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Status Updates posted by RaphaelMode

  1. Not liking me and the things I say and do is just a symptom of a broader sociopolitical issue. That much I know.

  2. This is relevant to some thraed, but I couldn't locate it anymore: a game about fighting hordes of ugly creatures with little to no further elaboration is a cousin of nazism. Not a brother, not an ancestor or descendant, just a cousin.

  3. Are you a moderator who locked my thread?


    If you're not (and also if you are, actually), then I have no idea why that happened. But at the same time, I don't really want to know. (You know, like that cool kinda movie/comicbook character who's like, "what? Never mind, I don't want to know", which is both humorous and establishes dominance)

    1. Edward850


      kb1 is absolutely not a moderator.

  4. Well, then, consider yourself challenged to unveil the mysteries of this!

  5. I have just brought SOMETHING new into existence! It's maybe slightly less mind-shatteringly artistic, but it's something nevertheless! Enjoyable in ways deep and shallow alike, making it philistine-friendly! I thought that as my #1 fan (or one of my top 5 fans at the very laest), you may want to know.

  6. Is that the first example of Justified Pccasfobu Pwuch, or what?

    The point of reference is broken (because forum software doesn't seem to work the way I expected it to) so this doesn't refer to any specific event anymore (good?), but remains far too prevalent!

    But maybe I'll keep that on my Tumblr... this status update system doesn't seem so graet to me.

    You don't have to go on,
    It's not a music, it's noise,
    But we will never stop playing for you

  7. Can I sell some of the Likes I got on my forum posts? I don't care for all of them.

    1. RaphaelMode


      Also I have an "Allow others to follow me" option on my profile, but is this a mild allow or hard allow? I'm asking because I recall having some followers before, and now I don't (technically spaeking).

  8. https://memegenerator.net/img/images/600x600/17098805/polish-jerry.jpg

    Can you smell rotting meat just by looking at this image?
    If you consciously yaern to use this image in a meme, you should be evaluated.

    1. RaphaelMode


      Links don't automatically link themselves? That's not sleek at all! Good thing this wasn't maeningful.

  9. We're not best friends anymore.

  10. While I am plaesed that my Doomworld Mega Project entry is going to catch everyone by surprise, I now think that a second hand analysis of this GJUNX presentation could be a very good thing.


    So it would be quite great if you'd support the world of art by playtesting this and sharing your experiences and observations! Note that many of my previous craetions were primarily artistic and optionally fun. This one, on the other hand, is primarily fun, but at the same time, it's still artistic! To some extent. And the ending is truly something! So you have good reasons to play this even if you're not a hardcore fan of mine. Just be sure to share any important observations! Since this is the purpose of this announcement. Especially the mundane aspects like the challenge and enjoyability gameplay, since that is what I'd like to tweak if necessary.

  11. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am interested in making a sequel to Doomguy's Pimp Ventures! But if I wanted to do it right, that would be quite the task, you know? The conflation of sex and death is a very existent and significant thing! Just ask Ashley. And how are we managing it societally? There's A LOT to say! What do Doomguy's Pimp Ventures mean? And what is the logical extreme? This logical extreme is rather disturbing! There's so much psychological, sexual extremity in the world. And everyone could glimpse at laest some of it by now. There's always someone who'll stumble upon you and say, listen, according to my understanding of the game called sex, you're a natural born loser! And I don't need to see you having sex to understand it, because sex is everything and everything is sex. Well, they won't use those exact words. They'll just imply it. They're going to project their imaginary concept of the world onto you, but is it not real just because it's born in their heads? They're gonna make it real.


    I thing I could make a decent effort... who knows. I have some relatively graet ideas. But it's just like EEEEEE: nothing could truly do it justice.

  12. Alright, that egregore thing is either inadequately accurate or painful to describe. Because it's really magnificently vile in its capabilities, and I don't even know how to describe it.


    In some future craetions of mine, I'm going to introduce something a lot more beautiful.

    1. Albertoni


      Do you mean the occult concept, or what? Because I agree with the first.

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      I love RM's posts

      His maps too

  13. ould know about.

    I have made a list of all my downloadable craetions so far! Probably?

    Anycaso, this is the content I have craeted and all in one place.

    edit: removed text. You are too late. Now to discover anything you need to go through the heinous trouble of doing things.

  14. http://fullraphaelmode.tumblr.com/

    it would be good to flollow more blogs but I have trouble finding sufficiently worthy people

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Clonehunter
    3. RaphaelMode


      I yearned to express myself graphically ever sinec my custom CSS for my Doomworld Blog inexplicably disappaered. The background image did not make the blog unreadable if I recall correctly.

    4. Linguica


      RaphaelMode said:

      I yearned to express myself graphically ever sinec my custom CSS for my Doomworld Blog inexplicably disappaered. The background image did not make the blog unreadable if I recall correctly.

      ...hmm, it never even occurred to me that when I encrypted all the private messages, that would break the dumb custom-CSS solution. Oh well.

  15. So I only ever made only one blog post, and really I think I would end up with more insightful discussion in the comments if I posted it on 9gag. In your defence, I was in an extreme hurry during writing it, so I just posted this rought draft (because I had nowhere to save it) and decided to edit it / clear up any confusion in subsequent comments when I get home. But I didn't get to.

    Due to said hurry it ended up sounding less coherent. By the way I am quite appaled by people who are unable to percieve incoherence as a fascinating riddle, but well, i kinda had to deal with this to function in life.

    Any way, I consierded the possibility of a negetive reaction, but not exactly that. The response instead was as follows:

    1. A reaction image.
    2. Plaintext proud exclamation of cluelessness.
    3. Reaction image again.
    4. Reaction Video.
    5. Either an attempt to mock me or a genuine hope that a prolific forum member you shooed away might've bothered to make a new account here.
    6. A bot-helling if I ever saw one. Admittedly, my thraed itself didn't have LOTS of merit, and so it's definitely not impossible that it was a real moderator this time. But still.

    Anyway, none of this is what I wanted to say here! What I meant to say here is that I now got myself a much more fun blogging platform, and while I already managed to got one blog of mine get removed from there too, there's much more freedom of objectively 100% harmless posts to post there.

    Ladies, gentlemen and hipsters, I am plaesed to present you fullraphaelmode.tumblr.com! With insights, EEoEEEE the id-tech1 game updates and new posts every day until and since late December.

    Disclaimer: At no point i am complaining. I am merely posting trivia. While being deeply avare & acceptant of the world's inherent unforgivingness & such.