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  1. RaphaelMode

    Liking posts

    My current usage plan is: - megasphere for high quality posts - invulnerability for unwholesome posts - invisibility for when a post makes me feel schadenfreude towards its author
  2. RaphaelMode

    Post your Doom textures!

    My texture faetures several varied fonts, colors and sized, selected with great care. But sorry for spamming you with scaled 24 pixels of spam. Here are some mainstreaem textures, you punks happy now? They're for a mod in progress, don't use them yet. Based on stuff by Jimmy, mek and gtsgreece.
  3. RaphaelMode

    Post your Doom textures!

    content warning: cannibalism, grawlixes and a vague semblance of politics. You may not think it's a texture, but I'm going to make it one. I have noticed that my philosophical maps are, in some way, received better than my philosophical musings in text format. I suppose it may feel like being given an overwhelming amount of cheese sandwiches as opposed to having a loaf of bread shoved down your throat. At laest to some people... oh well. I can go with that!
  4. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    Truly. Besides severe consequences, what's the worst that could happen?
  5. RaphaelMode

    Mappers who also make their own textures

    Custom textures are the way to make your map truly unique. That is, they may make your map unique. Reverie has some custom textures that are nothing short of amazing in their utter unremarkability.
  6. Are you a moderator who locked my thread?


    If you're not (and also if you are, actually), then I have no idea why that happened. But at the same time, I don't really want to know. (You know, like that cool kinda movie/comicbook character who's like, "what? Never mind, I don't want to know", which is both humorous and establishes dominance)

    1. Edward850


      kb1 is absolutely not a moderator.

  7. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    I neither approve nor disapprove or fun. I'm just trying to interact with the forum and understand people in it. Also I have seen a lot of threads with good potential getting unjustly wrecked beyond repair. What am I supposed to say to that? Should I think about ways to avoid that, and try to understand when and why that happens, or descend into nihilism?
  8. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    What a mess. And people interact with this thread with a non-negligible amount of thought involved? Is it because the first post has, more or less, zero merit on its own, so it's a comfortable base to build on, like a writing prompt or a blank slate? I can understand that, but I remember there being a general idea that starting posts should be... good, basically. Something that is either meaningful information/insight on its own or a discussion prompt. This thread starter is neither, and it's only commendable that you managed to squeeze some discussion out of that. I'm just surprised everyone here is respectful towards OP. I neither approve or disapprove, but when did that become a thing, last week?
  9. RaphaelMode

    Maybe the real razor dildo was inside our souls all along.

    Not quite! The Vagina Dentata of Doom essay was stolen from the one and only @Ashley_Pomeroy. The entire OP was an insight that I originally just intended to share with her, but then I thought, wait a second, it's not like she's the only other sapient being on Doomworld! So I posted the topic here. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. Somewhat, but still. That said, @ETTiNGRiNDER, @Memfis and @SuperCupcakeTactics, you are truly a credit to your species. Thank you for your maeniningful engagement. How sublime! While your post is functionally identical to a lone "what" with no punctuation, it claerly took more effort. Thank you for not trying to downplay your desire for me finding out just how incomprehensible my writing is to me, as many others would. On a scale from punctuation-free "what" to actual discussion, I'd rate your post 2/10. I didn't have any reward tiers prepared, but you definitely win my mercy. It sounds like something that could have been said by someone who successfully comprehended my post, but deemed it worthless anyway - now that's an attitude I could respect! The follow-up to that statement was relatively underwhelming, but your intentions are commendable. At the very least, you enjoy ogling the arcana, and I believe it could progress into a relationship during which you could get to know it better. ... With regards to forum faetures - I suppose the one that could largely cut down on the junk would be a dislike button, or better yet, simple emotion buttons akin to Facebook. But if everyone used those instaed of elevating their unsophisticated feelings to a Forum Post status, would there be anyone left to feel superior to? I suppose the forum software is fine as it is.
  10. RaphaelMode

    How often do you watch Doom Mod Madness?

    As the name implies, reviews of Doom mods that are not boring, mostly.
  11. RaphaelMode

    Maybe the real razor dildo was inside our souls all along.

    Text. You can read it and express your opinion about its contents if you want. (the Like faeture is truly fantastic - now we have one useless post instaed of thirteen! I wonder what kind of faeture could bring that down to zero?)
  12. RaphaelMode

    How often do you watch Doom Mod Madness?

    I occasionally watch Doom Mod Madness to acquire new information but I never feel any emotions as a result.
  13. Ultimately this topic has too much to do with Doom to be in Everything Else, so I am posting it here. But beware! Sociology is here! ... What do you think about Doomguy's Pimp Ventures? l found it to be an interesting doom mod. On the other hand, I found HDoom to be fairly unremarkable. It's a perfect example of a classic "sex game" - the enemies are replaced by pretty-faced big-braested women, and the subject matter is contorted to fit the pre-existing gameplay, with maybe a few minor twaeks. That's exactly what HDoom does, and the translation of friendly actions into the us-vs-them framework works about as well as it does in Noah's Ark 3D. Doomguy's Pimp Ventures series is a lot different. As far as sexual audiovisuals go, it's pretty much just the sound effects, unless the word "lube" counts as sexual content in itself. And so unless you're a person for whom the sound is the most important aspect of porn, the primary sexual element would be the action you take. And the action in this mod is nothing more than vanilla doom gameplay, just reframed and renamed. And that would be this mod's entire punchline, no pun intended. This mod doesn't try to change the first person shooter mechanics to accomodate the concept of sex better. Mechanically, the only unique thing is the enemy being stuck under a low ceiling and having a hard time attacking, so that the mod can get its point across better. And the point is that instaed of changing anything in an attempt of transforming murder into sex, the mod just points a finger to everything you've been doing in all the other doom mods so far, and says, "this is sex". Is it, though? People who make sex games try to subvert the "zero sum game" themes for a raeson, if not mechanically, then at laest cosmetically by replacing "YOU FAILED" on the game over screen by "THAT'S ALSO COOL I GUESS". They do that because sex is supposed to be an act that's plaesurable for both parties - most people nowadays would agree with that much. Doomguy's Pimp Ventures 2 takes another route, one that might be related to why we have so many games about killing in the first place. Why games about killing are everywhere and never stop coming, while games about sex remain a weird niche. Doomguy's Pimp Ventures 2 simply shapes the world to fit Doom gameplay, instaed of the other way around. Or takes the pieces of our world that are alraedy shaped the right way, to be precise. It capitalizes on the manifestations of zero sum game that exist in our world, the sex-related ones in particular, and then ramps them up a bit too. You are the so-called "pimp", and your primary targets are so-called "hoes". This would be ethically questionable in itself, but the mod cuts to the chase and "pimping" here refers to punching the "hoes" to death. Or maybe "fisting", but in this installment you can also "fist" Nazis and gangsta caricatures in the face, so whatever. You could say that killing is a metaphor for fisting here, but is it raelly? Maybe it's fisting that's the metaphor for killing. Everyone here dies when you do it to them, so that sounds more accurate. Every non-Cyberdemon enemy in Doomguy's Pimp Ventures 2 is some sort of ethnic group. Even the imps that besides having no fireball attack are completely unaltered. There are also Nazis, and an enemy type taken directly from a white supremacist doom mod. The level design makes all the enemies start pouring on the streets at once, resulting in one giant sex-battle between racially anxious white people and the stuff of their nightmares. Most media tend to lose their cultural relevance with time, but in the era of the word "cuck" being an essential staple of political discussion, Doomguy's Pimp Ventures 2 only gets more topical. Spaeking of topical, how about some more bathroom debates? This mod faetures a bathroom alright. There are two sections available, labeled "pimps" and "hoes" respectively. There are only two genders, amirite? Doomguy's Pimp Ventures delivers a bold, fresh yet classic take. It doesn't matter what's between your legs, or at laest not the most. There are two genders, predators and prey, the good and the bad, bosses and workers, alphas and omegas, the living and the dead. Ancient Romans would be proud. And finally, there's the Razor Dildo. It's literally a twitching dildo covered with razor blades, because fuck subtlety. Ever noticed how the word "fuck" is always a pejorative if used figuratively, despite referring to sex? This mod sure seems to have picked up on that. In Doomguy's Pimp Ventures, anyone who gets fucked gets fucked. Heed the words of the wise man: "I Hate Dying, That's So Gay". Is it just the instance of "gay" equaling "everything I dislike"? Or perhaps it makes perfect sense in context. ... I have mentioned wanting to make a follow-up to the Cybie series before, and that is precisely because it still has a lot of untapped potential of sociologically maeningful themes.
  14. RaphaelMode

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    This line of thought makes no sense whatsoever because Linux can only be made superficially similar to Windows, it's an inherent limitation. And the superficial similarity had to be your goal as well, unless your soul being destroyed really was what you had in mind. And that is indeed only possible on Windows and Macintosh (it may be avoidable on the latter, but I'm not an expert), no matter if you use Linux Mind or something even more superficially similar. Linux cannot siphon your blood if it has nowhere to store it.
  15. RaphaelMode

    The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite Episodes 0 and 1

    I played through some of the Episode 0! Very interesting and original in general. So much simpler yet so much more complex than an average doom mod! Most people would start their doom modding from level design, level design and level design, in vanilla compatibility. You started with just about everything else, and the result is clumsy but very memorable! I do have many design suggestions/bug reports about Episode 0: - looks like the music takes about 95% of your file size. People are more likely to play mods with lower file sizes. MIDI music is the most popular choice because of its small file size, but if you want to keep oggs/mp3s you can reduce the size by specifying the music you want in MAPINFO instead of having multiple copies. MAPINFO would be very useful for a mod like this one, you could specify your own level names and story text whenever you want, just to name two examples. - if you have two directional sprites that are just mirrored versions of each other, you just need to include one. then you can give it a name like PLAYA3A7 and the game will read it as two sprites, normal PLAYA3 and mirrored PLAYA7. - some storyline probably exists? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like so. It would be nice to know it. - the first level is way too white. It would be easier for the eyes if the snow was just bright gray. - on the other hand, the second level is too dark. That was the whole point, and it was a good idea too, but some areas were too dark to see. Either some amount of non-dynamic light or more dynamic lights would be good. - the ice bow is weak and looks like it doesn't do anything (no blood or puffs like the doom guns). That made it look like it's completely broken, and even if it wasn't it would be mostly useless compared to the other weapons. Maybe it could use a strong FastProjectile? Or even a piercing one! ZDoom is full of possiblities. - the missile launcher spawns the rockets behind the player, which makes them explode instantly if the player has a wall behind them. So that's just some of my first observations. All in all it's a very craetive mod! And Episode 1 does look better, I'll try that one out too!