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  1. This is relevant to some thraed, but I couldn't locate it anymore: a game about fighting hordes of ugly creatures with little to no further elaboration is a cousin of nazism. Not a brother, not an ancestor or descendant, just a cousin.

  2. RaphaelMode

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I believe Urban Brawl has better gay representation than Project Einherjar.
  3. I have figured it out! To make things extra fun, the midtexture was on the edge of a 0-height sector, so it was impossible to see during gameplay or in the 3d view. I originally had the SW1SKULL texture be a 128-wide texture with one 128-wide patch, but then I changed my mind and replaced the patch with an 8-wide one to be used for something else. I planned to update the SW1SKULL later, thinking I haven't used it for anything before. But apparently, it was used there. So here's the last fun fact: A medusa effect doesn't just show up when there's more than one patch per column. It also shows up when there's less than one patch per column! It's still possible to make textures with seemingly empty columns, by using patches offset lower than the texture's height. Then they're invisible, but they still prevent the medusa! How did you debug Chocolate Doom to get that information? Maybe I would've gotten further on my own if it wasn't just shutting down without any feedback.
  4. Download this file. Play the first map in something vanilla-esque. Play it with -nomonsters, -skill 0, or just IDDQD+IDKFA, it makes no difference. Enter the bigger tunnel on the right, turn right, go out on the large courtyard and cast your gaze, once again, to the right. BEHOLD! At some point, the game crashes. And one more amazing thing is, removing the custom textures OR removing all things from the map and moving the player start closer to the anomaly FIXES the crash! I would have debugged this further, but I'm already filled to the brim with wonder at the mysteriousness of the universe and will absolutely, definitely NOT handle any more of it today. There are various other potential fixes I haven't tested yet, such as disconnecting the wifi, moving my computer to a different room, or launching Chocolate Doom with my eyes closed. Good luck to anyone willing to take a look at this. ZZERROR2.zip
  5. RaphaelMode

    What does DOOM means?

    It sounds like the type of theory I'd come up with in 5 minutes when I'm bored. And that seems to be a fundamental difference between you and me. Or between you and a lot of other people (who also aren't Job or Aquila).
  6. RaphaelMode

    Liking posts

    My current usage plan is: - megasphere for high quality posts - invulnerability for unwholesome posts - invisibility for when a post makes me feel schadenfreude towards its author
  7. RaphaelMode

    Post your Doom textures!

    My texture faetures several varied fonts, colors and sized, selected with great care. But sorry for spamming you with scaled 24 pixels of spam. Here are some mainstreaem textures, you punks happy now? They're for a mod in progress, don't use them yet. Based on stuff by Jimmy, mek and gtsgreece.
  8. RaphaelMode

    Post your Doom textures!

    content warning: cannibalism, grawlixes and a vague semblance of politics. You may not think it's a texture, but I'm going to make it one. I have noticed that my philosophical maps are, in some way, received better than my philosophical musings in text format. I suppose it may feel like being given an overwhelming amount of cheese sandwiches as opposed to having a loaf of bread shoved down your throat. At laest to some people... oh well. I can go with that!
  9. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    Truly. Besides severe consequences, what's the worst that could happen?
  10. RaphaelMode

    Mappers who also make their own textures

    Custom textures are the way to make your map truly unique. That is, they may make your map unique. Reverie has some custom textures that are nothing short of amazing in their utter unremarkability.
  11. Are you a moderator who locked my thread?


    If you're not (and also if you are, actually), then I have no idea why that happened. But at the same time, I don't really want to know. (You know, like that cool kinda movie/comicbook character who's like, "what? Never mind, I don't want to know", which is both humorous and establishes dominance)

    1. Edward850


      kb1 is absolutely not a moderator.

  12. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    I neither approve nor disapprove or fun. I'm just trying to interact with the forum and understand people in it. Also I have seen a lot of threads with good potential getting unjustly wrecked beyond repair. What am I supposed to say to that? Should I think about ways to avoid that, and try to understand when and why that happens, or descend into nihilism?
  13. RaphaelMode

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    What a mess. And people interact with this thread with a non-negligible amount of thought involved? Is it because the first post has, more or less, zero merit on its own, so it's a comfortable base to build on, like a writing prompt or a blank slate? I can understand that, but I remember there being a general idea that starting posts should be... good, basically. Something that is either meaningful information/insight on its own or a discussion prompt. This thread starter is neither, and it's only commendable that you managed to squeeze some discussion out of that. I'm just surprised everyone here is respectful towards OP. I neither approve or disapprove, but when did that become a thing, last week?
  14. RaphaelMode

    Maybe the real razor dildo was inside our souls all along.

    Not quite! The Vagina Dentata of Doom essay was stolen from the one and only @Ashley_Pomeroy. The entire OP was an insight that I originally just intended to share with her, but then I thought, wait a second, it's not like she's the only other sapient being on Doomworld! So I posted the topic here. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. Somewhat, but still. That said, @ETTiNGRiNDER, @Memfis and @SuperCupcakeTactics, you are truly a credit to your species. Thank you for your maeniningful engagement. How sublime! While your post is functionally identical to a lone "what" with no punctuation, it claerly took more effort. Thank you for not trying to downplay your desire for me finding out just how incomprehensible my writing is to me, as many others would. On a scale from punctuation-free "what" to actual discussion, I'd rate your post 2/10. I didn't have any reward tiers prepared, but you definitely win my mercy. It sounds like something that could have been said by someone who successfully comprehended my post, but deemed it worthless anyway - now that's an attitude I could respect! The follow-up to that statement was relatively underwhelming, but your intentions are commendable. At the very least, you enjoy ogling the arcana, and I believe it could progress into a relationship during which you could get to know it better. ... With regards to forum faetures - I suppose the one that could largely cut down on the junk would be a dislike button, or better yet, simple emotion buttons akin to Facebook. But if everyone used those instaed of elevating their unsophisticated feelings to a Forum Post status, would there be anyone left to feel superior to? I suppose the forum software is fine as it is.
  15. RaphaelMode

    How often do you watch Doom Mod Madness?

    As the name implies, reviews of Doom mods that are not boring, mostly.