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  1. So I only ever made only one blog post, and really I think I would end up with more insightful discussion in the comments if I posted it on 9gag. In your defence, I was in an extreme hurry during writing it, so I just posted this rought draft (because I had nowhere to save it) and decided to edit it / clear up any confusion in subsequent comments when I get home. But I didn't get to.

    Due to said hurry it ended up sounding less coherent. By the way I am quite appaled by people who are unable to percieve incoherence as a fascinating riddle, but well, i kinda had to deal with this to function in life.

    Any way, I consierded the possibility of a negetive reaction, but not exactly that. The response instead was as follows:

    1. A reaction image.
    2. Plaintext proud exclamation of cluelessness.
    3. Reaction image again.
    4. Reaction Video.
    5. Either an attempt to mock me or a genuine hope that a prolific forum member you shooed away might've bothered to make a new account here.
    6. A bot-helling if I ever saw one. Admittedly, my thraed itself didn't have LOTS of merit, and so it's definitely not impossible that it was a real moderator this time. But still.

    Anyway, none of this is what I wanted to say here! What I meant to say here is that I now got myself a much more fun blogging platform, and while I already managed to got one blog of mine get removed from there too, there's much more freedom of objectively 100% harmless posts to post there.

    Ladies, gentlemen and hipsters, I am plaesed to present you fullraphaelmode.tumblr.com! With insights, EEoEEEE the id-tech1 game updates and new posts every day until and since late December.

    Disclaimer: At no point i am complaining. I am merely posting trivia. While being deeply avare & acceptant of the world's inherent unforgivingness & such.