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  1. So some of the maps that you realeased in old thread will be featured in the next episodes? Going to play this soon btw.
  2. MAP12: The pistol start here is rather hard, I wasn't expecting all those cacodemons to rise from the depths of what seems to a core, and they force you to go into the storage with imps hidden in the darkness and sergeants ready to shoot behind some side rooms. Worth a mention is also the surprise at the soulsphere. I noticed that they like to give you the strong weapons at end of the level when you don't need them anymore. Oh, and there's also a "supplies-room" in the base. The texturing is oddly similar to the previous tech levels by Malcom Sailor, lots of grey of silver and metal and green tech walls, and notice the lack of brown that contrasts with the previous levels set in stone and wood structures. I wonder if they actually setup some themes to follow and planned a broader narrative in the whole mapset.
  3. MAP11: So we had Hardware with that storage facility, I guess? And Now we have Software with this rather unusual computer station? But yes it's the best level so far, well detailed and there's still a good lighting. For once the combats are actually engaging, the encounters are simple actually but they are thought out in a better way compared to what the wad offered, at least until now. There are also few oddities like the double one-way doors in the hub, and the red bars that you must open them one by one.
  4. MAP10: After visiting mostly stony places here we change to a level that is more pure tech in what seems to be a storage facility. Also it looks like we are still underground. It's nicely detailed and there's a better sense of place. The gameplay goes for a different direction of what we had so far with more focus on tougher monsters this time but the things still stay easy, actually it's like MAP07 in this regard. Again, cool lighting, cool music.
  5. Heh I persisted a bit because it looked doable. But I don't think that many other players will try to do that, you'll need a good luck to pull that out.
  6. gaspe

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Hooray!! Can't beat DOOM95 though :^)
  7. Here are my fdas you want to watch them: glaive_gaspe_fdas.zip I enjoyed a lot this mapset. I was expecting it to be easier than what it turned out to be, but it was a good thing. I liked that it gives you some deja-vu feels here and there while it dos its own things. On MAP06, you can see also in my demo, you can get stuck in a gap at the crates at the left of the gates that lead to the final courtyard. On MAP09 it was very funny the usage of the spiderdemons, I also managed to get lucky and let the arachnotrons kill the first one and grab the BFG at the start; then I thought that something was broken since I wasn't able to progress but in the end I understood how to finish the level.
  8. MAP09: It's very similar to MAP05/06 but now the concept has lost his novelty and the previous maps were somehow better. The lighting remains a strong element even if it's less impressive than what we saw at The Fort I & II. In these bland places litte details like the YSK room, the room with the pool before the exit, the PR room stick out nicely. Also I liked that in the twin secret rooms with the RL you are also rewarded with the only windows of the austere place. I think that for a palace going for these kind of big halls wasn't really a bad idea, but it wasn't executed in an interesting way. Not really, you can find the RL in the secret that is good for have more fun but the opposition consists mostly of low tier enemies with few tougher foes which can all be skipped easily, the only "dangerous" enemy is the baron at the RK.
  9. MAP08: Symmetrical and linear level but it somehow standout with its great attention to lighting and it's very short. The music was very creepy and the map has a strong mood, in particular the teleporter room was ominous.
  10. gaspe

    Commissioning mods?

    Hearing of "professional Doom mappers" is ridiculous, doesn't mean that there aren't telented people who do stuff for Doom of course. I think that we should distinguish the various things that can be commissioned. For resources like textures, graphics, music, sprites (and maybe even code?) seems like a reasonable thing to do for a mapper/modder if he wants some unique assets for his project, I guess this happens mostly by free friendly requests now. It gets more complicated if we start to talk about levels, for what purpose would someone to pay for a level? To put it in his project beacuse he doesn't know how to map? This makes me think of the kind of people that can only announce their over-ambitious ideas, only ensuing that both parties will only waste time. To commision a level just for playing it? You must really want that particular style of the author, otherwise it's already plenty of free levels of all kind to play. About megawads, partial/total convertions and gameplay mods I think that the capable authors are more interested in developing their own ideas and the work involved here is huge, and this imples that the eventual cost will be very high so not many people want to spend so much for a megawad. Not to say that what the payer gets might not satisfy him. Then I don't know, maybe I'm just a too romantic kind of person but mapping isn't a mechanical exercise of drawing lines on the screen. Another thing is that in this community, but this happens also in other places, there's more the mindset to encourage people to try to learn things and the veterans members share their knowledge, and this is one of the reasons why after 25 years we are still here and we are still going.
  11. MAP07: I think that I agree with Capellan: not really a Dead Simple clone and neither something else. The worst thing is the battle in the central cross where you have to kill most of the monsters in a boring way. The level looked cool and the title doesn't seem to fit, maybe it's an alien church? Those towers in the western area were interesting. The lighting was odd anyway, the light that comes from the torches look like it should be casted from electric lights.
  12. MAP06: The concept is very cool, it's only used in a couple of maps where it can't fully shine. The music was nice and put the right mood, though in certain soundfonts the initial noise is too loud.
  13. MAP05: It has a rather unique mood and it doesn't feel like a Doom map, this time I liked more what John Bye wanted to do with this map, the first time I played it I thought it was a bit boring. The jouenry through those stony hallways until you reach its tech heart was almost charming but I can't point what exactly I thought it wasn't working well. Maybe it's too much spartan? Anyway it's showcased a good exercise in lighting, there was the effort to create rooms with different effects. And I liked that there are optional areas and places to explore that give some character to the setting.
  14. MAP04: Simple level with a very straightforward gameplay that throws lots of meat but it's also easy. It sets nice temporary change.
  15. MAP03: I remembered this a bit, and I thought it was worse but I somehow revalued it. Gameplay isn't engaging, if you are pistol starting you are more forced to move and probably you can get some more interesting skirmishes at the start. The lighting is extremely lacking and the texturing seems neglected, which accentuates the bad feels of these empty places. It seems that the author really loved his circles, and there are other oddities like some linedefs in the central building are hidden, and idk know what's going on with the sectors in the BK tower. On the other hand I think that are some good things. There's a decent attempt of setting the scenery: in the outdoor the different parts have all different sky heights, there's a view of an unreachable tall silver tower, the various locations (the circular rooms, the dark inner halls, the outer buildings) fits well for the theme though their execution is poor. The usage of the yellow door marks as lanterns was nice. Actually we need more mandatory secrets in our lives. The YK tower was cool (could it be a lighthouse?), the best thing of the level.
  16. MAP02: The view of the ship from the outside was cool, and the other nice part are the waterfalls of blood before the end. The rest pretty much is very bland but it convey a feeling of desolation, indeed, of an alien wasteland where the interesting touches visually are done by the usage of decorations like torches and floating skulls. Gameplay is easy and simple, going intentionally with the melee seems a good things to spice up a bit the fights.
  17. gaspe

    Black Room (Doom 2 map)

    Cool map, and nice choice for the aesthetics. I'm attaching my fda: blackroom_gaspe_fda.zip I think I was being very lucky many times and I managed to go pretty far into the map, only to waste everything and die at the cyberdemon in the secret area...
  18. Can you imagine playing this in 97' when Requiem "the last megawad for Doom" was released and people thought the Doom scene was dying?
  19. The Talosian Incident MAP01: Not a conventional map, an introduction level that serves for a narrative purpose. You can explore the various areas of your spaceship, find some weapons, a revenant that was being transported? Also there are few hibernated marines, I guess? The ship looks good overall, with the classical choice of silver. The lighting was well done and there are some nice details, though it would have been better if they made some actual chairs instead of using those squares. I remember that I liked the music in this wad, it's very minimalistic. Quite like the wad, for what I recall it stay with a very simple style.
  20. MAP08: Suddenly there's one map with a clear and definite theme that was strange but it's a good level, second only to MAP06. Shame that there's some exploration you can do in the base but you won't find some more powerful weapons. The effect used for the RK was cool. MAP09: IoS, I guess I was lucky because I finished it in 20 seconds, so that's a good thing. On the whole it's an interesting episode where the usage of tricks (all done in vanilla) is the main attraction. Not always at its best regarding the looks but it was fun to play even though it's clearly tailored for a continuous play. Now, are you ready to get depressed for the rest of the month?
  21. MAP07: A step down from the previous level with empty spaces that look bland and the gameplay is allright but kinda boring, the lack of SSG on pistol start didn't help. The cyberdemon makes its first appearance and if you want you can trade some rockets with it, this was probably more exciting back in 96'. The trick of the stairs in the southern cave was nice, and I liked how the blood pools had some hidden optional areas.
  22. MAP06: Best map of the set so far, I can see why it was added to Rquiem. The Requiem version doesn't change so much, there are few custom textures used and some tougher monsters are used. In fact this TTP so far feels like an "enhanced" Doom 1. The RK sequence of traps is quite memorable.
  23. MAP05: Fun level even if on pistol start you have only the SSG to face many tough monsters. The transformation in the hub area with the fountains that start to spill blood is cool, but you can pick the red key at the start and skip the whole map basically.
  24. MAP04: Again, another level that is rather playful with tricks and traps that happen but this map is a bit more complex than the previous ones. Visually is also better with more variety and better detailing. The north-west area felt like a little tribute to Doom 1.
  25. MAP03: Not so different from the previous level, you have some more freedom to decide where to go. It's quite playful with tricks and stuff like that which is cool. Visually is simple and polished, it doesn't look bad but it's underwhelming.