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  1. Sadly, that won't do: I wish to be able to select an existing random actor on the map (preferably of a set type), so I can use their X,Y,Z, and Facing Angle to spawn another actor in it's exact location. The problem is not spawning - it's being able to select a random Actor on the map.




    As for US's MaxAmount, it does not appear to allow for values to go below the regular 100 health, since you can only take away US itself. A workaround, perhaps, is to set player health to 1HP by default, and have them receive 99 US's at ENTER state?

  2. Greetings. I probably should be asking this question on ZDoom forums, but I decided to try my luck here first. I'm working on a mod where at some point, a script should select a random actor that would be replaced by a newly spawned actor. Currently, I do have a similar function that replaces a monster that is targeted by a player (using SetActivatorToTarget) - but I wish for the new script to keep trying to select a new Actor until one of a specific kind (Pinky, Imp, or Lost Soul) has been selected. Sadly, I don't believe there is an ACS function to select a random Actor nor a random Actor of a kind.





    Is there a viable way to achieve this? I would like the newly spawned Actor to be a surprise for a player, rather than being spawned right in front of them (I guess I could also have them spawn in place of an existing monster, have them be tied in Parent/Child relationship and become visible/regain bounding after a few seconds - but that feels incredibly hacky, even for Doom).





    Bonus question: Is there a way to set Actor's Maximum health? Currently, I modify player's health using cloned UpgradeStamina object. However, I wish to be able to reduce player's maximum health as well.

  3. So, for my mod, I want the script to remove player's armor, or rather, bring the armor value down to zero, although arguably, setting the armor to an exact value would be better.

    So far I tried this:
    1) Have the script provide the player with a negative amount of ArmorBonus. It appears that negative item amounts are not supported, fair enough.
    2) Use Thing_Hurt repeatedly, while healing the player for the exact same amount, but it seems that Thing_Hurt does damage directly to health.
    3) TakeActorInventory and TakeInventory do not appear to work either (I have a set player ID for the prior).
    4) I can't access armor value for the actor because it appears that Actors do not have an armor value.
    5) Armor Bonus with a negative value - but this makes an item that cannot be picked up, interestingly enough.

    I was thinking of granting player armor with 100% damage absorbency, then do a loop of 100 damage/heal cycles. Though, this would mean that the character would end up healed up, which is not intentional.

    I assume that once armor is picked up is simply added to some variable, while using the last armor modifier to set the armor damage reduction percent.

    None the less, I tried searching the forums, but I have not been able to find a solution - is this something incredibly obvious or is plainly not possible?

    Also, in addition, I would like to ask if it's possible to control z-offset of SpawnProjectile function, as it otherwise forces for the projectile to be spawned from the player's feet, which can be... less than stellar for a sudden rocket out of nowhere.