingun and I kept to bump into boxes of bullets, but idk I missed one secret.
  24. MAP02 was nice, like the first map it doesn't feel so much like Plutonia but I'm fine with that, and it seems to me that you aren't going to follow its style (though I got disproven after playing MAP03). Only thing I didn't liked was the final cyberdemon fight. MAP03 is a rather big change from the previous levels, the first part was quite chaotic but you can find easily some safe spots plan well what to do, the red key area is nicely staged I think and I liked the exit ship.