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  1. Due to the amount of content in this release (we really are making up for lost time here!) we will be releasing for New Years rather than Christmas. Christmas was a solid shout, but we would rather have a few extra days to test. I hope you will all consider the wait worth it!


    There are a load of updated and new models that didn't make it to this release such as the Lost Soul and the backpack. They will be in a near future release. We may even have a special 'Crittter Trouble' release with updated skins for the existing monster models. 


    Stay tuned!

  2. There is a problem with cubemap reflections with PBR materials that needs to be fixed in GZDoom's renderer. Also the IQM model format they've adopted is a huge PitA. When they fix their renderer and adopt a better skeletal model format, we'll consider porting the project over. 


    We do make all our sources public if someone else wanted to use our models in GZDoom. 

  3. New pack update will be out shortly. Shotgun and Plasma rifle weapons, skull keys and other enhancements. 


    We were looking at possibly moving over to GZDoom, especially now that Reinchard has issued his PBR texture pack. GZDoom has implemented a skeletal model format called IQM. We asked them if they could support something more modern and better supported like FBX. They didn't want to do that, which is their choice. They said they were debating whether to go with either gITF or IQM. I asked them if they could prioritise gITF because of multiple problems that exist with the IQM format. 


    This was their response:



  4. 15 hours ago, Maes said:


    It's the tallest sprite, yet it looks absolutely tiny next to that Mummy and Chthulhu guy. Still think they would look good if I just blindly halved their dimensions and applied the Doom palette to them? What if they were not even meant to be that tall if resized to scale? E.g. the Mummy guy seems more appropriate for Imp-size, while Chtulhu  strikes me more as Baron-sized.

    These were for a different game. For Doom you would adjust them to size and then process them to match the palette and gamma of the target game. 


    Neither of which changes the fact that models are the best way of getting your raw reference images to work from .

  5. 14 hours ago, SMG_Man said:


    ...and now you're not just making 5 sprites per frame, but instead something more like 17 or so. For something like an imp with 8 frames that have rotations, you've gone from 40 sprites to 136. It's a huge increase in the workload for relatively little payoff compared to just using a model in-game.

    I'm talking about using the model to make sprites from. You render the model in the positions you require, then you take the renders and adjust them for the size required and make any further adjustments for pallet and gamma to match the art style of the game. 


    You could just make a model, or as Koko Ricky suggested, add a cell shader that makes them look like sprites, but what we are talking about here is the best way to make sprites with multiple rotation points for smoother movement. 

  6. Carmack, and Chuck Jones over at 3D Realms, all used models as a starting point to get a detailed picture of what they wanted. You could have as many angles as your heart desires. I have rigged models for sprites before so that I get pixel perfect poses. Using digital models, it's also possible to have lighting on your models, so you don't even need to paint in the laser blasts on attack and damage frames. Once you have the model, then posing as many frames as you like is a trivial exercise. 


    If your digital 2D artist fudged things afterwards, then that's on them. The artists at Id and 3D Realms did not. Neither example impacts the fact that this is the best way to get the results you need reliably and quickly. It's also the best way to get an accurate starting point for a 2D artist to convert them into working sprites. 2D sprite art is a wonderful and exacting craft that doesn't get enough love. Creating a lot of unnecessary work for those artists because of some weird procedural bias is just wrong. 


    Also, why you can't have nice things: 








  7. On 12/10/2017 at 3:52 PM, Maes said:

    How are 16 viewing angles even remotely relevant to the z-axis? I thought that "16 viewing angles" referered to a set of 8 angles in the xy plane (instead of the usual 0, 45, 90 etc. ones.


    Well, that, and because every single time I see threads/proposals about hi-res/super-detailed sprites/models/voxels and whatnot, they are almost always hiding an intention of somehow skimping on the -admittedly tedious- spriting work, and any discussions end up being more about how to use models to approximate sprites, or how to automatically make voxel sprites from 2D sprites etc., or combinations thereof. With that kind of attitude, of course it's never gonna work, because as soon as one realizes the amount of posprocessing work that must go into it regardless of how "easy" the new technique may have appeared vs hand drawn sprites, most simply wash out.

    You guys keep forgetting that models were used for the original sprite creation. Adrian Carmack made physical models of the monsters to get the angles correct.

    Models - either 'real' or digital, are the best, fastest way of doing this.


    This whole insistence of 'pixel-purity' is frankly, a bit weird. Models were used to create the sprites by the game's creators. Get over it. 



  8. There have been a few projects that have come out on GZDoom with nice fancy lighting and PBR materials. 

    They all seem to still use Sitters Electronics' character models and props from some other Doom model source. 


    One of them even used my old pinky demon model rather than the new one. 


    I mean, is there some reason for this? Is it technical, or aesthetic? I want to know. 


    If anyone sees one of these projects, give them a nudge that our project is out there. 

  9. After some problems with Shapeways, I've decided to offer the STL and OBJ files directly for sale. If you have a 3D printer, or know someone with a 3D printer, then get the files!


    At the moment the Cyberdemon and the Cacodemon are up, but others will follow soon, including some Duke Nukem 3D models as well. 


    Have fun and fill those shelves and figure tins!